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At Coddan, we provide amazing support and useful guidance throughout the whole process. In a matter of hours you will be operating as a registered Limited Company. We've already supported form over 200k limited companies. Merge the thousands of satisfied customers who already set-up their limited companies from just £29.99. Most of limited companies are registered within 24 hours. Ready to register a business today?


Required steps & information to start a new UK company formation process


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With our simple online application form, your company will be registered digitally & cost-effectively, at the best quality registration service, with your own director, shareholder, and your registered address. Our rapid incorporation package permits you to register your company in Great Britain features a free bank account referral, digital company certificate of incorporation and digital company set of documents, and digital company registers. Most limited companies are registered within a few business hours.

We make registration of your company process easy & cost-effective. Our low-cost formation package allows simple set-up your limited company anywhere within Great Britain. In addition to digital company set of documents, digital company registers & the business incorporation fee, includes the following set-up benefits:



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Fast Process
With our easy digital application form, your company will be incorporated rapidly at low-costs. Our affordable and low priced formation process will be completed within one business day with your own company director, shareholder, and your registered address. Our top-quality start-up package permits you to form your company electronically and features a free bank account referral, digital company certificate of incorporation & digital company set of documents. Most companies are formed within a few business hours.

We make formation of your company process convenient and prompt. Our low-priced registration package allows us to register your company within the UK quickly. Apart from digital company set documents, digital company registers & the business registration fee, includes the following set-up advantages:



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Cost-Effective Process
With our quick electronic application form, your company will be formed online at low-priced. Our low-cost & simple formation services usually finalised within one business day straightforward and cost-effectively. Our prompt registration package an able you to form your company digitally and quickly. The additional digital company set of documents would be delivered to you: digital company certificate of incorporation & articles of association, share certificates, digital company registers, etc. Most companies are registered within a few business hours.

We make incorporation of your company process simply and quickly. Our outstanding set-up package is for easily forming your company in the UK. Apart from digital company set of documents, digital company registers & the business incorporation fee, includes the following set up strengths:



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Low-Cost Process
With our fast interactive application form, your company will be registered quickly and simply. Our cost-effective registration services to form a limited company, usually completed within a few business hours, promptly and cheap. Our incorporation package comes with free bank account referral, & our direct & affordable incorporation package an able you to quick set-up your company with our own registered office and service address in London to protect your home address. Most limited companies are registered within a few business hours.

We make registration of your company process fast and straightforward. Our best-rate start-up package allows us to register your company within the UK cost-effectively. Apart from digital company set of documents, digital company registers & the incorporation fee includes the following bonuses:




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Prompt Procedure
With our instant online application form, your limited UK's company with London registered office, and service address, will be registered digitally & cost-effectively, at the top quality registration service, with your own director, shareholder, and our London office address. Our simple incorporation package permits you quickly register your company in London, receive digital company certificate of incorporation, digital company set of documents, and digital company registers. Most limited companies are formed within a few business hours.

We help our international clients with formation of their company's process fast & outstanding. Our low-priced formation package allows cost-effectively register your UK’s company in London. In addition to digital company set of documents, digital company registers & the business set-up fee, includes the following start-up benefits:



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Low-Priced Procedure
With our direct UK's digital application form, your company with London registered office and service address, registration process usually takes several business hours. Registering your limited company online in GB, with our best-quality formation package allows you to receive the company documents electronically. We also added SAIL address, government mail scanning service & e-filing the confirmation statement. Check our electronic registration form to find more company supplementary start-up options.

We help our overseas clients with forming their limited company easily; assists with registering their limited companies in the UK simply and at low-costs. Our simple registration package includes the following strengths:



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Affordable Procedure
With our prompt UK's electronic application form, your limited company with Edinburgh registered office and service address, formation process commonly takes several business hours. Creating your limited company electronically in GB, with our cost-effective incorporation package allows you to receive the company documents electronically. Check our online registration form to find more company further set-up options.

We assist our non-UK based clients with registering their limited company rapidly; assists with forming their limited companies in the UK speedily. Our simple incorporation package includes the following bonuses:



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Fast Procedure
With our impress UK's online application form, your company with Belfast registered office and service address, set-up procedure commonly takes some business hours. Setting-up your limited company electronically in GB, with our cost-effective set-up package allows you to receive the company documents electronically. Check our online incorporation form to find more company further creation options.

We assist our non-British consumers with setting-up their limited company smartly; assists with registering their limited companies in the UK affordably priced. Our simple start-up package includes the following bonuses:

Set-up your UK based business from home digitally
Form your company easily & electronically

We can quickly help to register your company
Start online & offline trading as the proper registered company

We are open for businesses and private individuals, our team of trained incorporation experts are waiting to receive application form. Your company will be formed directly, without delays, new private company will be fully formed and operational within a couple of business hours, using our low-priced registration service.

By using our uncomplicated online application form, your limited company will be registered electronically, on same day. Coddan is professional UK based formation agent, and company secretarial service provider. Our easy to use digitally incorporation procedures are very straightforward & cost-effective. Why not use our competent registration service to digitally register your UK company with your own address, director and shareholder? At the same time, we will also help your company to be registered for Corporation Tax.

Set-up your private limited company electronically & rapidly today. To low-cost form your company in the UK is made easier with Coddan's online & cost effective registration system. Low-priced to set-up your business from home with help from business set-up experienced agents, based in Central London.

You can form your company with our London registered address, service address for your director and shareholder. Your company can be formed electronically today. At Coddan, we offer the speedy formation services. No other top-rated registered agent can provide such smooth business setting-up services to help you to set-up your company the way we do!

Setting-up your company digitally in the UK
with well-known registered agent today

Coddan is one of the first-rated UK's digital formation agents & efficient company secretarial service provider; our knowledgeable business consultants can assist British & international consumers, with their private company registration enquiries electronically in England, Scotland, Wales & in Northern Ireland.

Coddan' business registration specialists can also offer you the simplest same-day solutions for registering a limited partnership, setting-up a limited liability partnership (LLP), forming a company limited by guarantee (CLG, NGO, non-for profit). If you need to set-up a public limited company, our strightforward registration form is a way to do it. We will incorporate your new company digitally. Your limited liability company will be registered within one business day. You can also use our service application form to register an unlimited private company online.

A short guide to forming your limited company online
with Coddan - the best-known registered agent

A person living abroad, non-resident, can become a director of a UK registered company. International shareholders are also permitted, and they don't even have to travel to complete incorporation formalities. Process of forming your company in United Kingdom is simplified by Coddan. We can help you to rapidly set-up your private company in Great Britain remotely, from any country of the world! 

Before you start creation of your new UK company, please first check our simple set-up packages. Chose the one you think best suits your formation requirements, and click the "order now" button. To start registering your limited company, complete application form first providing details of the applicant. Then choose the limited company name, and don't forget to designate your company officers - director, member, and a person with significant control.

Our simple 1-step electronic application to quickly register your company on the same day is very straightforward. When e-filing incorporation application, you will also need to choose the standard industrial classification codes of economic activities best describing your company's intended business activity. There's also a wide range of additional services to chose from. Registration of domain names, printed corporate documents, notary and apostille stamp legalisation are only a few to mention. Why not start filling up your online registration form now? After all, that's all you need to do to form your company with us today.

Guide for registering your UK company cost-effectively
is simple with at low-cost Coddan' formation expert

At Coddan best known registered agent, we offer uncomplicated and low-cost setting-up packages to rapidly register your limited company. Incorporation procedure with Coddan for setting up your private limited company is hassle free & affordable. Prices to digitally register a new limited company start from only £24.99, and include government e-filing business set-up fee. With our quick turnaround, registration of your company takes only one day. You can also apply for the guaranteed same-day formation services, but it will cost you extra.

If you have any questions about incorporating an overseas company, registering a sole-trade company, flat management & property management companies registration, or subsidiary, holding & joint-venture company formation services, please contact our specialists today. Whether you are looking to set up a foreign branch of your main company or form a permanent establishment of a foreign limited company in the UK, please get in touch with us for further details. If you have registered your interest for our services by sending us an email request, our experts will answer your incorporation queries within only a few hours!

Chance of your online UK's company set-up
process to be rejected by the Companies Registrar

Zero chance of your company set-up request being rejected by the Companies House: our executive registration agents are checking all incoming applications for setting-up a private LTD company for any obvious mistakes. The steps our highly-experienced professionals take to examine all incoming limited company online order forms, enormously reduces the usual risks of denials & rejections rates of the e-filing UK private LTD company applications.

If you require any assistance with registering your company in a trouble-free & prompt way, please e-mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are in a hurry to incorporate your business in the UK, please feel free to call our London office between 9:30am-6:00pm Monday to Friday on + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (great for mobiles - just like calling a UK land line) to speak with our consultants. 

The costs to set-up
your private LTD company in Great Britain

At Coddan, our processes make registering business, your business, across the UK & Republic of Ireland simple and cost-efficient. Via our website you can digitally quick register your business. All companies setting up enquiries are handled by our London-based business registration agents.

One doesn't need to be a wealthy person to get their new company registered in the UK. Using our low-priced company incorporation packages, our British customers can form their private companies via our Company Formation Portal from just £24.99.

For non-residents our prices for remote & digital incorporation packages, for forming yuur  company online, start from £105 & include the electronic private company limited by shares formation itself, digital certificate of incorporation, electronic memorandum & articles of association, our London registered address for one year & government e-filing registration fees. We support domestic & non-UK based customers, whatever the size.

Extra secretarial services for the
UK's registered company from Coddan

At Coddan, we have a wide range of additional company secretarial and business administration services available for entrepreneurs big and small. Apart from a speedy limited company formation, we can also help to get your business registered online for VAT & EORI registered numbers.

Our rapidly UK' business set-up expert team of accountants and bookkeepers will be happy to handle any matters related to making tax digital VAT compliance and VAT returns filing system of your newly formed UK limited company.

Once your business private company is incorporated, we will be able to provide you professional bookkeeping & accounting services to assist your business' growth, ensuring it remains in a good standing and compliant with the business start Law.

You can register your company digitally
with Coddan' Professional Company Formation Agents

Incorporating a private limited company is just the beginning of your new business quest. Where and when required, Coddan can provide professional supplementary Legal Secretarial Support services for business entrepreneurs registering their limited companies in the UK. These services are available for British nationals and residents, as well as for overseas clients, who reside abroad. Optional post-registration services for private companies set-up in the UK on offer are: certification of documents by notary public or by solicitor, legalization of private limited company corporate documents via legalization office (FCO, Apostille stamp), and by any foreign Consulate in London.

Coddan is London based, high-quality private limited company formation & secretarial agent. Choose us as your trusted business agent for setting-up of your company online. We have helped thousands of local 7 international based customers with forming their general business companies electronically and through paper free filing. Over the years, we have digitally & cost-effectively created hundreds of partnerships and non-profit companies for our corporate and private clients.

We offer bookkeeping & accounting services for the British private LTD registered company, LBG, NGO non-profit registered organisation, limited & limited liability partnerships. We remove hassle from the business simplest administration formalities. Why not engage us for preparation and filing of your business annual accounts & tax return and setting up your online business account with the HMRC, so you can concentrate on running and growing your UK registered business. 

Cost-effectively forming your limited company digitally
with prestigious registered address in London, Scotland and Belfast location

We can assist to form your company with your own address in the UK within a few hours. Alternatively, you can start your company registration & get the one of ours registered addresses in Edinburgh, Belfast or in London. We can also assist you to register your company and assign the unique registered address, please call us to discuss this opportunity.

We offer wide range of registration packages; our specialist can support you to form your company electronically, packages to register a public limited company, packages to set-up a limited liability company electronically with registered office addresses for local & non-resident customers.

We can easily register LLPs, LPs, overseas firm, register a sole-trader company, establish a sole-director company, flat management & property management companies, subsidiary, holding & joint-venture organisation, foreign branch, permanent establishment of a foreign firm in the UK with the provision of the prestigious registered address across the United Kingdom.

If you wish to protect your home address as a director and member, we can make your company registration electronically and provide you:
- Our registered address in London West End
- Our registered address in Central London
- Our registered address in London City
- Our registered address in Strand London
- Our registered address in Edinburgh New Town Office
- Our registered address in Edinburgh Central Office

At Coddan we provide the simplest online business registration service in Great Britain

Our philosophy & business view is straightforward, our aim to offer our consumers with the best high-quality private limited company formation services across England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

We follow the importance of understanding & learning from our local & international clients of their needs in order to provide them, the best company registration assistance based on their activities or legal requirements.

Form & register your company electronically in the UK

A lot of people are asking questions: "how do I open a new limited company in UK?", "how much does it cost to form a private company online?", "how do I start my own business in the United Kingdom?", or "how a non-UK resident can open a new private company?", "can I register a new business with the unique registered address?".

We understand the importance of the correct for those, who are looking to start their new general commercial company formation or setting-up a non-profit association online, looking to start registering of a public entity, or forming a partnership.

At Coddan, we have the best business consultants with many years of experience with limited companies registration services on the same-day & their annual compliance maintenance & administration across the United Kingdom. We are also able to assist with VAT & EORI interactive registration, & we make the totally free introduction to open a bank account in the UK for a company registered here.

The private limited formation of your company
is the electronically easier with us is and extremely affordable

Coddan as the quick & easy formation agent makes the private limited company setting-up process affordable.

A private company registered in the UK must to have the memorandum & articles of association in place at the time of incorporation. We don't use Companies House model articles, but a Bespoke Memorandum & Articles of Association drafted specifically for Coddan by professionals to make sure that articles of association comply with Companies Act requirements & at the same time cover additional, important, clauses such as share capital & activity.

Using our tailor-made memorandum & articles of association you rest assured that the fast formation process of your company will be smooth & efficient.

Our business consultants are ready to answer the questions, if you need assistance to register your company, you can also speak with our trained registration agents between 9:30 am till 6:00 pm Monday to Friday: + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (great for mobiles - just like calling a land line).

Register your company on the same-day in the UK

To easily form the limited company online
with Coddan is straightforward simpler businesses establishment procedure

If you are looking to grow a new business & strengthen the brand presence by setting-up your company in the United Kingdom, the process of an online setting-up of your company can be confusing. Whatever the nature of your business, there has never been a better time to set-up your company electronically in Great Britain.

A simple private limited company registration should be done by an expert formation agent, & at Coddan, we are just that. We offer you the personal approach to our straightforward formation services from the first steps until the limited company is registered electronically & beyond with the range of fantastic of our incorporation options to help clients who are new to a limited company formation to get started.

Our knowledgeable team of business registration experts can assist you in navigating formation process, giving you time to form a cost-effective limited company directly & focus on the future without the heavy burden of bureaucracy.

Our convenient online company formation packages

Choose one of our reasonable company registration packages to suit your requirements

With the correct advice & professional assistance with registering a business, our fast-track company formation service can take as little as a few hours for UK citizens & foreign nationals alike.

Our clients can choose from a range of our bespoke company registration packages to suit their new business; from Professional Secretary Services to fast of your company formation services & prestigious our London registered addresses service.

From our most high-speed basic company registration package, which includes all the fundamental cornerstones of the UK private company limited by shares formation services, through to our most comprehensive business set-up packages?

At Coddan, we operate the fair pricing structure & a transparent formation cost at every stage. Simply choose one of our top-quality company formation packages, complete the online application form & sit back & enjoy the quality of our fast-tracking company registration services. Because every business is different, our Company Formation Agent' competent team members are specially trained to help you with a smart registration of your company in the most beneficial way for you.

That is why we offer our company formation packages at low-priced. When you are ready to submit a request for rapid formation of your company, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We can provide you the wide range of simple formation of your company & complimentary services that are included within our various bespoke business incorporation packages.

We take the trouble-out of quick formation of your company by providing you with PDF certificate of incorporation as well as the preparation & e-filing of our tailor-made memorandum & article of association. We cover the Companies House e-filing company registration fee, report a company SIC codes and, where appropriate, file information of the chosen director, shareholders & person with significant control, officially registering your company with the UK' Registrar of Companies.

Do you need to register your limited company with registered address in the UK?

We assign our London registered office address for straightforward registration of your company. Included within some our prompt company formation packages are the use of our prominent registered addresses.

We provide professional legal address services for you for a simple formation of your company, including the London registered office addresses, a director service address in London & Edinburgh, London business trading addresses & member's service addresses in London & Edinburgh for all types of high-quality companies registered with us.

UK business bank account for a low-cost company registration

We can help you with opening a UK's bank account for the cost-effective formation of your company. We have hand-picked our business partners & are happy to able to offer clients, who requested our assistance with a low-cost company formation, introductions with chosen banks.

We also offer our non-UK resident customers' help with opening of a UK' based business bank account to receive send & spend multiple currencies with the genuine exchange rate.

This service includes quick & low-priced formation of your company & set-up of a bank account number & sort code, Eurozone IBAN & US account & routing number for various businesses, subject, of course, to the banks' own compliance procedures.

Our popularly low-priced company registration & maintenance services

Registering your private limited company for life

Apart from our reasonably priced company formation packages, other services that our clients can benefit from include access to our Secretarial Compliance Service Package, which will allow you to maintain or change your company information with Companies House for the lifetime duration of a UK based registered company.

During the lifetime of a company, we can offer a wide range of additional to a sustainable private limited company registration service & business support services tailored for every specific business, which may prove to be advantageous for you & your business as well.

At Coddan, we offer you the efficient formation of your company give you the freedom to customize, put you in control of corporate affairs & allows choosing the additional chargeable services which will work best for you.

It may be that registering a private limited company structure will better suit your needs, in which case we can easily help you with your company formation expeditiously online. After registering your company, you may even consider engaging our Professional Accounting or Secretarial Administration Services.

Further options include expedited your company registration, which can take hours rather than days, meaning you can legally start trading immediately. We can assist you in registering your company with a limited liability business structure & provide you with one of our registered office addresses services.

While completing our electronic registration application form for setting-up your new business, you can also apply to protect the director & shareholder home address by using our London director & shareholder service addresses. When you start expedient your company registration with us, you can also apply for VAT & EORI numbers & order combined registers.

Digital versions of corporate documents, the board of directors meetings, share certificates & company registers can also be made available to you so you are fully set-up & ready to embark on a business venture.

The devil is in the detail: choose the best reputable company formation agent

Pitfalls in registering of your company online

Registering a business with the Companies House is just the beginning. Business administrative tasks such as maintaining the statutory registers, applying for a trademark registration or adopting company seal or stamps can take-up a lot of time. There are also tedious legal requirements, such as Apostille stamps, which are sometimes demanded by Foreign Conciliates for companies operated by non-UK residents.

Our post-formation business administration expertise will help you to take care of these awkward jobs. We can also offer the option of setting-up the dedicated legal secretarial services for a prompt company formation.

Our expert company formation agents & consultants can handle & forward your company's government mail, offer a complete & thorough our company formation for non-UK residents & take care of all the formalities, including registering a limited company with Her Majesty services for corporation tax.

Why not entrust us with everything you need to operate legally & take care of an annual accounts preparation and submission. Our instant limited company registration service can be used to set-up a private or a public firm limited by shares, non-profit organisation or setting-up an LLP.

Why should you use our services for digitally registering of your company with us?

Registering your company with Coddan, the best decision you will ever make. We have a proven track record in duration of prominent limited company formation & the value & professional team of rapid company registration agents with years of businesses set-up experience at our disposal.

Our experienced team of company formation agents take pride in being a part of the smart company formation agency. Whether you wish to manually lodge new companies or go through reasonable limited company registration, we can register your company quickly & electronically.

We understand the UK law, business, & are professionally equipped to navigate our clients through what can often be a confusing set of the companies’ rules & business regulations.

We are always monitoring changes in relevant companies' legislation & the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action. Registering a limited company in the UK is crucial to international businesses & we can ensure that the process is quick, affordable & professional.

We operate in London, at the heart of British commerce business, & understand the needs and motivations of our clients. We offer a simple, honest company formation solutions to all those who wish to set-up a limited company in the United Kingdom.

From start to finish, we aim to make the whole process of registering a limited company simple. We operate the same logic with low-cost. We are proud that our pricing structures are affordable & transparent & business can be up & running within a matter of hours for as little as £24.99.

It is our popularity as acknowledged company registration experts in our business field which allows us to offer these easy company registration packages at such reasonable prices. We stand for & aim to help small businesses as well as big concerns & exist to encourage industry & always favour the entrepreneur.

Getting started can be tough & sometimes working on a own business plan, drafting of convenient company formation paperwork, submitting documents to the relevant bodies & then finally registering as a business enterprise is difficult for many reasons. We understand this & have designed a trouble-free website packed full of useful business information for you to access.

As one of the UK's top company formation experts, Coddan knows how to assist a broad range of different company types. We have registered thousands of companies in Great Britain for clients all over the globe & we derive satisfaction in offering first-class company registration services.

If you are uncertain as to how to progress or are not sure what a company & business needs, we are working through the COVID-19 pandemic & are always available to guide you through formation options. We aim to offer affordable business solutions to all manner of clients in all types of businesses & have a genuine interest in helping you to succeed.

If you are looking for the best quality formation, choose the best - choose Coddan

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