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Fast company registration from £24.99 within 3-4 hours!

Open a company online: company registration in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Sussex, Edinburgh, Glasgow and in Belfast - no one provides corporate services to assist you to incorporate and manage your entities the way we do! Neither citizenship nor British residency are required for the UK company formation, or to open a new partnership, non-profit entity or a public firm. You can register a corporation from any country in the world! Our fast incorporation service is simple, fast and cheap – British, Scottish or Irish entities registration costs from £24.99 & takes from 1 to 4 hours only!

New company formation across the Great Britain services provided by the London based Coddan companies formation agent: start-up a new enterprise from only £24.99 for regional customers & £119.49 for overseas consumers, and get the free Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays or Lloyd's banking account. We support local and international clients, whatever the size!

Limited company formation packages for British residents



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Starting a new enterprise online: the current company establishment in England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland deal is for customers who have a UK address and wish their firm to be registered straightforward and paper free. It features a free banking account referral.

At the time of your company formation, we will deliver documents listed below to your e-mail:

    • Our professionally drafted memorandum of association & the articles;
    • Your certificate of incorporation;
    • Get one free banking account (optional service).
    • We can also offer you a customised incorporation deal!


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Establish a new firm: for those who require the basic company registration in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and have a registered address, this opportunity is eligible for using a secured banking account application. Extra documentation being sent by email and post.

All features included in the first option are also covered by this package, as well as:

  • The certificates of shares;
  • The statutory registers;
  • The first of your board of directors meeting;
  • The printed and laminated certificate of your organisation (free postal delivery).


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This opportunity is for customers who wish to receive all the benefits of online company registration in London, Belfast or Edinburgh, etc., this package provides them with impressively bound set of documents.

This option benefits featuring in the first two incorporation deals are included in this offer, with the free postage of:

  • One set of the registers with the memorandum of association and articles, printed & premium bound;
  • The classic printed certificate of your shares, first of the board of your directors meeting, & the rubber seal;
  • The authentication certificate of the real owner of your organisation.


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Starting a new company with registered address: for UK residents and expatriates, this company registration option has been designed especially with their needs in mind, providing a prestigious London office address when starting the firm.

The package benefits mentioned in the first and second options are covered by this best deal, plus:

  • We will provide you an address in London as the of the legal address;
  • The state posts will be forwarding to your address;
  • The registered office address authentication certificate and secretarial assistance service.
  • With this incorporation deal you may add many extra facilities into the current plan.

UK company registration offers for foreign consumers



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For non-UK residents, we offer a company registration, provision of a prestigious London address, as well as secretarial compliance for a total of 12 months.

The LTD registration package includes the following items:

  • The special drafted memorandum & articles and certificate of incorporation;
  • The shares' certificates, registers & meeting of the first board of your directors;
  • The provision of London legal address;
  • The state post sending abroad & the secretarial compliance;
  • Additional corporate and legal services are available.


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For overseas clients, we offer this exclusive company creation package, including a nominee director, along with a registered address, with a UK banking account provided on request.

Everything in the first option is included, along with the following benefits such as:

  • The 12 months contract for the arrangement of nominee directorship service;
  • The undated signed resign letter from our appointed director;
  • The verified power of attorney;
  • The legal document for the assignment of nominee service;
  • Additional corporate and legal services are available.


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This company formation package for international consumers, is one of the most in demand options, offering a legal address (120 Baker Street, London), as well as a nominee shareholder as an optional add-on to a nominee director.

Everything in the second offer is included into this British LTD formation package, as well as these enhancements:

  • The 12 months contract for the arrangement of nominee member (shareholder) service;
  • The signed trust declaration document by our appointed member;
  • The confirmation certificate of a beneficial owner;
  • Corporate bank account & additional services are available.


Recommended for Recommended for


The last company start-up in the UK option for overseas consumers include all corporate documents verification by the apostille and public notary or solicitor authentication stamp.

The current package has all benefits described in the previous option, plus:

  • We will certify of all of your corporate documents including the power of attorney by a local notary public or a solicitor, & verify of those documents by an apostille.
  • We will also provide a corporate and an attorney-in-law rubber stamps. Further services are available with this package.


Coddan is London based company formation agent for over 30 years

To incorporate a new firm with us is easy! At Coddan our philosophy & business view is straight forward. Our aim to offer our consumers with the best high-quality company formation services across the United Kingdom, EU, USA and offshore countries. We follow the importance of understanding and learning from our local and overseas clients of their needs in order to provide them, the best company start-up assistance, based on their activities or legal requirements. A new UK company registration could not be easier with us!

We also understand the priority of solid incorporation advice for those, who are looking for to start a new general trading, non-profit, public entity or create a limited partnership, or an LLP. We have the best practice and background with the entities start-up for private and corporate clients & post-incorporation of the legal entities across the United Kingdom and North of Ireland: limited companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, companies limited by guarantee & trusts. We are happy to handle your needs, if you need starting an enterprise or a partnership with the VAT number, or/and a corporation with banking account, we are ready to serve your needs. No paper forms to complete or signatures are required for the formation of a company with us!

New Company Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding company start-up

Why should one want to register a private company?

You may want to start up a private venture for the new or existing activities. Company formation will protect and limit your liability for the possible debts, damages and obligations of the commerce.

What advantages offers a company registration?

The primary advantage of company registration is minimisation of shareholder’s personal liabilities for debts of the business. It also offers tax advantages, secures the name and adds credibility to your legal activities.

Who can start a company?

Anyone can start a company. With some limitations its suitable for any field activity and any size of the organisation: small private to vast multinationals; for-profit enterprises, as well as philanthropic and charitable ideas, self-employed and sole traders. on top of this page you may find incorporation offers for everyone!

Is it possible to convert from a sole trader to a legal entity?

Of course, yes! You can convert from a sole trader to a private legal entity. English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish corporations can be established for a new business or converted from your current self-employed activity. You might as well be able to keep your present trading name, if it’s not in use by another registered legal entity.

When should I choose to register a company over a self-employment?

Choosing to register a company may offer tax benefits and as well will allow more efficiency to your affairs if it is making £25,000 and over per year. When you are registering an enterprise you also have more credibility and is personally liable for the debts of your activity.

Is the company registration required for a safeguarding of a name?

If you do not want others to use the name of your organisation, start up of a private firm is the best way to keep it protected. Registration of a trademark will add additional piece of mind. Depending on your activities, you can consider local or international trade-mark registration. Feel free to contact us for more information about new LLC setting-up in UK, EU and USA.

How much does it cost to establish a corporate body online?

We are charging £24.99 for a new company establishment, and our charge includes the government legal fee. We are charging a bit different amount of money for other types of entity establishment. We charge £32.00 to setting-up of an LLP and £39.49 to establish a non-profitable entity, etc.

Private company formation procedure

Why choose Coddan for a company registration

The process of a company formation is much faster and very straightforward if done with Coddan. Our incorporation form is easy to use, packages are tailored for different needs, and all provide complete set of legal documents; our support is here to assist and direct you throughout the whole procedure. We offer online company start-up, and our services are simple and truthful. We provide you registered office addresses in different locations, we supply the legal address and SAIL location for different types of legal entities in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Sussex, Glasgow, Edinburgh and in Belfast.

What is next once Coddan receives my request for a company formation?

Once your company start-up order is received, we will check all the details submitted, making sure that the information provided is correct, we will then submit the application to the Registrar via our own approved entities start-up software. Once the order is received by the Registrar, they will process the information and register your entity by issuing it with the incorporation number.

What time is required to register a company?

With us, if you apply for a guaranteed same-day incorporation service, the time frame of a company registration can be as little as 1 to 3 hours. The standard period of time can vary and depending on a workload of the Companies House, the new organisation start-up process can stretch to up to 8 working hours or even more before your application is approved and incorporation number for your entity is issued. Any order form for the guaranteed same day service should be submitted to us before 13:00 to ensure the new corporation start-up with the same working day.

What are the fees for a company incorporation?

The prices for our basic company incorporation packages start from just £24.99 + VAT and that is including the government filing fee. Optional services are available upon request. Our charges to incorporate an institution in England, Wales, or Scotland are the same, except of the price for the provision of the registered addresses in Alba and Éire. If you have your own location in the county, city of incorporation, we will not charge an additional fee for the new enterprise setting-up.

How would I know that my company has been created?

Once your association has been created, our corporate formation team will contact you via email, and send all relevant e-copies of legal papers immediately. The corporate venture will be ready to commence trading immediately.

What if I need additional services later?

Coddan is here to help, feel free to contact us after your firm has been established for any further assistance you may require, or should have any further questions regarding your new entity. Our team of professional consultants is available Mon-Fri 9.30am – 6pm.

Applicant requirements

Who can register a company in the Great Britain?

There are no restrictions on the nationality and residency of the directors/shareholders of the corporations. Corporate shareholders are allowed, however directors must be private individuals. Anybody who is 16 years and older can register a firm in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and can act at a director. However, if you have been disqualified or declared a bankrupt, you will not be allowed to serve as a director of the venture.

How many individuals are required to establish an LLC?

One natural person is needed to establish an enterprise. Corporate directors are not allowed and only national person can be appointed for the position of the director. Corporate shareholders are allowed and their names are listed for public records. Same person can act as director and shareholder. British corporations can have as many directors and shareholders as its required for the organisation.

If I reside in a different country can I set-up a private LLC in the UK?

Absolutely! Anyone living abroad can set-up an LLC in the UK. It is not necessary to reside or to come here to register an entity with the limited liability. Apart of the legal address, the management and administration office of the entity can also be based overseas. Located at central London Baker Street, Coddan' head office can help international customers with formation of companies across the Great Britain, provision of legal location, opening of banking accounts and legalisation of documents by notary public and apostille stamp. We also offering legalisation of documents by the Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Embassy and Consulate.

Is a local director required for a company formation?

You do not require a local director, neither yourself should be based in the for the process of a company formation here. Personal visit is not required for the new entity formation process. A director and shareholder of the entity can be resident of any country in the world.

What personal data is required for the application for the company start-up?

In the case, you provide your own director and shareholder for a new company establishment; you will require providing their full names, nationalities, dates of birth, residential addresses. If a corporate shareholder to be appointed, the name and the location of the enterprise, as well as the name of the legal representative will need to be provided.

What data will appear on the public register?

The information about director, shareholder, a secretary (if appointed), and the person of significant control will be accessible from the open to public records of the government website. The date of birth will appear in a month and year format only. If not opted for the service address, the personal address will also be visible from open records of public register. With us, you can apply for the service address for behalf of your entity' officers.

In how many companies can one person be appointed as the director and shareholder?

There are no restrictions on the number of organisations where the person can be appointed for the position of the director/secretary/shareholder. This applies for private, public and non-for profit organisations. You can incorporate as many entities as you need.

Am I allowed to set-up a several private companies?

Absolutely, you may set-up several corporations or as many as you is required for the purpose of your activities.The same applies for private companies, non-for-profit entities, LLPs and limited partnerships. There are no restrictions on the number of the appointments.

Can I use my current website or domain name as a part of the registered office address?

If you have a website or already registered domain name, which you would like to use for your firm, we can submit it details as a part of your legal address with the Companies House. If you do not have a domain name yet, you can place an order with us, and we will register a domain name for your firm behalf and complete it details as the part of your registered office location. Your customers and clients can do a simple name check of your firm with Companies House and see details of the website, which belongs to your organisation.

Should I order a seal?

Although there is no legal requirement for your enterprise to have a seal, there may be circumstances when a legal stamp is required. Although many contracts require only a signature, possibly witnessed, some require the authority of the attachment of the seal to the document.

Generally, any contract which must be evidenced by a Deed will require the attachment of the legal seal (or, because Companies Act allows LLCs to dispense with the use of their seal, by being signed "as a Deed" by two directors or a director and the secretary, or, by a director and a witness).

Should I order the guaranteed same-day registration service?

This service guarantees that your firm will be registered on the same day that your order and payment are received. In order for you to use this service, you must place your order before 1:30 p.m. (London time) on a working day, and your application form must not contain any errors or omissions.

Same-day enterprise formation service based on Companies House's normal working hours. We cannot be responsible for delays caused due to the rejection of the application by the Registrar for any reason whatsoever.

Online company startup application

How complex is the application form?

The company registration form is extremely simple and should not take more than a few minutes to complete.

How would I select a name for my company?

Choosing the name for your venture is the most difficult process. Once you settled on few options, you can use our name verification device to check whether it is available or it is being utilised by another organisation. If the corporate name is free, it can be used for a company registration.

Can I starting a company with the name that already exists?

Unfortunately, if the name already exists on the Companies House index, the Registrar will not allow setting up of another legal entity with the same or too similar name. Make sure that you check the name for its availability before applying for a new company incorporation.

What offices do I need to nominate for a private company start-up?

For a new company start-up, you would require to nominate at least one director and one shareholder. If minimum appointment requirements are not met, the incorporation will not be permitted. Please bear in mind that same person can be appointed for the position of director/shareholder of an enterprise. Sole director/shareholder entity can be registered.

Is issue of the shares required at the time of the company start up?

At the time of the LLC start up, the shareholders must subscribe to a minimum of one share each. Each issued share represents the current percentage of the ownership and control of the firm, and entitlement for the participation in the distribution of the trading profit of the enterprise at the end of the financial year.

What is the standard share capital upon the registration of my company?

The standard share capital upon a new company registration is usually at least £1.00, but can be far greater to take account of the number of shareholders and their individual control of the businesses. If you choose the standard share capital option, we shall proceed on the basis that there is only one class of ordinary shares of £1.00 and they are to be fully paid up.

Can a corporation be formed with non-standard share capital?

An enterprise can be formed with the share capital that is greater than the amount it needs as initial working capital. When applying for the alternative share capital at the time of your business establishment, please make sure that the value per share is not less than £1.00. If you wish to have a value per share less than £1.00 (for example 10p. or 1p.) a paper forms incorporation will be required and additional charge will apply.

Can I issue different types of shares upon a standard company establishment?

With the standard company establishment option, you can issue only one type of shares. However, during the completing our application form you can request to create and issue different types of shares.

What about your tailor-made version of the memorandum and articles of association?

Coddan' drafted special memorandum and articles of association, which can be used not only in the UK; our version of the memorandum and articles of association will be very useful and accepted in other overseas countries. We do not use the standard model of the memorandum and articles as most of others registered agents. Our version of the memorandum and articles of association is very widely drawn, and is suitable for most types of legal activities.

May I register a new enterprise with the non-standard memorandum and articles of association?

If you want to have specifically drafted objects and clauses included in the memorandum and articles of association of your entity, simply send them to us, and we will include them into your constitutional documents. If you request a non-standard memorandum and articles of association, the registration of your firm will be delayed by between 24 and 48 hours. Please do not request a guaranteed sameday company formation if you also require a non-standard memorandum and articles of association.

May I use my own memorandum and articles of association upon a new company formation?

We can set-up your organisation using your own memorandum and articles of association. All you need is to complete application order, and then e-mail us your own version of the memorandum and articles of association that you want to register your entity with. The added administration will slow the registration of your firm, so please do not request the guaranteed same-day incorporation if you are supplying your own memorandum and articles of association.

Do I need to supply person of control information?

Due to recent changes in legislation it is mandatory for a company to provide information about the person of significant control and level of control at registration.

After a company registration

When will I be able to get the company incorporation number?

Instantaneously. From the moment that you receive confirmation that your enterprise set-up has been approved, you will get the certificate with your incorporation number. It frequently takes about 1-4 hours.

When my enterprise will be ready to start trading?

Instantly. You may begin trading from the moment when your English, Scottish, Walsh, and Northern Irish enterprise assigned the incorporation number by the Companies Registrar. The complete new enterprise start up process takes between 1 to 8 hours – depending on the type of your application and workload of the Registry.

Do I need to notify any official body that I registered an organisation?

No, this will not be necessary. The Registrar of Companies will notify the HMRC about your British, Scottish and Irish company incorporation. The tax office will in turn send you the letter with your unique tax reference number (UTR) and other information explain your duties as a director.

What compliance requirements the company must satisfy with each year?

Each year on the anniversary of your company's formation, you require to submit annual return (now called a confirmation statement). Within 9 month after the end of your financial year, the annual accounts and tax return will be due for filing as well.

How much does it cost to submit the annual reports?

Companies House only charges for the filing of the confirmation statement, current fee is £13, other filings such as annual accounts, changes in the details of the directors/secretaries, registered office location are processed free of charge when filed through Companies Registrar. Should you require assistance from an accountant with the preparation of your annual accounts and return, the cost is variable according to the workload and complexity of your return.

What should I do, if I no longer need the company?

Once an application for the incorporation has reached Registrar of Companies, it cannot be withdrawn or recalled. If you decided to stop the corporation start-up process before application is submitted to the Registrar, you can cancel it. However, if the enterprise was incorporated, but no longer needed, an application for a voluntary struck off will need to be made to the Registrar or via ourselves. Additional charges applies to dissolve your enterprise.

Important data about the tax office

Within a week or two from your company's registration, the HMRC will send you a welcome letter, which will contain your Unique Tax Reference (UTR). The letter will explain your new obligations and further steps required to complete submission of your entity for the corporation duties.

Important information about the corporation tax

All registered businesses must apply for the corporation duties once it has started trading. The corporation tax submission is done through the HMRC, and all limited entities are legally required to be applied for the corporate tax within three months of trading. Once established, the enterprise will be required to file it's tax returns and pay the corporation obligation due on profits generated.

Important data about the UTR number

The unique tax reference number, also known as the UTR number is issued by the HMRC automatically to all businesses, once, the Registrar confirms its incorporation. The UTR is used to identify your entity at the HMRC when filing tax returns or registering for their online services. The UTR is issued within two weeks of setting up of a new enterprise, and is sent to the registered office address of the entity.

Important data about the CIS scheme

Construction industry scheme, also known as the CIS scheme is designed for businesses and sole traders who work for a contractor, whereby under the scheme the contractors are required to deduct 20% of your payment and pass it on to the HMRC. You can apply for the scheme through the HMRC using your corporate name, national insurance number and the UTR number.

Tax and accounting

What is the tax liability of a company?

All ventures are subject to a 20% rate on all profits generated. If the trading exceeds a taxable turnover of £83,000 it will need to apply for a VAT number. Voluntary VAT application also available for legal entities with lower turnover. Once a venture  get the VAT number, it must the pay the VAT and submit quarterly returns.

Personal Income is charged for the directors who are UK based and have the NI numbers receive an income above £11,000 per year, Class 2 NIC (National Insurance Contributions) of £2.80 per week is charged on earning above £5,965; and Class 4 at 9% on annual income over £8,060. All company' shareholders (which are UK residents) are subject to dividend tax if their income is over £5,000. The current rate is 7.5% for basic rate payers; rate of 32.5% is applied to higher rate tax payers, and 3rd rate of 38.1% is applied for additional rate taxpayers.

Is a company more tax efficient?

By paying yourself a combination of salary and dividends, you are more likely to save money by starting a company with income above £25,000.

When company starts paying the corporate tax?

Once your LLC is formed, you will receive a letter from the HMRC detailing your obligations and reporting requirements. As soon as your company is established with the Companies House, HMRC will register it for a corporation duties. You may also need to apply for the VAT if certain conditions are met and your taxable turnover exceeds £83,000. Should you decide to set a wages for directors, you will need to apply for PAY AS YOU EARN. UK based directors and shareholders will need to apply for a self-assessment to declare any additional personal income.

When is a company required to apply for VAT?

If the companies' taxable turnover exceeds £83,000, you will need to apply for a VAT number. Voluntary registration is available for ventures with turnover is lower than specified threshold. Coddan offers assistance with the VAT number and submission of quarterly VAT returns for local and international clients.

PAYE, who needs it?

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) required only if the firm employs staff or the directors receive a salary. This scheme is used by the HMRC to charge income tax and NI contributions (where applicable) for UK based employees of the organisation. If your employees based outside of the UK and you do not have any one who works in the United Kingdom, then, you do not need to register for the PAYE.

Do I need to appoint accountant to start a company?

There is no legal obligation to hire an accountant when you create a new entity, you can keep books by yourself and file your accounts, however it is advisable you hire a professional to file your annual accounts as it may save you money and time. Coddan is offering bookkeeping and accounting solutions for our current and the new customers.

Do I need to appoint accountant after a company creation?

You do not need to appoint accountant after an LLC creation, unless your commerce activity is very complicated and requires day-to-day bookkeeping. You can engage service of an accountancy firm once a year at the end of your financial period. Coddan will be happy to assist you with preparation of your annual accounts and tax return.

Do you have offers to establish a company with the bookkeeping and accounting service?

Coddan offers various "package" deals which cover range of services. We also have offers suitable for those who want to establish a company with bookkeeping and accounting service. All our packages are tailored to suit any client needs.

If I am not a UK resident, should I file the actual annual account or a dormant account?

Any organisation which is established in the Great Britain is considered a tax resident for the purpose of the corporation contributions and must file annual accounts and tax return in the UK reflecting its full financial activity. Financially active entities (even which does not trade in the United Kingdom) cannot file dormant accounts.


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Easy companies formation in 5 steps

  • Step 1: Pick up your package

Choose the Package

There's an offer for everybody.

With four standard packages for UK residents and the same amount for non-UK based clients, we have a registration package for every occasion. Check the table for a full comparison of our incorporation packages and to see which one best serves your needs.

This table covers formation of ventures limited by shares, but if you want to open a limited liability partnership or form a company limited by guarantees, then, we can assist with different types of entities registrations too.

  • Step 2: Name of your entity

Choose the Name

Can you name your organisation without of preliminary check?

You should use our corporate name-checking facility prior you provide a legal name in our online application. If desired name is already in use by another organisation or a partnership, you must provide an alternative name, you can try and use additional words to distinguish the name, but it’s not always allowed by the Companies House.

You should bear in mind that there are several restricted words, such as "Bank", "Insurance", etc., which require an approval from the relevant government body before you can use it for an incorporation. There are also several sensitive words and expressions, which would require additional supporting information to be provided at the time of your corporate formation.

  • Step 3: Address service

Registered Address

Your legal address (registered address) services.

To start a limited liability entity, you need to provide us a valid address with the postcode which you want to use as your legal address. There are certain number of customers who do not wish or cannot use their private addresses as the business location. It may be that they want to protect their privacy, or just look more professional.

Coddan offers the chance to use a selection of addresses across the UK, which can be used for the purpose of business address, and our domicile address will be shown for the official records. Our addresses can be used as directors and shareholders service address as well. If you need, we can also provide a SAIL address for your firm.

  • Step 4: Your appointee(s).

Appoint Your Officers

You need to provide us details of your appointees.

To create a legal entity you need to appoint as a minimum of one director, who must be the private individual, and at least one shareholder, who can be you, or one of your other entity. In the case if you are not familiar with the legal liabilities and responsibilities, you should appoint a corporate secretary. Be aware, though, that the Companies Act 2006 states that the Companies Registrar must be informed of the directors' residential address. A residential address can be used as a service address and many directors do just that.

If you do not use your residential address, Companies House requires the alternative service address. This is the address that features on the public record, so many clients prefer to take up our legal business address service and use, for instance, Baker Street, London, as the official base for their trading activity.

  • Step 5: Check out

Check Out

Upon completing our application form, you need to pay for the order. Once you submit the application form, a pro-forma invoice will be emailed to you. Our invoice includes all required details for you to make a payment.

You have different options to pay for the order: by credit or debit card, cash, postal order, or by cheque. You can arrange a bank transfer to our account; we also accept the payments via Money Gram and Western Union. If you prefer, you can also pay us via the PayPal.

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