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Apply for a Consultation Before Registering a UK Company

Initial Consultation / Appointment Request

If you would like to speak with one of our business advisors, we will set up an appointment with you for your initial consultation. During the initial consultation, the consultant will review with you your personal facts and circumstances, discuss the options which may be appropriate for you, and provide you with a fee/retainer quote. If you are outside the UK, Coddan can provide an initial consultation by phone, post or via e-mail.

Please bring any documents you have regarding your case to your initial consultation appointment. If you have a phone or e-mail consultation, please fax your documents to us ahead of time.

When you schedule the telephone appointment, we will require a credit card to secure the consultation. One of our business consultants will speak with you on the date and time scheduled.

We do not know of any experienced professionals who provide free consultations with new clients. You may want to contact the Business Link (http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/) at 0845 6000 787 to get information on their referral service. Please complete the following form if you wish to make an appointment for an initial consultation.


  • Your personal details

  • Consultation

  • In person at our London offices
    By telephone
    By e-mail
    By fax
    By post
    Online chat via Skype, FB Messenger or Zoom
    Online personal meeting via Skype, FB Messenger or Zoom

  • Topic of a consultation

  • What are the general topics you would like to discuss with our consultant?

  • Company formation in the UK
    Company registration in the Republic of Ireland
    Company formation in Isle of Man
    Company incorporation in the USA
    Offshore company formation

  • Business start-up in the UK
    Business start-up in the Republic of Ireland

  • Business bank account in the UK
    Private bank account in the UK
    Offshore business bank account
    Offshore private bank account

  • Establishment of a UK trust
    Establishment of an offshore trust

  • Registration of an LLP in the UK
    Registration of an LLP in the USA
    Registration of an offshore LLP

  • UK readymade companies for sale
    USA shelf-companies for sale
    Offshore ready-for-sale-shelf-companies

  • Date and time of consultation

  • Business objectives

  • I understand that all not relevant requests will be deleted