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Company Formation from £24.99 Contact Us How Easy is it to Register Your Company With Coddan?

Coddan: Online UK's Companies Formation & Registration £24.99

We've done everything possible to make the simple register of your company procedure as quick and stress-free for prospective company owners as possible. So, what are the easy register a company steps you need to know to before register your limited by shares company with us? It's this simple:

1. Choose your company name

The first step when simply register a limited company is to decide what you're going to call yourself. When you've done that, you have to check if the name is actually available for you to do. This is quick and easy and is done simply by typing your desired name into the search tool on our homepage. If it happens to be taken, you can just change it and check again until you find something that both works for you and is available.

The name is up to you, but as some advice tries thinking about something that encapsulates what your business does and your core values. Make it as simple and as concise as possible.


It's also worth checking if the domain name relating to your chosen company name is available. It's important for both company and domain name to match, to make it that much easier for future customers to find you.


2. Select your package

Now you can take your choice from our four standard company registration packages, based on the following registration a company types:

Companies limited by shares


Companies limited by guarantee


Limited liability partnerships


If you need more help, we can work with you to determine your company's needs and recommend the right package for you.


3. Providing company details

The first stage takes just five minutes of your time, to complete the online company incorporation application. You'll need to provide your company's registered address, as well as details of all company directors, shareholders, or members. You will need to provide the details of the person with the significant control of your company.

4. Checkout

With that done you have the freedom to choose some of our additional features and services to your package, before checking out. Checking out is easy, fast, and secure, and can be done by debit or credit card, PayPal or by banking transfer.

Following your payment clearing, we'll email you a purchase confirmation along with a receipted invoice and access to our “online company manager” portal.


5. What happens after that?

Your completed application will be sent to Companies House to be approved. This process often takes between three and five working hours, however, this is dependent on their workload so can sometimes take a little longer.

Following acceptance of your application and registration of your company, we'll send you your VAT invoice, and company documents by email.

If you've chosen to receive printed documents, we will post them to you within 24 hours. You'll also receive an email if you've chosen our business bank account referral service, linking you to your chosen bank to begin the application.

If you have any questions, at any time, please contact us for guidance.


What information I must to provide to register a UK's company digitally?

Register your own company online is a great way to break free of the 9-5 and become your own boss. However, getting company started can be tricky. The first thing you need to do is to register your company limited by shares electronically with Companies House and HMRC via our company formation software. Simply digitally registering a company is vital as it ensures that you are operating legally and paying the correct taxes.

New business owners are often unsure about the information required for register a company. Luckily, we’re here to help. Let’s take a closer look at the information you’ll need to provide when quick register your company.

1. Registered Office

You will need to provide Companies House and HMRC with your company’s official address. This must be a full postal address and must be located in the same country in which your company is registered. All official communications from Companies House and HMRC will be sent to this address, and the address will also appear in your company’s public record. You should note that you can’t use a PO Box Number for this purpose.


2. Business Activity

You must inform Companies House of the type of work your new company will be conducting. You can do this by choosing the relevant SIC (Standard International Classification) code. You can find a detailed list of SIC codes at our online application form.

3. Director's details

You must provide the following information for your company director:
- Full name
- Date of birth (must be at least 16 years old)
- Nationality
- Occupation
- Residential address

4. Shareholders details

You must also provide details of any company shareholders:
- Full name
- Date of birth - Nationality
- Residential address


5. Secretary details

You can provide details of your company secretary if you wish, but this is optional:
- Full name
- Date of birth (must be over 16 years old)
- Occupation
- Nationality

6. Person with Significant Control (PSC) details

A PSC is any person who is able to exert control over your company through possession of shares, voting rights, or the ability to appoint or remove directors and managers. You will have to provide the following information for all PSCs:
- Full name
- Date of birth
- Residential address
- Nationality

Call the experts

Register a limited company is a complex process, so there’s no shame in asking for help. Here at Coddan, we have years of experience in efficient register limited company in both the UK and overseas consumers. We take the time to understand your company so that we can create a package that is tailor-made to your needs. Using the latest technology, our team of  companies registration  experts can register a new company in as little as five hours. This streamlined process doesn't just save you time. It also allows us to offer highly competitive prices. Get in touch today for a consultation.


We are well-known in many countries

Registering a limited company is simple.
UK' Private Limited Company

We are the top-quality UK company formation agent with over 200,000 impressive companies registered. We've reached our effectiveness based on our clients' confidence; however such effectiveness didn't come simply.

Our team members attempted extraordinary intense, consulting our clients and improving our procedures to assure we constantly enhance the procedures we do our services.

We are the team professional accountants, bookkeepers and corporate lawyers. Compact adequate to supervision and big adequate to deal with the requirements of our business and private consumers.

Our Consumers Service Group are extraordinarily experienced company formation high-level advisers, guaranteeing professional guide is inimitable a zoom or phone call, or an e-mail away. Our Corporate Secretarial and Certified Accountants Group arrange practical advice and assistance to our consumers over the continuity of their company' existence.

Enormous value for money, crystal-clear, reasonable pricing and with no hide-out costs. We understand that every pound estimates, when registering your new company, that are the reasons why we've developed reasonable variety of services and solutions to set-out we've achieved you settled. In the case if you obtain a yearly renewable solutions, we'll without fail notify you that the required remittance is anticipated to be charged before the renewal is overdue, that is our strong assurance.

Plenty of our British and overseas private and business consumers are registering a company for the first time, that's why at Coddan we have made the procedure as most straightforward as possible. Directly select a company name, choose the offer, complete a simple form with your company information, pay for the order and have a break.

The entire order steps should not taken greater than five minutes. In the case if you are not convinced in registering your company by your own online, phone 0207 935 5171 and we will help to complete your order form over the phone.

Are you new to company registration?
We've got it enclosed.

Registering a limited company is easy.

This is so far the best class and top wanted type of company registered in the UK and is generally acknowledged as a private company limited by shares. It is register for the intent of forming an income, and has the surplus advantage of limited liability security of individual holdings.

It couldn't be simplest to register a limited company, a company limited by guarantee, or a limited liability partnership with Top-Quality Coddan's Company Formation Agent. To begin the company registration procedure you simple need to choose the package (£24.99], insert your company name into the name check aid, add details of an applicant, appoint your company officers, add any address services you might require, provide information of the person with significant control, checkout and pay.

It takes only five minutes to complete the order form. Usually your company will be approved and registered in 3-5 business hours. This timeframe is the point to Companies House assignment and might take longer; almost all companies are registered within 24 business hours.

Are you ready to start
register your company electronic today?

Registering a limited company is quick.

To register a limited company you simply need to have a company name, business nature of the company, UK' registered address office, and the details of the company' members, directors and person or people with the significant control (PSC). "PSC" are the true owners of the company, who are controlling more than twenty five percent of issued shares, or controlling the company directors.

Are you ready to begin
register your company digital today?

Registering a limited company is low-priced.

Order online or if you want to get your company registered by phone, please call 0207 935 5171

Do you have to open a UK' business bank account? Here, there are no such requirements for the UK's registered company to open a business bank account. Having said that, in reality you know that it's terribly hard to run the business without of its own bank account.

Coddan Companies Formation Agency offers several business bank accounts with our company registration opportunities. We furthermore deal with overseas residents who desire to register a UK's company.

What do you have to do to keep the company?

Almost of thousands of companies registered in the UK are closed down (dissolved) every year by Companies House, for non filling of the yearly confirmation statements or for non filing the annual accounts, it occurs quite often. At Coddan Formations Department we can assist to file the company's confirmation statement, assist with bookkeeping and accounting, prepare and register your company annual accounts.

Our businesses registration software authorised by Companies House

We are one of the UK's outstanding company formation agents, our businesses formations software approved by Companies House. We offer our consumers for online incorporation and the succeeding address services: registered office, directors and members service address and business address with mail scanning and post forwarding across the Great Britain and overseas.

We are qualified to deliver corporate documentation to Companies House digitally and electronically, enabling you to register a limited company online, without the need for completing the paper forms to sign and post for the formations.