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Register a Private Foundation in Belize for £1,175, Simple Private Family Foundation Establishment in Belize!

Register a private family foundation in Belize with Coddan: there are many reasons that one might establish a private foundation in Belize. A private foundation in Belize works as a separate legal entity which is able to carry out business, buy and sell property, carry out business open bank accounts and hold assets in its own name. This enables the individual, business or family to separate their assets from their personal possessions legally. Should the limited company run into trouble down the line, setting up a private foundation in Belize will mean that they won't lose everything.
Coddan will provide everything that you need to register a trust, form a limited liability company, set up your foundation in Belize and will handle the new company formation> process on your behalf, so that all you need to do is make sure that you are doing as you are asked and keep records of all of the paperwork that you are issued with during the incorporation process.

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Our Private Interest Foundation Start-Up Packages



This private foundation establishment in Belize package is for customers, who require to establish a private interest foundation in Belize with a registered office address, and local council.

The following documents will be sending by post upon the registration of your off-shore foundation:

    • A certificate of incorporation, bound copy of the foundation charter and by-laws;
    • The minutes of the first meeting & elegant membership certificates;
    • Additional services are available.



This private foundation start-up in Belize package is especially for clients, who are requiring establishing a private foundation with a registered address, local council & a nominee founder; bank account upon request.

This Belizean foundation start-up offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee founder; the signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee founder of your offshore private foundation;
  • Additional services are available.



This is one of the most popular private foundation establishment in Belize packages with nominee protector, as an additional option to the nominee founder, local council & registered office address in Belize.

This Belizean foundation establishment offer includes everything in the second option, plus the following:

  • The provision of a nominee protector service for one year;
  • The declaration of trust signed by a nominee protector;
  • The certificate of the confirmation of a beneficial owner. Bank account is available on request.



This is our most comprehensive foundation establishment in Belize package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp or apostille seal affixed.

This Belizean foundation establishment offer includes everything in the first option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents, including a power of attorney, by solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all company' documents by an apostille seal;
  • Additional services are available.

Register a Private Family Foundation in Belize is Fast & Easy with Us

Establish a private family foundation in Belize: there are other benefits which may cause a family or individual to create a private foundation in Belize. A foundation which has been set up in Belize, but is registered to a non-resident of Belize, is exempt from all taxes and duties, as long as the foundation and all of its property and interests are held outside of the country. This can be a great way for individuals and private companies to save money and minimise paying excessive tax.

Register a private family foundation in Belize: these private family foundations do not have excessive requirements for maintenance or administration, meaning that they can take care of themselves for the most part. Assets and holdings can be kept within the banner of the private family foundation without the individual or persons connected with it having to do very much to keep it running. This makes life much easier but also provides a certain amount of protection.

If you want to start-up a private foundation then this doesn't have to be complicated. You will need to adhere to certain rules, such as there must be a foundation council and protector. Using Coddan Ltd to set up an offshore company or establish a private interest foundation in Belize means that these rules are followed to the letter, meaning that everything is legal and above board, whilst you are still sticking to the law.

Are you Ready to Start a Private Foundation & Create a Private Interest Foundation in Belize?

Form a Private Family Foundation in Belize

Setting-up a private family foundation in Belize: our expert team at Coddan can provide you with all the advice and support you need in setting up a private family foundation in Belize. We'll take care of all the necessary documentation as well as establish the private foundation on your behalf, so that you are able to start trading in a matter of days.

Once you establish a private foundation in Belize, you will be exempt from all duties and taxes, provided the founder and other beneficiaries are non-residents. To find out about the many other benefits, or for advice on how to register a private family foundation in Belize, please contact us at Coddan today between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Create a Private Foundation in Belize: Form a Private Family Foundation in Belize

Register a Private Foundation in Belize

Register a private foundation in Belize: setting-up your private foundation in Belize is a smart move if you are looking to minimise your costs and maximise the potential money you raise. More and more UK entrepreneurs are now choosing this financial jurisdiction for their next venture, thanks to its superbly advantageous laws on tax, foundation structure and privacy.

The benefits of choosing Belize when you establish a private foundation:

It's very pro-business: in 1990, the Belizean authorities decided to make their state one of the world's most popular destinations for foreign companies looking to set-up offshore organisations. Since that time, those who register a private foundation in the country have enjoyed an infrastructure free of many restraints found in the UK and EU.

Very low tax rates: if you register a private foundation in Belize, you can enjoy tax rates that are amongst some of the lowest in the world. In fact, your foundation will be entirely exempt from paying anything on all its income, with no capital gains tax or payment on dividends either.

You don't have to live there: while many financial jurisdictions that are attractive to offshore investment will demand that either you or your nominee director claim residency in the country, Belize expects no such thing. All you need to start-up a private foundation here is a registered office address with a registered agent in the country of a new company formation. Everything and everybody else involved with the foundation can be located elsewhere.

Privacy: one of the main reasons many UK business people are setting up a foundation in Belize is how much confidentiality it offers. Unlike Britain, Belize expects you to share very little information publicly once your foundation is formed. In fact, the name of your foundation, the address of your office, the name of your resident agent and the fact that your foundation is still active are the only things that need to go on record. You don't even need to keep books. As you can see, Belize is an excellent choice if you wish to establish a private foundation offshore. To find out more about this extremely lucrative possibility, contact Coddan today.

Incorporate a Private Foundation in Belize: Why Register a Private Foundation in Belize?

Incorporate a Private Foundation in Belize

Are you looking to register a private foundation offshore? Perhaps you are hoping to hold your accounts or properties in a safer, less taxable jurisdiction. Alternatively, you may wish to keep your involvement with the venture confidential and are looking for a country that supports the privacy of entrepreneurs. Whatever your reasons, Belize is one of the best states on the planet for setting up a private foundation.

Advantages of private foundations in Belize:

Tax exemptions: when you register a private foundation in Belize, you won't be required to pay any tax to the local authorities. This maximises the profit potential of your organisation massively.

No need for a resident director: unlike many other financial jurisdictions with favourable tax laws, Belize does not require your council or protector to be a resident in the country. In fact, they won't even need to visit. All that is required is a registered office and a resident agent in Belize.

No accounting, no audits: if you are tired of trying to move your organisation forward through the mountains of red tape in the UK, operating in Belize will be a breath of fresh air. You are not required to do bookkeeping or make any details of your foundation public, aside from its name, address and the name of its one Belizean employee.

Why choose Coddan: if you decide to establish a private foundation in Belize, Coddan can make sure you get all the benefits from the process. Our agents have years of experience helping business people and entrepreneurs like you make the most of their offshore investments.

We understand the laws, and legal requirements that are present in places like Belize. We have good contacts in the country and so can make sure that, when you start-up a private foundation, it is up and running in the quickest possible time and it is set-up to make the most of all the possible advantages. Operating a private foundation in Belize can offer many benefits to the ambitious entrepreneur. If you want to ensure you make the most from such a venture, contact one of our friendly team today.

Create a Private Foundation in Belize: Private Foundation in Belize vs Private Foundation in Panama, Seychelles or Lichtenstein

Create a Private Family Foundation in Belize

When it comes to setting up a private foundation in an offshore location, there are many options available to the UK entrepreneur. One of the most important decisions of all, however, will be the location. There are many financial jurisdictions that offer foreign investors great benefits when they register a private foundation within their boundaries, and knowing which is right for you will depend on what you are after.

Panama, the Seychelles and Lichtenstein are all extremely popular and each will offer its own set of distinct benefits and possibilities. Yet, if you wish to reap the most rewards, the Caribbean island of Belize comes highly recommended. This tiny ex-colonial state in Central America offers the complete package when it comes to offshore foundations.

The advantages of Belize:

Incorporation speed: if you don't like waiting around for things to get done, doing business in Belize will be like manna from heaven. In most cases, setting up a Belizean foundation will take a day or less.

Tax: this is perhaps the biggest benefit of all when you establish a private foundation in Belize. There is no tax on the income it makes, no capital gains tax and no tax on any of its profits. This maximises your money making potential.

Cost effectiveness: the fees for launching your venture in Belize will be minuscule, as will the annual maintenance fees.

Privacy: unlike the UK, with its acres of red tape, Belizean authorities expect very little of your foundation's information to be made public. You do not need to file accounts or audit the company. In fact, the only details of your foundation that need to be made public are its name, its office address in-country and the name of its one, required resident employee.

This combination of superb advantages makes Belize a winning choice when you want to start-up a private foundation. Here at Coddan, we have been helping UK entrepreneurs maximise the profit potential of their offshore foundations for years. So, before you begin your Belizean venture, call one of our agents and get advice from an experienced professional.

Setting Up a Private Foundation in Belize: Legal Requirements to Register a Private Family Foundation in Belize

Setting Up a Private Foundation in Belize

To register a private foundation in Belize, you only need one person, but more can be used as well, and the initial capital requirement is US$10,000. This all makes setting up this type of structure an attractive and relatively straightforward endeavour. An approved local registration agent has to be used when setting up a private foundation, however, and here at Coddan, with our solid contacts in Belize, we can provide one who will assist in the process.

The other legal requirements to establish a private foundation in Belize are set out in the International Foundation Act of 2010 and among the most important is the creation of a Foundation Charter. This is what's used to register the new enterprise and it will contain all the basic details about it. These include its name and initial capital amount as well as the names and addresses of the foundation's founders and members, which can also be nominee members.

The Foundation Charter must also list the name and address of the local registered agent and the name and address of a secretary or guardian, if such officers are to be appointed. A foundation secretary will be required if none of the members is resident in the country. Every foundation in Belize is required to have a council, and at least one person must be on it, but again it can be a nominee member (we can provide a nominee Council). The Foundation Charter will also state the purpose of the foundation and any provisions for beneficiaries or management.

Any language is acceptable for the document to be written in – however, for any language other than English, a certified English translation will be required. As for the name of the foundation, it cannot contain any words that may imply a connection with the Belizean government or the words "royal" or "chartered". Its name must end with "Foundation" or it can be shortened to "Found" or "Fdn"

If you would like to start-up an offshore private foundation in Belize, get in touch with us today and our expert business consultants will be happy to assist.

Provision of a Nominee Council Upon Formation of a Private Family Foundation in Belize

Provision of a Nominee Council

There are a number of different methods through which international investors can maximise the return they receive on their capital whilst legally minimising the amount of tax they need to pay. For many people, setting up a private foundation is a wise decision, enabling them to benefit from the fiscal advantages foundations can bring. Discover below how Coddan Ltd can help register a private foundation and assist with its operation.

What is a private foundation? Whilst there are a number of different forms, at its simplest, a private foundation is a legal entity that has assets intended to be given out in the form of grants for philanthropic purposes. An individual or corporation can establish a private foundation either in the UK or abroad in countries such as Belize.

What are the advantages of a private foundation? Besides providing a sound mechanism for the distribution of wealth to worthy causes, there are significant tax advantages attached to a private foundation. Assets are frequently exempt from capital gains tax and estate tax, whilst donations are also tax deductible. Trust owners can continue to exert a high level of control over how money is distributed.

Provision of a nominee council: not everyone who operates a private foundation wishes to be directly associated with it. For privacy reasons, a growing number of individuals are choosing to start-up a private foundation through an intermediary - a nominee. A nominee council upon formation of a private family foundation in Belize, facilitated by Coddan Ltd, allows owners to retain control whilst providing the nominees' contact details to official sources. Using nominees allows investors to distance themselves from the foundation but still retain decision-making powers.

Particularly when a private foundation is set up in a country like Belize, where its assets are not subject to UK tax, there is a significant opportunity for investors to legally protect their wealth from the tax man. Coddan Ltd can offer advice on all aspects of private foundation establishment and maintenance in Belize and other countries, so get in touch to find out more.

Open a Bank Account in Belize For Your Private Foundation

If you've decided to operate a private foundation from an international base, deciding on an appropriate bank account can be a challenge. Not only does the account need to possess all the functions necessary for it to be used for transnational business, it also has to be locally based in order to dovetail with the requirements of the overseas foundation. Luckily, Coddan Ltd has extensive experience in opening offshore accounts that are ideal for servicing private foundations. Take a look at how Coddan Ltd can help.

The right bank account in Belize: many people opt to run their private foundation from Belize, due primarily to the tax advantages this location can provide. Coddan Ltd has extensive experience in setting up Belize-based bank accounts for charitable trusts, corporations and private foundations, giving them the specialist knowledge needed to choose an appropriate provider.

Speedy service: if you're new to Belize and its banking facilities, opening and operating an appropriate account can take a considerable amount of time. Coddan Ltd has the ability to get your bank facilities running smoothly within a day or so, enabling your private foundation to quickly start receiving donations and making suitable grants whilst enjoying the tax benefits that an offshore private foundation can bring.

Help with bank administration: maintaining a private foundation in Belize involves a lot of hard work and frustration, so it's worth using Coddan Ltd's operational services if you want more freedom. Not only can Coddan Ltd offer on-going assistance with banking in Belize, we can also provide a nominee, administrative support, a mail forwarding service and assistance with the preparation of tax returns and legally required reports.

Because selecting the right bank account for your private foundation is one of the most important decisions you will need to make regarding its management, it makes sense to get expert advice and information. The team here at Coddan Ltd is experienced in setting up corporate and private foundation bank accounts in a number of overseas locations, including Belize, as well as in the UK.

Certification For Your Private Foundation in Belize by a Notary Public and Apostille Stamp

Certification by a Notary Public and Apostille

Registering a private foundation in Belize is a smart move if you want to enjoy higher levels of business confidentiality and lower rates of tax. Every year, more and more UK business people make this choice and enter into such offshore ventures. If you want to join them, then it is a good idea to get some help from an experienced team, who understand the process.

This is where Coddan comes in. Our agents have been setting up companies, foundations and other offshore ventures in Belize for years now, and so understand the crucial importance of every legal requirement and loophole available. One of these, for example, is the usage of Apostille stamps.

The importance of the Apostille in Belize: an Apostille on your company documents can open a lot of doors when branching out overseas and can make things run much smoother during the start-up process. Essentially, this is a stamp that is accepted globally and has been recognised by the Hague Convention, which is used to authenticate copies of crucial documentation. In this way, it can be compared to a notarisation in UK law but for global business.

If your Belizean public foundation has an Apostille stamp on its relevant copies, then the setting up of accounts with banks and the registering of certain elements of the company with the authorities will be a much quicker procedure.

Getting an Apostille in Belize: the process of getting copies stamped is not a complicated one. First off, the notary in Belize confirms and certifies the validity of the copied documents, then a UK court applies the Apostille. Now the documents will be accepted as valid anywhere in the world. This gives you greater flexibility to do the things you wish to do with the foundation.

At Coddan, we understand that our clients have better things to do than learn the ins and outs of offshore company law. So, if you are about to launch a private foundation in Belize, trust us to take care of all these matters for you. We'll make sure you make the absolute most out of your offshore venture.

Yearly Requirements For a Private Family Foundation in Belize

Despite the relatively relaxed reporting requirements a private foundation requires, there is still a need for some formal accounting when the foundation is based in the UK. If that sounds like too much paperwork to deal with, it's worth considering setting up your private family foundation in Belize, where reporting is minimal.

A country for investors: in 1990, the Belizean authorities passed the International Business Companies Act. This piece of legislation sought to set down the legal requirements international businesses, foundations and trusts would need to adhere to should they be registered in Belize. To encourage foreign investment, regulatory requirements were kept as lax as possible. This, coupled with the tax advantages being located in Belize can bring, is why so many individuals set up their private family foundation in Belize.

No annual requirements: once your private family foundation has been appropriately set up, there is no need to submit regular accounts or other evidence of activity to the Belizean authorities. Coddan Ltd can advise you on the foundation registration and start-up process, and undertake all the necessary work if required. This may include preparation of a statement concerning the foundation's aims and objectives, a Belize-based address and a suitable nominee if preferred.

On-going reporting is still sensible: even if the Belizean government require no further information, it is still important to ensure that suitable accounts, minutes from meetings, and records of grants given and donations received are prepared. Not only does this help when considering future planning and expansion, it may be the case that the information is later needed for UK tax purposes, if only to confirm the offshore nature of the foundation. Coddan Ltd can undertake all the necessary foundation administration, freeing up your valuable time.

The minimal reporting that is required when a private foundation is located in Belize partially accounts for the location's popularity with overseas investors. Providing an excellent location for a family foundation without the hassle that extensive paperwork can bring, Belize remains a preferred choice for many people who are keen to protect their wealth.

Post-Formation and Post-Incorporation Services for Your Private Family Foundation in Belize

Post-Formation Services

After your private foundation has been registered in Belize, you may want assistance to get it up and running and to keep it in compliance with local laws so you don't run into any difficulties later on. At Coddan, we're pleased to offer a range of post-formation services that will help you with your foundation.

As your foundation won't be subjected to any taxes in Belize, as long as the founder, beneficiaries and assets come from outside the country, there is no requirement to prepare and file annual tax returns. However, the foundation will be required to maintain and keep its accounts and records up to date – but there is no annual requirement to file them with the authorities – and they can be kept at its registered address or anywhere else, so long as the registered local agent is aware of their location.

With Coddan's professional bookkeeping service, you can be sure your foundation's accounts will be properly looked after at all times, relieving you of the time and effort required to maintain them and letting you focus your energies on running your foundation.

You will certainly want a bank account when your foundation is established in Belize, but knowing how to go about it yourself can be a frustrating experience. At Coddan we can provide introductions to leading local banks so that you can get a business account set up and as quickly as possible.

As importantly, we can help to ensure your most fundamental asset – your trademark – is protected while trading in Belize. We can have it registered with the Belize Intellectual Property Office and you will then have full protection under the law if a rival enterprise tries to infringe on it, whether it's the trademark itself or the products and services it covers.

Staffing is another critical issue for any company, and here at Coddan we can handle your payroll and other personnel-related requirements so that your foundation runs smoothly at all times. To find out more about how we can help your foundation with our post-formation services, get in touch with us today and our business consultants will be pleased to advise.

Why Choose Us to Register a Private Family Foundation in Belize?

Setting up a private family foundation is an important event in any investor's life. Not only does it provide a sensible way of protecting wealth, it can also provide a lasting family legacy and potentially enable others to benefit through the philanthropic aims of the foundation. Initial registration, incorporation and formation can be challenging when you need to register a private family foundation in Belize, which is why many people use a specialist company to assist them. Take a look at three reasons why a growing number of investors turn to Coddan Ltd to facilitate their foundation's commencement.

Specialist expertise: here at Coddan Ltd, we are specialists in the administrative requirements that corporations, trusts, charities and foundations need to meet in order to become legal entities. Of particularly note is our expertise in operating offshore businesses, enabling individuals to establish a family foundation overseas without needing to visit the country.

One-stop-shop: because Coddan Ltd provides not only start-up services but also on-going administrative and reporting services, it's possible to deal with one company throughout your foundation's lifetime. This not only saves time when it comes to communication, it also means that there's no need to constantly revisit your arrangements – Coddan Ltd can take care of everything.

Nominees available: many people wish to start-up a family foundation but don't want to be associated with it. One of Coddan Ltd's most appealing services is the ready availability of trustworthy nominees – individuals who can represent your foundation and act as a contact with official agencies and other interested parties without your name ever appearing. This can be particularly helpful in maintaining privacy and preventing competitors from gaining intelligence on your financial activity.

Experienced, discreet, thorough, efficient and dependable - there are a whole host of reasons why investors turn to Coddan Ltd for assistance when it comes to setting up and operating their projects in Belize. Whether you're planning a UK venture and need up-to-date information, or want to commence a Belize-based venture but need an agency with proven international competence, Coddan Ltd can provide exactly what you're looking for.