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LLC Company Formation in Belize for £630, Simple Formation of Limited Liability Company in Belize!

Off-shore LLC formation online: Belize is one of the most attractive offshore destinations in the world, offering a variety of extraordinary advantages to individuals forming a limited liability company in this vibrant and stable Central American nation. Here at Coddan, we have many years' experience of LLCs formation in in Belize, which you can take advantage of to register an LLC in the country. Limited liability company formation in Belize - among the many benefits of setting up an LLC in Belize is that there is no tax at all to pay, and no reporting requirements; not of taxation or accounts. In addition, there is no minimum paid-up capital requirement, and the LLC's name can be in any language. If you wish to go ahead, we will register a limited company using our registered office address in Belize, and we will arrange for your chosen candidates to be appointed as LLC members or/and LLC operating manager. if you wish to start an LLC in Belize online and get the business bank account, we can help! We make it easy & affordable register an LLC in Belize starting at only £650.00!

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  • Free LLC formation email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
  • Free face-to face consultation at our office
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  • Starting a new LLC in 2 days
  • Pre-incorporation support
  • Post-formation support & advice
Our LLC Registration Packages in Belize



This off-shore LLC formation in Belize package is exclusively for customers, who are requiring form an LLC in the tax haven with a prestige legal address in Belize & registered agent for one year.

The following items are included into this Belizean LLC formation offer:

    • The registered office address & the registered agent in Belize for one year;
    • The certificate of formation with the an LLC agreement;
    • The LLC's membership' certificates & meeting of the board of members.



This LLC formation in Belize package is especially for customers, who are requiring forming an LLC with the registered agent &smp; registered address in Belize with the UK based nominee member.

This Belizean LLC formation offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of the UK nominee member; the signed power of attorney;
  • The signed, undated resignation letter from nominee member;
  • The agreement for the provision of the nominee service.



This LLC formation in Belize package is for customers, who are requiring forming an LLC with the registered agent & registered address in Belize with an offshore nominee member.

This Belizean limited liability company formation offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of the offshore nominee member; the signed power of attorney;
  • The signed, undated resignation letter from nominee member;
  • The agreement for the provision of the nominee service.



This is our most comprehensive off-shore LLC formation in Belize package with all LLC company registration documents verified by a notary public & certified by the apostille stamp.

This LLC formation in Belize offer includes everything in the third LLC formation option, plus:

  • The certification of all LLC company documents including the power of attorney by a notary public & the final verification of LLC documents by the apostille;
  • Additional services are available.

Fast Limited Liability Company Start-Up in Belize

However, in a different part of the word where there are different laws, customs and languages, it can be difficult to do things for yourself, especially at official level. That is why it's imperative that a top-level offshore incorporation agent such as Coddan be used for LLC formation in Belize. One of the legal requirements, for instance, is that a registered and government-approved agent be appointed to handle the companies registration in Belize, and we've got the solid contacts to get you the best.

Offshore LLC incorporation in Belize: with us, you can enjoy some of the lowest rates anywhere and a swift, personal offshore business start-up service that will have your new entity set up in no time. We make an LLC registration in Belize fast and easy, because all you really need to do is fill in our online application form and we will do the rest. There is no need for endless meetings or consultations with lawyers when you can do it with us the simple and straightforward way.

We can offer you a registered office address in the country so you can establish an LLC in Belize, and we are also able to provide our clients with nominee officers so that they get added privacy and confidentiality. After the LLC is formed, we have a range of services that can assist in its operation, including introductions for a business bank account, bookkeeping and staffing.

Offshore LLC start-up in Belize: if you'd like to know more about how you can profit from having an LLC incorporated in Belize, or register and IBC company, contact us here at Coddan today and our expert offshore business start-up consultants will be happy to advise. Get in touch with us now and see what we can do for you.

Setting-Up a Limited Liability Company in Belize

LLC Formation in Belize

LLC formation in Belize: if you want to set up a limited liability company, there are few better options than to establish an LLC in Belize. Setting up an LLC in Belize is possible through the International Limited Liability Companies Act of November 2011, and offers business people myriad advantages. LLC formation in Belize leaves you exempt from local taxes with no requirements for minimum paid up capital. Necessary annual support is low, there's no foreign exchange control, and any legal entity can become a member and a manager.

Of course, the most reassuring aspect of offshore LLC setting-up in Belize is the guarantee of privacy - information about members and managers does not need to be filed with the Belize companies registrar, and so is not available to the public. If you need an assistance with offshore LLC startup in Belize, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Register an Offshore LLC in Belize: Setting-Up an Offshore LLC in Belize

Register an Offshore LLC in Belize

If you're seeking to establish a limited liability company (LLC) in Belize, here at Coddan, we've got the expertise and contacts to do it right and make sure it's set up professionally and in full compliance with Belizean law.

Many people choose LLC formation in Belize because of the distinct advantages it offers. These include exemption from all taxes in the country, such as capital gains tax, income tax and tax on dividends; there is also no minimum paid-up capital requirement. Another benefit is that LLC owners in Belize can keep their own identity, as well as those of its members, confidential because they won't be on a public register.

The name of the new entity can be in any language but must be followed by "LLC" or the abbreviation spelled out in full, depending on the owner's preference.

Like in all other jurisdictions, however, there are some prohibitions on the types of company names that can be used, such as those that suggest a connection to the government or the Royal Family. Offensive words, as you'd expect, can't be used, and there's a list of other words that are also ruled out, including "chartered", "municipal" and "cooperative". We can check your suggested name against the prohibitions to ensure it won't be rejected.

With LLC registration in Belize, a registered local and government-approved agent is necessary to complete the task and we can supply one for this purpose. In addition, you'll need a registered office address in the country, and if you don't have one, we can provide an address as part of our limited company formation services. Only one member is needed to establish an LLC and it can be a person or company from any country in the world.

You'll get all the statutory documentation when the offshore company registration process in Belize is complete, and we also have a range of post-formation services that can help your tax-free company be legally compliant and run efficiently. If you'd like to know more about setting-up an LLC in Belize, contact us today and our expert business formation consultants will be pleased to advise.

Establish an Offshore LLC in Belize: Why Register an Offshore LLC in Belize?

Registering an LLC in Belize

Why register an offshore LLC in Belize? When considering destinations for offshore limited liability company (LLC) formation, the Central American nation of Belize is among the most attractive anywhere. Here at Coddan, you can use our leading business formation services to have your LLC set up in Belize in no time.

Tax is one of the most important factors when forming a company overseas and LLC registration in Belize allows owners to be exempt from every tax in the country, which can provide a major boost to a company's profits. Taxes from which local LLPs are exempt include income and capital gains taxes, as well tax on dividends and even taxes relating to property transfers and stamp duty.

Also high up on the list of priorities for those setting up an LLC in Belize are privacy and confidentiality. Many business owners establishing their offshore entity in the country do not want anyone there or in their home or other countries to know what they're doing. With a Belizean LLC, there is no requirement to make the owners and members of the company public. All that will be made public is the name of the company, its registered office address in the country and the name of the local registered agent.

Statutory audits are not carried out and there's no necessity to file annual tax returns, which lessens the administrative burden on LLCs dramatically. Companies still have to keep proper accounts and maintain them though, either in Belize or in elsewhere. In addition, LLCs in Belize are not required to hold annual general meetings.

As for the amount of time LLC formation in Belize takes, you can have your new company in a matter of days and use it straight away for your corporate needs. It all makes setting up and running an LLC in this inviting country a breeze.

If you would like to establish an LLC in Belize, get in touch with us and we'll tell you all you need to know. You can apply for your own LLC today using our online form and take advantage of some of the most highly competitive rates anywhere.

Belizean LLC vs Other Offshore Jurisdictions

Many people wonder where the best offshore location to form a limited liability company (LLC) is. It is true that there are many attractive destinations, each with their own distinct advantages. It's also the case that some are far more advantageous than others. Belize is one of them.

A lot of offshore jurisdictions have favourable tax regimes where corporation tax and others can be incredibly low. For those who have an LLC in Belize, there are no taxes at all to pay – no income or capital gains taxes, no stamp duty, no taxes on dividends paid out and the transfer of property is not taxed. This puts Belize at the top of the offshore list for many people.

Let's now look at the ease of setting up an LLC in Belize. The legal requirements of other countries and territories mean you'll need a number of people to act as company officers, including directors, secretary and shareholders. In Belize, only one person is required, and it can be anyone of any nationality and even a corporate entity registered in any country. Here at Coddan, we can provide you with a company officer using our nominee service, further assisting in the process of setting up your LLC in Belize.

As for the amount of administration an LLC has to do in Belize, that's cut right down too. For example, because there's no tax to be paid, there are no annual tax reports to file. In addition, an LLC in Belize is not required to hold an annual general meeting.

In addition, compared to many other jurisdictions, having an LLC in Belize means you can enjoy high levels of privacy and confidentiality. The members' names will not appear on the public register and so won't be open to inspection. The only details publicly available will be the LLC's name and registered office address in the country, as well as the name of the local registered agent.

Here at Coddan, we're experts in setting up LLCs in Belize, and can talk to you today about your own. Get in touch with us now and our business consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Legal Requirements to Register an Offshore LLC in Belize

Create an Offshore LLC in Belize

Clients who establish an LLC in Belize can enjoy some of the least restrictive requirements anywhere in the world, which makes setting up a company in Belize an extremely attractive proposition.

First of all, let's look at the number of personnel that are required to be nominated for positions of LLC officers: you only need one, and it can be a person or even a company and they can be located anywhere in the world. However, if you are considering LLC formation in Belize and would prefer not to use yourself or anyone else as a company officer, here at Coddan, we're pleased to offer our nominee service. With this, we can provide you with a member, but in name only - you will still retain full control of your LLC and you can change the member at any time.

Another legal requirement for LLC registration in Belize is a registered office address as you must have a physical location somewhere in the country. If you already have one and want to use it, that's fine, but if you don't, there's no need to worry because we can provide one for you. You won't actually be basing yourself there as it will just be an address that's used for registration and administration purposes, and we can forward mail that's sent there on to wherever you are.

When setting up an LLC in Belize, you're also legally required to use a local registered agent who's approved by the government. Coddan's extensive contacts in the country can provide one for your registration, so that your application proceeds smoothly and is quickly approved.

The proposed name of your LLC must also comply with registration requirements, and can't be one that suggests any link to the country's government or the British Royal Family, especially the Queen (as she is officially the head of state and is in fact known as the Queen of Belize). There's also a list of banned words, and we can check to ensure you're not using any of them so that your registration application is not at risk of being rejected.

Provision of Nominee Officers Upon Formation of an LLC in Belize

Formation of an LLC in Belize

LLC (limited liability company) registration in Belize is usually a straight-forward and swift process, allowing you to get your new corporation up and running rapidly. When you're setting up an LLC in Belize, part of the process involves the creation of a memorandum and articles of association, which contain basic information about your organisation. These records are public information and include identification of key people involved in the corporate structure. For business owners that don't want to be easily identified, a nominee officer can be an excellent solution.

What is a nominee officer? When you establish an LLC in Belize, you can select a nominee officer to temporarily manage the operation until the articles of association have been appropriately registered. The nominee officer assumes day to day control of the business, handing it back to your sole control whenever you require.

Why use a nominee officer? Not only can these useful individuals assist with ensuring your LLC formation in Belize goes smoothly, they can also act as a point of contact for anyone making enquiries about your corporation. Provided the name of a nominee officer is on your articles of association, you can remain anonymous. This is often helpful to minimise the risk of unwelcome competition or unwanted publicity. The nominee officer can deal with any legal queries that arise as a result of your LLC formation, leaving you free to concentrate on maximising return on your investment.

What can't a nominee officer do? When you need to employ staff, draw a salary from profits or complete an annual tax return, a nominee officer can't always legally be named as the responsible individual. In these circumstances it's worth talking to Coddan Ltd, who can advise on what your options might be.

Using a nominee officer is a popular choice with many business owners who value their privacy and don't want their business dealings revealed to prying eyes. Coddan Ltd have plenty of experience in providing appropriate nominee officers, as well as offering a number of other services that are invaluable to enterprising investors wishing to form an LLC in Belize.

Create an LLC in Belize and Open a Bank Account: Open a Bank Account in Belize for Your Offshore LLC

An appropriate bank account is a key resource that is required as part of limited liability company (LLC) formation in Belize. Whilst some corporations will already have a suitable bank account, many will want to take advantage of a local provider in order to simplify their offshore operations. Banking in Belize can bring a number of advantages, but account holders need to be aware of the limitations these accounts can offer. Take a look at these key banking considerations if you’re currently considering setting up an LLC in Belize.

Various banks to choose from: Belize has five local banks, in addition to a number of international (offshore) banks that have been set up by international banking companies to provide a customised service for entrepreneurs looking to undertake LLC registration in Belize. Coddan Ltd can provide plenty of advice on which institution might best suit your needs, as well as assist in opening a suitable account.

No visit to Belize required: whether you establish an LLC in Belize or open a bank account in the country, there’s no need to visit in person. All the necessary paperwork and certification processes can be done online, quickly and easily. If you would prefer to engage expert assistance to set up and manage your business banking arrangements, Coddan Ltd have plenty of appropriate experience in this field.

Be careful of insurance: in the UK and US, central agencies guarantee savings up to a maximum limit. What this means is that if the company you're banking with goes under, your monies are safe. This security isn't always provided by Belize banks, potentially leaving your cash at risk. If you need a solution to this problem, Coddan Ltd can tell you more about what choices are available.

The complex and evolving nature of banking in Belize means that it can be difficult to decide what institution is the best repository for your corporation's profits. Coddan Ltd has extensive knowledge of the banking industry in Belize, as well as a strong track record in setting up corporate banking facilities, paving the way for strong, sustained LLC performance.

Apostille in Belize: Belizean LLC Documents Certification by a Notary Public and Apostille Stamp

Apostille in Belize

Belizean LLC documents certification by a notary public and apostille stamp: after you have your limited liability company (LLC) set up in Belize, there may be times when you want your official documents certified for use in business deals; even if there isn't an immediate need, it can always be a good idea to have this done anyway so you can keep copies in your files for when the need arises. You won't want delays potentially imperiling any future transactions.

Here at Coddan, we can handle certification of all your documents by a notary public as well as getting you an apostille stamp. Having your official documents certified – such as your LLC's certificate of incorporation and memorandum, articles of association and others – confirms they are authentic and that they may legally be used in dealings in other jurisdictions. At a time of increasing international trade facilitated by the internet, it makes sense to have your documents legalised and available.

This method of document verification essentially means the entire process is simplified and accepted by means of a Hague convention and is adopted in many countries, and so it does away with any need to have documents certified by a large number of authorities in different jurisdictions; a process that could be extremely complex, costly and time-consuming.

It can often be the case when in contact with potential new business partners that each side will want to at least see a certificate of good standing, so that they know the company is legitimate and in compliance with local laws and regulations. If your LLP is running well in Belize and is not in any difficulties – such as failing to pay mandatory annual registration fees to the government and a local registered agent, in which case you could be struck off – we can get you a local certificate of good standing and have it certified with an apostille stamp.

Our fees are highly competitive and we can work with a variety of languages. If you'd like to know more about document certification and an apostille stamp, or to avail of this service, get in touch with us today and we'll be pleased to help.

Annual Legal Requirements of Maintaining an LLC in Belize

As in any jurisdiction, in Belize there are yearly legal requirements for all limited liability companies (LLCs) to ensure that they're in full compliance with the law. Here at Coddan, we can help to ensure your company is compliant at all times so that you're not subject to any penalties.

The good news is that the annual legal requirements in Belize are far fewer than they are elsewhere. For starters, there is no requirement to file annual tax returns, because LLCs in this Central American country do not pay any taxes – no income or capital gains taxes, no dividend tax, no stamp duty or taxes on the transfer of property. This is one of the main reasons why LLC formation in Belize is such an attractive proposition.

After LLC registration in Belize, however, what is legally required is that accounts, which also don't need to be filed, are kept up to date and either held in the country or elsewhere. Annual reports detailing the company's members and other information are required in many countries, but there is no such requirement in Belize.

Owners will need to pay an annual renewal fee starting from the second year of their operation in the country. It includes the government's annual renewal fee and administration fees payable annually to the local registered agent, which is required by law when setting-up an LLC in Belize, and for the mandatory registered office address.

Failure to pay these fees, and on time, could result in the LLC losing its status of good standing and not being able to get official certificates from the authorities. If the fees are not paid within six months, the company faces being struck off the register and may no longer trade. At Coddan, we can help to ensure your LLC is fully paid up every year so that you're never at risk.

If you want to establish an LLC in Belize, you can use our expertise here at Coddan to get it done properly and professionally. Contact us today and you could have your own LLC in Belize in no time.

Offshore LLC Post-Formation Service in Belize

LLC Post-Formation Service

Setting up a limited liability company (LLC) in Belize is one thing; running it is something else entirely. Fortunately for our clients, here at Coddan we have a range of post-formation services that can help with the smooth operation of your company and keep you compliant with the law.

Although there are fewer administrative tasks concerning an LLC in Belize, there are still things you have to do. It's not required to file annual tax returns, for example, because LLCs don't pay any taxes in Belize, but it is a requirement that accounts be kept and in proper order. They don't need to be filled annually, as is the case with other types of companies and in many other jurisdictions, but it is a legal necessity that they be kept either in the country or in another place.

Our professional bookkeeping services will ensure your accounts are always kept up to date and are compiled in accordance with local standards and other requirements. This leaves you free to get on with the business of running your company and not having to spend time and resources on mundane tasks such as accounting. We can also handle annual legal requirements, notably the payment of registration fees from the second year of the company's establishment onwards.

It's essential that LLCs have a bank account in Belize so they can start trading straight away, and at Coddan we're pleased to provide an introduction to local banks so you can quickly and easily get your own business bank account set up.

Having your assets protected once you establish yourself in Belize is critical to your future success, and that starts with protection of your most fundamental asset; your trademark. We can make sure yours is properly protected by registering it with the Belize Intellectual Property Office, so if someone tries to copy it, or your products or services, you will be legally covered and can take appropriate action.

Among the other post-formation services we offer after LLCs are set up in Belize are payroll and staffing, ensuring your personnel are paid on time and setting up systems dealing with pensions, benefits and other matters.

Why Choose Us to Form an LLC in Belize?

If you want to take advantage of the significant benefits of LLC formation in Belize, you'll want expert help in getting your new enterprise set up, especially in a place where there are different laws and ways of doing things. That means expertise and solid local contacts in the country, so that it's done right and you don't experience any difficulties down the road. At Coddan, we've got exactly what you need.

Just give us all your details and we'll get started straight away – and you can do so easily with our online application form. We'll first carry out a check of your proposed company name to make sure it doesn't breach the rules and can be used. We have a number of additional services that can assist in with LLC formation in Belize, such as the provision of a nominee officer.

LLC registration in Belize only requires one member, and it can be anyone of any nationality or any company registered anywhere in the world. However, in cases where clients would rather not use their own personnel or business entity, our nominee service can provide one so that you meet the legal requirement. Our nominee will act in name only and won't have anything to do with the running of your company. Also, you can change them at any time.

You'll need a registered office address to establish an LLC in Belize, and again, if you don't have one or would prefer not to use yours, for privacy or other reasons, we can provide one for you. This where you will be legally based, and we can forward official mail from there on to you.

Under the law, setting up an LLC in Belize means you have to use a registered agent who is approved by the government, and we're able to supply one for this purpose through our extensive contacts in the country.

After your LLC is set up, we can assist with a range of post-formation services that will help your new enterprise to run smoothly and efficiently, and be in compliance with local laws.