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Register a company in BVI within 5 days, registration of BVI company costs £1,100

British Virgin Islands company registration in 3 days from £1,100! If you want to register a business offshore and take advantage of tax-free income, protect your business interests, etc, you can have a company formation in the British Virgin Islands in just five days and it can cost a lot less than you think. We specialise in offshore registration of companies and we can have you in business incorporation in one of the world's most attractive tax havens, with prices starting at just £1,100.

You'll get an international business company that can trade, hold property and do business on your behalf. It's register in a territory that still follows British law, boasts complete economic and political stability and is one of the favourite locations to start a business, thanks to its totally tax free status. More than 5,000 businesses register every month in this far-flung and idyllic corner of the world, thanks largely to the tax arrangements and the fast company registration in BVI affords. You are not required to keep extensive records (you need to keep the directors register with the registered agent in BVI), you can register a company with us, we can also help with business bank account, legalisation of corporate documents, etc. The currency is the US dollar, too, which provides a stable financial system that is unlikely to collapse any time soon. So if you want to incorporate offshore, forming a company in BVI at a cost that you can afford could be the perfect answer.

Registration of BVI business companies



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This BVI company registration package is mainly for clients, who intend to open an offshore company in BVI using the local domiciled address. Setting-up of a business company only takes five days.

These documents will be sent by post after the registration of your company:



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This BVI company start-up bundle is specifically for clients, who intend to create a company with a authorised agent, registered address and a nominee director.

The business company set-up package includes everything in the initial option, together with the benefits of:



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This is a popular BVI company establishment package that comprises of a nominee shareholder, as an added option to the registered agent, nominee director and legal address.

This company setting up offer includes every item in the second option, in addition to the following:



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This is our most inclusive company start up package, all documents are verified by either a notary public or a solicitor and certified by the apostille seal or apostilled stamp affixed.

This BVI company incorporation package includes all items in the third option, and:

We provide a registered agent in BVI,  choose one of our companies formation package

Company formation in BVI in 5 days from £1,100 only! If you're thinking of company registration in the BVI, get in touch with Coddan and let us take the red tape off your hands. You can be up and running in the British Virgin Islands with full registration of a company in just five days and it can cost as little as £1,100. A BVI international business company is free from corporate tax, guarantees a good degree of control and lets you take advantage of a politically and financially secure offshore tax haven. Now you can join more than 5,000 companies that register in the region every single month. So if you're thinking of registering a company in the BVI, get in touch with Coddan and we'll help you get registered on a new way of doing business right now.

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Check our companies registration process

A step by step guide to incorporating a company in the BVI: you might think it's complicated to register an offshore business in the British Virgin Islands, but it's really not. There are hoops to jump through and paperwork to complete, but Coddan can take that all off your hands, so registering a company in BVI could be a great answer for you. Once you are registered with an international business company then you will actually have to do much less paperwork during the course of the year. You don't have to put in annual accounts and the reporting requirements are negligible.

To register the company you need a registered agent, which Coddan has waiting. They must be registered in the BVI and they are technically responsible for the company and appointing the directors. You have to have a registered agent at all times to avoid being struck off the register. It is one of the few actual requirements, along with a physical registered address in the BVI. Of course that address can be the agent's.

They must file the memorandum and articles of association, basic information like the company name and the agent's address, with the registrar. The registrar then allots a number to the company and issues a certification of incorporation. It can take up to five days, but normally the whole process is resolved within five to seven days.

Within six months you have to appoint at least one director, according to the details set out in the articles of association. You don't need a secretary, the director can be a nominee and from that point on you are free to do business in a tax free location with virtually no reporting requirements with your company start-up in BVI.

Of course you may want to go further and issue shares, because the directors are responsible for any contracts until the shares have been issued. From that point on, depending on how the registration of a company is set up, the responsibility is limited to the share value, but the details do not have to be filed in any case. If it all sounds a little complex, Coddan is here to guide you through the maze, take all the red tape off your hands and have your BVI company ready to go in just three days. It is also important to decide on a company seal. This can be a common seal or an embosser seal, and is used when the company carries out certain transactions.

Finally, companies registered in BVI are also legally obliged to have an annual general meeting, and to file annual returns each year. Coddan is one of the leading providers of complete companies registration and post-formation packages and our expertise has helped thousands of people through the process of registration. Get in touch today and let us guide you through the company incorporation with our quick, efficient, convenient and comprehensive service.

Choose Registration Package
Step 1: Select the right registration package for your company

With us, there is a unique BVI company registration package for each individual company.

At Coddan, we have developed four unique company registration packages which we offer in any offshore BVI company registration deals for both our UK and international clients. In order to check the best registration packages that suit your company needs and also make healthy comparison of our packages, check the table.

The details of BVI companies that are limited by shares, limited partnerships and non-profit companies are all covered by this table. However, our experts at Coddan can also help you if you would like to create a foundation and develop a trust structure.

Choose Company Name and Proceed with Company Set-Up
Step 2: Select a name for your company

Is it possible for you to select the exact name you want?

In a situation where the name you want to select for your company is already in use by another company or it looks similar to the name of rival company, you definitely cannot select such name for your company. You will benefit a lot from knowing whether the name is available now. We have name search tool that we can use to help you search if your chosen name is available.

There is no need for you to be bothered about the legal work involved, you only have to give us two names when filling the application form and we will help you check if your preferred company name is available.

Registered Office Address
Step 3: Getting a registered office address

Our registered office address services.

It is compulsory for your company to have a registered office address in BVI, and this address will serve as the official address of your company which will always appear on public records of the company. You are privileged to conduct business transaction in BVI from anywhere you are in the world as long as you own and maintain a registered office address in the BVI. Notably, you do not have to stay in BVI to run your business from the registered office address.

Our registered office address service involves providing you an address that can be used as registered office address of your company and we ensure the official email address of your company is sent to you. For this service, annual charge is applied, and mail forwarding from the Companies Registrar overseas is included in this package.

Appoint Your Officers
Step 4: The names of your officers

Who will be the director and shareholder of your company?

As demanded by law, there must be at least one director, one shareholder and possibly one secretary for any company limited by shares in BVI. Hence, there is need for you to have at least one person to form a company limited by shares. Notably, there is no limit to the number of directors this kind of company can have; there is no restriction as regards the nationality of any director and the directors can be either private individuals or corporate organizations. If possible, you can also allow the secretary and directors of your company to be shareholders.

According to the BVI Companies Act, any or the entire secretary, directors and shareholders are not restricted from being from a foreign country; in other words, there is no restriction on them being from outside BVI in terms of residency, citizenship, place of incorporation, domicile or one or all others of those concepts. However, this general rule may be changed based on specific rules as regards foreign investment which may be available at certain time.

Pay for a New Business Registration
Step 5: Pay for your order

Make payment for the registration service of a new business.

After the successful completion of the registration form of company, you are to use a debit or credit card statement for payment through our secure medium (we allow payment for company registration through the use of PayPal and/or WorldPay).

We will create an invoice and full login details for the administration section of our website and forward them to you. If you would like to make payment through cheques, Western Union, MoneyGram, postal orders and bank transfers, we also accept them.

Types of Special Businesses We Register in BVI

Create a Trust in BVI

Create a Trust in BVI

Register your BVI offshore trust with us at Coddan using a variety of start-up bundles catering to individual requirements. Our offer includes fast and stress-free registration of offshore trusts, nominee trustees, registered office address, business banking accounts as well as additional services

BVI Business Company

BVI Business Company Start-Up

Our numerous packages offer BVI business company registration, and the primary business company start-up and additional documentation. Referral and bank account opening for customers who plan to open an offshore bank account for their business company is also included

BVI Holding Company

Register BVI Holding Company

We provide quick and easy incorporation of a BVI holding company, with a lot of benefits such as the option of making use of our nominee director service, a prominent office address in Tortola, specially drafted memorandum and articles, as well as all the traditional accessories of holding company formation using bound documents

Types of Different Services We Provide

Limited Partnership in BVI

Start-Up Limited Partnership in BVI

We have varieties of packages for a BVI limited partnership registration specifically designed for clients interested in starting an offshore business, getting a limited partnership registered with certain nominee partners, or for business individuals who form a new limited partnership that is basically meant for international trading purposes, and each of these packages has many other benefits to offer

BVI Non-Profit Company

Register Non-Profit Company

The set-up packages we offer at our non-profit company are meant for clients who need the start-up packages for a non-profit company that has a registered office address, a nominee member and/or nominee director. We provide many incorporation packages that offer a unique start-up for non-profit company that wants to open business bank account in offshore banks

BVI Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Service

BVI Trademark and logo registration services: At Coddan, we use our expertise and experience to provide the best trademark and logo registration services you can get in BVI at the most relatively affordable prices. For a new company start-up or a registered company that needs trademark registration in BVI, we can help you register a trademark