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Benefits of BVI Company Registration for £650, Quick Registration of an Off-Shore Company in BVI within 3 Days!

Register an offshore company in BVI: if you're looking to register an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), you'll need expert business registration advice and assistance so that it's done right. Coddan Ltd has the expertise to get the business start-up job done properly, and you can be up and running in no time. We have a straightforward BVI company registration application process that won't take up much of your time - or your money. With us, there's no need for endless and expensive meetings with solicitors to discuss your company formation in BVI. Just choose from a number of competitively priced BVI incorporation packages and then fill in your details in our online application form. It couldn't be easier.
Registration of an off-shore company in British Virgin Island: we won't forget about you once your offshore company has been registered and you start trading. Our post-formation services include everything from bookkeeping and accounting to introductions for a business bank account and a lot more. Always trust Coddan Ltd to get it right every time.

BVI Company Registration Advantages


  • Free company registration email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
  • Free face-to face consultation at our office
BVI Company Registration Convenience


  • Register a new business in 3 days
  • Pre-registration support
  • Post-formation support & advice



This BVI company registration package is for customers, who require to register a company with a registered office address. The setting-up of a company usually takes 3 days.

The following documents will be sending by post upon the registration of your off-shore company:

    • A certificate of incorporation, bound copy of the memorandum and articles of association;
    • The minutes of the first meeting & elegant share certificates;
    • Additional services are available.



This BVI company registration package is especially for clients, who are requiring registering a company with a registered address, registered agent & a nominee director; bank account upon request.

This BVI company incorporation offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee director; the signed power of attorney;
  • The signed, undated resignation letter from a nominee director of your offshore company;
  • Additional services are available.



This is one of the most popular BVI company formation packages with nominee shareholder, as an additional option to the nominee director, registered agent & registered office address services.

This BVI company registration offer includes everything in the second option, plus the following:

  • The provision of a nominee shareholder service for one year;
  • The declaration of trust signed by a nominee shareholder;
  • The certificate of the confirmation of a beneficial owner. Bank account is available on request.



This is our most comprehensive BVI company registration package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp or apostille seal affixed.

This BVI company start-up offer includes everything in the third option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents, including a power of attorney, by solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all company' documents by an apostille seal;
  • Additional services are available.

Benefits to Register an Off-Shore Company, Main Uses of Companies Registered in BVI

Register a company in BVI with us: we'll start by checking your proposed company name with the Registry of Corporate Affairs in BVI to make sure it's not already in use or is similar to one that is, or that it doesn't contain any prohibited words. We will then advise of any changes that might be needed. Company registration in BVI is made all the easier with our range of additional business registration services.

Among them is our provision of nominee officers, for the positions of company director and secretary. This provides an additional layer of confidentiality for our clients registering companies in BVI, and the nominees can be changed at any time you wish.

Coddan Ltd can also provide a registered office address for the purposes of company registration in BVI. Your firm won't be physically based there but it will be used for correspondence between you and the authorities and you may also keep your official documents and records there, in compliance with local laws. Company registration in BVI must be done with a local registered agent; this legal requirement is largely because of money laundering legislation.

We have a network of contacts in BVI that we use to appoint an agent to handle companies registration. We can also arrange for annual fees that are due to the agent, as well as the government, to be paid, so that your firm remains in good standing with the authorities.

The Main Benefits of a Company Registration in BVI & Advantages to Establish an Offshore Company

Offshore Company Establishment in BVI

Offshore company registration in BVI: if you like the sound of setting up your offshore company in the British Virgin islands (BVI), but are daunted by the prospect, our expert team at Coddan Ltd can help to navigate you through the companies registration process, or take care of everything on your behalf. With many years of experience in this area, and a network of trusted professional assistance in BVI to call on, we're confident we can get your BVI company registered, with all the necessary documentation and registration, so you are ready to start trading in a matter of days.

We also offer a comprehensive range of post-registration services. Talk to our expert consultants today - if you need an assistance with a company registrations in BVI, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Reasons to Register an Offshore Company in the BVI

Reasons to Register an Offshore Company in the BVI

One of the most popular destinations for UK business people looking to set up an offshore company is the British Virgin Islands. A small island state in the Caribbean, not far from Puerto Rico, it offers extremely lucrative and inviting business laws that make it a sound choice for offshore investment. When you launch your company there, you can enjoy some very loose regulations, flattened tax rates and superb levels of privacy

Here at Coddan, we have been setting up offshore businesses in the BVI for years now, so we know the landscape inside and out. To prepare you to launch a venture in the BVI, we've put together some of the key reasons that people choose to invest there.

Tax: the main reason most entrepreneurs choose to set up offshore is to optimise paying tax. In this regard, the BVI are one of the world's most attractive financial jurisdictions.

When you operate from there, your offshore company will pay no local taxes, no stamp duty, no capital gains, no inheritance tax, no sales tax and no VAT whatsoever. If you are looking to maximise profits, this makes it a very smart choice.

Privacy: as the business market in the UK becomes more and more transparent, more UK business people are looking elsewhere to set up their operations. This is another reason that the BVI are so popular: when you register your company there, you do not need to file any information with the local register, other than the name of the company. Everything from the accountancy books to the names of your shareholders can be kept entirely confidential.

Simplicity: the local authorities keep things very simple for offshore companies. All you need is a single shareholder and your company is up and running. You do not need to hold meetings in the state, nor does anybody involved in the business need to be a resident there.

It's little wonder that the BVI remain one of the places our customers most often wish to set up their offshore businesses. If you want more advice on starting a company there, call one of our experienced agents today. We know all the regulations and local laws necessary to ensure you get the biggest possible return on your investment.

Incorporate Offshore: Real Offshore Company vs Shell Company

Incorporate Company in BVI

Real offshore company vs shell company: if you are looking to create a new company in order to maximise profits, through minimising tax payments or operating with greater confidentiality, then you are likely asking yourself a question.

Namely: should I set up a proper offshore company or a shell company for this venture? Both possibilities have their benefits and disadvantages, and you will want to know them all before you make your decision. Here at Coddan, we have years of experience helping UK entrepreneurs register efficient and effective companies all over the world.

Knowing the difference: a shell company is, essentially, a business without any active operations or assets. Usually, the owner will launch his or her shell company as a way of avoiding the tax owed by a larger organisation. Another common usage is for one company to do business with another company without the two ever becoming associated.

A real offshore company, on the other hand, is a fully accredited business that has been registered in a financial jurisdiction that has particularly favourable laws for business owners. By founding a company in one of these states, you can avoid most or all of the red-tape involved with floating a similar company in the UK, while avoiding tax and maximising profit potential.

If you set up an offshore company in a place like the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands or Belize, you can operate with an extraordinary amount of privacy. In these states, you do not need to keep public records or disclose the names of those associated with the business to the local authorities. Plus, you will pay no, or next-to-no, tax.

There are pros and cons to both shell companies and real offshore companies and, depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your company, either can be suitable for your needs. For more advice, contact one of our expert agents today.

Though shell companies are not illegal, they often are used to hide grey market activities and many people view them with suspicion. It can colour a company in bad light if they are seen to be operating numerous shells.

Why the BVI Is a Great Location For Your Business

Forming Business Company in BVI

Although the benefits of incorporating a business in an off-shore location are fairly well-known, finding the right destination can be a challenge. Many people find that the BVI (British Virgin Islands) tick most of the boxes they need for entrepreneurial success. If you're currently considering incorporating your enterprise on foreign shores, take a look at why BVI is such a popular choice and how Coddan Ltd can provide the assistance you need to maximise the chances of sustainable corporate success.

Rapid incorporation and registration: all national bureaucracies vary in the speed at which they operate, which can leave investors frustrated if they opt for a country where things can take some time. When you register a company in BVI for trade or marketing purposes, registration is typically complete within a couple of days; a very efficient process! To save even more time, Coddan Ltd can undertake all matters relating to incorporation and registration on your behalf.

Easy access to a bank account: most people find that if their company is incorporated in the BVI it works best if they have also opted for a local bank account. Luckily you don't need to actually visit BVI in order to set one up; Coddan Ltd have extensive knowledge of the local banking system as well as awareness of any requirements which the 2004 Business Companies Act places on companies. If required they can provide all the assistance you need to pick the right bank and set up an account there.

Politically stable: some off-shore locations can be politically volatile, meaning your distribution business or other enterprise could be adversely affected in the event of a take-over, coup or other form of unrest. Thankfully BVI is a settled, stable location, enabling investors to trade without worrying that their company might encounter future problems.

With so many advantages, it's little wonder that a growing number of investors are opting to incorporate their company in BVI. Coddan Ltd offer a comprehensive range of business services which allow entrepreneurs to rapidly and efficiently set up and maintain a company in a variety of appealing off-shore locations.

Incorporate a Company in the BVI For Financial Holding and Investment Businesses

The British Virgin Islands offer a huge number of benefits for the entrepreneur looking to set-up a financial holding and investment business offshore. Here at Coddan, we have decades of experience registering such operations for UK business people. As we understand the local business culture and know all the legal loopholes, we make sure our customers get the most from company registration in the BVI.

That's why we've put together this list of benefits to launching such a company in this financial jurisdiction. If you are looking for an attractive destination for your offshore company, consider the following key points. Benefits of the British Virgin Islands:

Extremely low tax: The purpose of an investment company or a financial holding operation is, of course, to maximise your profits. Therefore, it makes sense to launch this sort of company in a place where you can lower the overall tax you pay. In the BVI, your tax rates are essentially nothing. You pay nothing on income, capital gains, stamp duty, inheritance tax, sales tax or VAT. This means you get the maximum amount from your investment.

High levels of confidentiality: For many of our clients, the main reason they want to open their investment company overseas is to get away from the often restrictive levels of transparency in the UK. The BVI is a particularly attractive destination for this exact reason. Here, you do not need to register any information with the local authorities besides the company name and a single shareholder. Everything else can be kept strictly confidential.

Quick, easy and low stress: The BVI authorities really have done all they can to make registering a company there as easy as possible. You don't need to have anybody working in-country and do not need to hold a single meeting there either. Essentially, without ever visiting the BVI, you can still take full advantage of their business laws. So, if you are looking to form an investment or financial holding company, be sure to consider the BVI. There are plenty of great reasons to choose this jurisdiction to maximise your profit potential.

Establish a Company in the BVI For a Corporate Finance and Management Business

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) offer a range of benefits in key areas to all kinds of companies, including those involved in the corporate finance and management business. You may have already decided you want to set up an offshore entity but are still not sure which location offers the best conditions.

Or you may be undecided if this model is right for your business in the first place. No matter what stage you are at in the process, our expert team at Coddan Ltd can help. Not only can we offer you insightful advice into the BVI as a location, we can also take care of the entire process, should you decide to go ahead.

So what are some of the benefits that establishing a company in the BVI can offer your type of business? When you form a company in the BVI, you are exempted from paying tax on the income your company makes. You will also pay no tax on capital gains, estate, inheritance, and gifts.

Plus, you won't have to pay any stamp duty. Operating from the BVI means you can enjoy a high level of anonymity. Owners, company directors, and shareholders can all choose to remain anonymous. Records and minutes of all meetings can be held privately as well.

Establishing your corporate finance or management business in the BVI will allow you greater flexibility overall. Compared to other locations, there are no onerous restrictions in the BVI on the nationality of the owners of the venture. All that is required to get started is a single registered owner, shareholder, and director – who can be one and the same person, if necessary – and meetings can be held anywhere you like.

These are just a few of the broad benefits that the BVI can offer. To get a better idea of specific advantages that may apply to your business, it is best to speak to one of our experienced team here at Coddan Ltd. We have helped many clients set up an offshore venture in the BVI over the years. We have an in-depth understanding of how things work there and we're confident we can help you maximise your opportunities in this outstanding location.

Startup a Company in the BVI For Your Licensing, Franchising, or Royalty Collection Business

Startup a Company in the BVI

One of the difficulties that a number of specialist industries face is minimising the amount of tax they pay, and attempting to ensure that what they are liable for is profiled for payment in a way that minimises corporate exposure.

Businesses that are subject to tax on royalties (for example the petroleum industry), franchise operations and licensing facilities can all experience a significant tax burden unless they opt for an offshore location. Take a look at how, with the help of Coddan Ltd, incorporation in the BVI can transform your chances of ongoing business success.

Rapid, straightforward process: unlike registration in the UK or the US, which can be a protracted and time consuming process, registration and incorporation in the BVI couldn't be simpler! If you haven't the time to undertake the necessary paperwork, Coddan Ltd has extensive experience in this area and can both advise on and complete the administration necessary to get your offshore corporation up and running.

Local bank account: finding the right bank account for use by your franchising business can be a challenge if you've opted to locate in the BVI, particularly if you're not intending to visit in person. Coddan Ltd has significant knowledge of the banking opportunities available in the BVI and can make recommendations on the banking institution that is most likely to meet to your needs. If required they can also set up the account for you.

Expert offshore advice and ongoing assistance: Coddan Ltd have significant experience in assisting offshore royalty or franchising companies at every stage of their operation, providing timely information as well as a full range of services, which include virtual office services, notarial services, international re-invoicing and a spectrum of financial services. This ensures that your company can always receive the assistance it needs.

The significant financial advantages of locating off-shore are one of the main reasons a growing number of licensing and royalty companies chose the BVI as their country of incorporation. Coddan Ltd have the necessary skills and expertise to assist at every stage of the process, maximising the chances of sustainable business success.

Three Reasons Why BVI Makes Sense For Your Professional Services Business

Off-shore destinations not only offer significant tax benefits, they also frequently have far fewer reporting requirements and regulatory limitations than Britain, enabling companies to provide their professional services or undertake contracting jobs for maximum profit. The BVI (British Virgin Islands) is a popular location for many off-shore companies. If you're keen to ensure that your business has the right environment in which to thrive, find out how the combination of foreign incorporation and skilled assistance from Coddan Ltd can make a real positive difference.

Minimal bureaucracy: although incorporation requires some documentation to be produced, once registration has been achieved the BVI demands little in the way of regular reporting. There is no need to submit annual accounts or produce other paperwork. Many businesses do prefer to keep appropriate records, simply to assist with future growth planning. If help is needed to do this, Coddan Ltd can offer a full administrative service as well as assistance with financial matters.

No taxation: the obvious benefit for many investors of incorporating their professional services business on the BVI is that there is no requirement to pay tax. It should be noted that should monies from the business subsequently be repatriated into the UK then there are tax implications. Ensuring that your business pays tax when legally required whilst still engaging in proactive wealth protection policies is a complex area; Coddan Ltd can provide further expert advice if needed.

Privacy: many business owners are keen to ensure that their anonymity is maintained, enabling them to pursue their interests without undue scrutiny by competitors. The BVI allows corporate registration to take place without the name of an officer appearing on the register. If necessary Coddan Ltd can provide nominated officer contact information should you require one for any aspect of your business's operation.

Opting to create an off-shore company in the BVI, in order to give your professional services or contracting work the best chance of success, is a sensible choice for many. Coddan Ltd can give you all the information and support required to maximise the chances of rapid start-up and continued smooth operation.

Competent Management For Your Offshore Company When Anonymity is a Priority

Registering Company in BVI

There are many reasons why business owners prefer to keep their anonymity when it comes to managing their portfolio. Maybe they are starting a new venture and don't want its existence widely known until it's better established.

Perhaps a degree of secrecy is imperative in order to prevent competitors obtaining an unfair advantage. Some owners simply don't want the hassle of having to deal with requests for information, the presentation of necessary reports or other tedious administration. In all these sets of circumstances, Coddan Ltd can provide trustworthy and discreet solutions that guarantee owner anonymity.

Nominated officer: rather than an owner's name appearing on corporate registers or other official documentation, Coddan Ltd can provide a nominated officer, who's details and contact information can be used as a first point of contact for any enquiries. This frees up owners from the need to constantly field questions and requests for information.

Ongoing administrative services: many owners appreciate the need to collate regular reporting information to present to shareholders, potential investors or to the relevant authorities when some portion of their off-shore organisation's activities take place elsewhere. In these situations, rather than have to publicly front a report, Coddan Ltd can act as enabling agents, collating relevant information and ensuring it's appropriately disseminated without the need for direct owner involvement.

Complete anonymity: for owners that want peace for themselves and their families, Coddan Ltd can ensure that all necessary corporate legislation and registration requirements are fully complied with without the need for direct owner involvement, whilst still enabling owners to be fully involved in every aspect of the decision making process. This valuable service gives investors and entrepreneurs the freedom they need to concentrate on growing their business interests without unwanted interference.

A large number of business owners that operate offshore enterprises need a service that ensures their privacy at every stage of their operation. Coddan Ltd recognises and responds to this need through the provision of a comprehensive suite of services that are designed to enable an enterprise to run successfully and be managed effectively, whilst also ensuring complete anonymity of ownership.

How Off-Shore Incorporation on the BVI Can Reduce Your Corporate Risk

Starting Company in BVI

External variables can sink even enterprises which are well planned and adequately financed, potentially meaning that owners and investors lose large amounts of money in the process. Using an off-shore destination, such as the BVI (British Virgin Islands) can mitigate many of the risks businesses located in the UK may encounter. Listed below are three key advantages of opting to set-up away from the mainland:

Immune from domestic tax changes and regulatory alterations: UK businesses are traditionally subject to a large number of financial and operational regulations.

Failure to comply can result in heavy penalties which can easily render a company insolvent. By using the BVI to incorporate your organisation, its activities are exempt from punitive legislation and can't be adversely affected by rule changes as successive governments make their mark on the corporate landscape. Coddan Ltd can advise on the most suitable framework for your proposed business, as well as ensure that it's set up in a way which maximises wealth protection.

A global market: UK trade laws can be restrictive when it comes to exporting or importing outside of the EU. This can pose significant problems for domestic enterprises, presenting an additional risk as suitable markets are limited. In comparison an organisation registered in the BVI can trade with any country. Enjoying such freedom significantly increases the chances of sustainable business success; Coddan Ltd will help you register and incorporate your company in the BVI within a few days.

Protection of assets: a significant risk for any business is losing its assets. To reduce the possibility of this unfortunate occurrence, it's essential to select a location where wealth and asset protection is a priority. The BVI is one such country, which is why Coddan Ltd has accrued extensive expertise in assisting businesses with every aspect of incorporating a successful start-up in this appealing destination.

Coddan Ltd has a proven track record of assisting a significant number of businesses to achieve lasting success in the BVI. Offering a full spectrum of business start-up services and specialising in off-shore locations, Coddan Ltd ensures that every aspect of your off-shore operation works well.

Why Choose Us to Establish a Company in BVI?

There are a number of reasons why it could be hugely beneficial to your business to set up an offshore entity in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). To be able to take full advantage of what is available - such as lessening your tax burden - you need an expert hand to guide you through what can seem like a lot of perplexing regulations, and a daunting amount of red tape.

This is where our knowledgeable team at Coddan Ltd can help. Thanks to our expertise in this area, and years of experience of helping other clients establish a company in BVI, you have the peace of mind of knowing you're in safe hands.

Expertise and advice: at Coddan, we know that when it comes to registering a company in BVI - or any other offshore location - one size doesn't fit all. This is why our advisors take a measured approach, understanding exactly what your specific needs are before we tailor a package to fit. This bespoke service we offer every client does incur a cost, but because of our expertise and experience, we are able to keep costs to a minimum.

Plus, at Coddan there are no hidden fees or extras, only upfront, transparent fees. In fact, you can have a free consultation about your business plan with one of our advisors on a no obligation basis before you decide to go ahead.

Local knowledge: over the years, we've helped a great number of clients to establish a company in BVI. We know how things work on the ground, and we can call on local expert help that we trust, if we need to. That's not to suggest we cut any corners. We ensure that all companies, whatever their size, are properly registered and all the required documentation is in place.

Only then will you be able to start trading, and enjoy the benefits that registering in BVI can bring. Although the process may seem daunting, with our help, establishing an offshore company in BVI can be completed in a matter of days. You can get things started right now by completing our online questionnaire, or speak to one of our advisors directly.