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Home Incorporate in Offshore BVI Benefits to Register an Offshore Company in BVI Incorporate a Company in the BVI For Financial Holding and Investment Businesses

Incorporate a Company in the BVI For Financial Holding and Investment Businesses

Incorporate a company in the BVI for financial holding and investment businesses

The British Virgin Islands offer a huge number of benefits for the entrepreneur looking to set-up a financial holding and investment business offshore. Here at Coddan, we have decades of experience registering such operations for UK business people. As we understand the local business culture and know all the legal loopholes, we make sure our customers get the most from company registration in the BVI.

That's why we've put together this list of benefits to launching such a company in this financial jurisdiction. If you are looking for an attractive destination for your offshore company, consider the following key points. Benefits of the British Virgin Islands:

Extremely low tax: The purpose of an investment company or a financial holding operation is, of course, to maximise your profits. Therefore, it makes sense to launch this sort of company in a place where you can lower the overall tax you pay. In the BVI, your tax rates are essentially nothing. You pay nothing on income, capital gains, stamp duty, inheritance tax, sales tax or VAT. This means you get the maximum amount from your investment.

High levels of confidentiality: For many of our clients, the main reason they want to open their investment company overseas is to get away from the often restrictive levels of transparency in the UK. The BVI is a particularly attractive destination for this exact reason. Here, you do not need to register any information with the local authorities besides the company name and a single shareholder. Everything else can be kept strictly confidential.

Quick, easy and low stress: The BVI authorities really have done all they can to make registering a company there as easy as possible. You don't need to have anybody working in-country and do not need to hold a single meeting there either. Essentially, without ever visiting the BVI, you can still take full advantage of their business laws. So, if you are looking to form an investment or financial holding company, be sure to consider the BVI. There are plenty of great reasons to choose this jurisdiction to maximise your profit potential.