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Management For Your Company When Anonymity is a Priority

Management for your offshore company when anonymity is the priority

Registering Company in BVI

There are many reasons why business owners prefer to keep their anonymity when it comes to managing their portfolio. Maybe they are starting a new venture and don't want its existence widely known until it's better established.

Perhaps a degree of secrecy is imperative in order to prevent competitors obtaining an unfair advantage. Some owners simply don't want the hassle of having to deal with requests for information, the presentation of necessary reports or other tedious administration. In all these sets of circumstances, Coddan can provide trustworthy and discreet solutions that guarantee owner anonymity.

Nominated officer: rather than an owner's name appearing on corporate registers or other official documentation, Coddan can provide a nominated officer, who's details and contact information can be used as a first point of contact for any enquiries. This frees up owners from the need to constantly field questions and requests for information.

Ongoing administrative services: many owners appreciate the need to collate regular reporting information to present to shareholders, potential investors or to the relevant authorities when some portion of their off-shore organisation's activities take place elsewhere. In these situations, rather than have to publicly front a report, we can act as enabling agents, collating relevant information and ensuring it's appropriately disseminated without the need for direct owner involvement.

Complete anonymity: for owners that want peace for themselves and their families, we can ensure that all necessary corporate legislation and registration requirements are fully complied with without the need for direct owner involvement, whilst still enabling owners to be fully involved in every aspect of the decision making process. This valuable service gives investors and entrepreneurs the freedom they need to concentrate on growing their business interests without unwanted interference.

A large number of business owners that operate offshore enterprises need a service that ensures their privacy at every stage of their operation. Coddan recognises and responds to this need through the provision of a comprehensive suite of services that are designed to enable an enterprise to run successfully and be managed effectively, whilst also ensuring complete anonymity of ownership.