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How Incorporation in BVI Can Reduce Your Corporate Risk

How off-shore incorporation in BVI can reduce your corporate risk

Starting Company in BVI

External variables can sink even enterprises which are well planned and adequately financed, potentially meaning that owners and investors lose large amounts of money in the process. Using an off-shore destination, such as the BVI (British Virgin Islands) can mitigate many of the risks businesses located in the UK may encounter. Listed below are three key advantages of opting to set-up away from the mainland:

Immune from domestic tax changes and regulatory alterations: UK businesses are traditionally subject to a large number of financial and operational regulations.

Failure to comply can result in heavy penalties which can easily render a company insolvent. By using the BVI to incorporate your organisation, its activities are exempt from punitive legislation and can't be adversely affected by rule changes as successive governments make their mark on the corporate landscape. Coddan can advise on the most suitable framework for your proposed business, as well as ensure that it's set up in a way which maximises wealth protection.

A global market: UK trade laws can be restrictive when it comes to exporting or importing outside of the EU. This can pose significant problems for domestic enterprises, presenting an additional risk as suitable markets are limited. In comparison an organisation registered in the BVI can trade with any country. Enjoying such freedom significantly increases the chances of sustainable business success; we will help you incorporate a new firm in the BVI within a few days.

Protection of assets: a significant risk for any business is losing its assets. To reduce the possibility of this unfortunate occurrence, it's essential to select a location where wealth and asset protection is a priority. The BVI is one such country, which is why Coddan has accrued extensive expertise in assisting businesses with every aspect of incorporating a successful start-up in this appealing destination.

Coddan has a proven track record of assisting a significant number of businesses to achieve lasting success in the BVI. Offering a full spectrum of business start-up services and specialising in offshore locations, we ensure that every aspect of your low-tax operation works well.