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Home Incorporate in Offshore BVI Benefits to Register an Offshore Company in BVI Why the BVI is Great Location for Your Business

Why the BVI is Great Location for Your Business

Why BVI is the great location for your business

Forming Business Company in BVI

Although the benefits of incorporating a business in an off-shore location are fairly well-known, finding the right destination can be a challenge. Many people find that the BVI (British Virgin Islands) tick most of the boxes they need for entrepreneurial success. If you're currently considering incorporating your enterprise on foreign shores, take a look at why BVI is such a popular choice and how Coddan Ltd can provide the assistance you need to maximise the chances of sustainable corporate success.

Rapid incorporation and registration: all national bureaucracies vary in the speed at which they operate, which can leave investors frustrated if they opt for a country where things can take some time. When you register a company in BVI for trade or marketing purposes, registration is typically complete within a couple of days; a very efficient process! To save even more time, Coddan can undertake all matters relating to incorporation and registration on your behalf.

Easy access to a bank account: most people find that if their company is incorporated in the BVI it works best if they have also opted for a local bank account. Luckily you don't need to actually visit BVI in order to set one up; we have extensive knowledge of the local banking system as well as awareness of any requirements which the 2004 Business Companies Act places on companies. If required they can provide all the assistance you need to pick the right bank and set up an account there.

Politically stable: some off-shore locations can be politically volatile, meaning your distribution business or other enterprise could be adversely affected in the event of a take-over, coup or other form of unrest. Thankfully BVI is a settled, stable location, enabling investors to trade without worrying that their company might encounter future problems.

With so many advantages, it's little wonder that a growing number of investors are opting to incorporate their company in BVI. We offer a comprehensive range of business services which allow entrepreneurs to rapidly and efficiently set up and maintain a corporation in a variety of appealing off-shore locations.