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Certification of Documents in BVI by a Notary Public or an Apostille Stamp

Certification of corporate documents by a notary public or an apostille stamp

Certification of Corporate Documents in BVI

When you register a company in BVI, you may well be using it for business transactions and deals in a number of jurisdictions. That means you'll need legalised corporate documents relating to your company that are ready for use at all times.

Our advice here at Coddan is that once you incorporate a company in BVI, you have your official documents notarised or certified with an apostille stamp straight away, so that they're ready whenever the need arises and you don't lose out on deals through delays in waiting for your paperwork to be verified. We can handle certification for any jurisdiction and in almost any language.

The documents you will receive after you form a company in BVI include the original certificate of incorporation and the memorandum and articles of association. If you wish to use these in another jurisdiction, for whatever reason, they'll need to be confirmed as original and genuine, and a notary public will do just that.

Another important document that many companies regularly use is a certificate of good standing. This informs other parties who may be considering business dealings with them that they're in full compliance with local laws and regulations, and don't have any arrears or other potential problems that could cause difficulties with the authorities that might lead to hefty fines or even being struck off. It's a wise business move to have a certificate of good standing, and to have it legalised.

Getting an apostille stamp for a document following company formation in BVI means it's legally accepted in many countries around the world. It essentially eliminates the need to have it verified and translated for every jurisdiction in which it might be used; a time-consuming and costly prospect. It's based on the Hague Convention to which dozens of countries around the world are signatories.

To find out more about legalisation and certification of documents after company registration in BVI, get in touch with us here at Coddan today and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you, as well as advise you about any particular requests.