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Why to Register a Company in BVI?

Why to register a company in BVI?

When you register a company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), you can expect to enjoy a number of benefits. One of the key advantages of company start-up in BVI is that you will not be liable to pay any company tax in BVI itself. Setting up is relatively easy, and you can form a company in BVI with just one director and a single shareholder; furthermore, the director of the company is not required by local law to be a resident of the islands.

Other advantages of company creation in BVI is that the business will not be required to submit annual returns, or submit your annual accounts on the islands and once registered in BVI, your company is free to conduct business anywhere else around the world. Of course, the fact that English is the main language in BVI, and that it is a beautiful part of the world with an international airport, are other advantages worth mentioning.

Some more advantages to incorporate in BVI: there may well be more sound commercial reasons why you would want to incorporate a company in BVI, such as helping to protect your assets, and enjoying the benefits of anonymity. That is not to suggest, however, that BVI is completely unregulated and a magnet for questionable enterprises. As an offshore jurisdiction, BVI is well regulated and having your offshore company registered here means you will be subject to similar controls and regulations as in many other locations, while still being able to enjoy the many advantages cited above.

Expert company formation help is at hand: to ensure that you offshore company is properly set up and ready to start trading without further delay, it's always best to seek expert help. This is where our consultants at Coddan come in. With many years of experience in this area, we can take care of all the necessary registration and documentation, drawing on trusted, local assistance, where required. If you need help going forward, we are able to support your company with a range of post-incorporation services, freeing you to concentrate on the main business activities. To find out more about BVI company set-up, please contact one of our consultants at Coddan today.