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2006 Act Company Formation

2006 Act company formation in the IOM: the 2006 Company Act changed the way companies can be formed in the Isle of Man in comparison to the older 1931 Act. The act has streamlined the day to day operating of companies (sometimes called 'New Manx Vehicles'), making it a very popular choice for new offshore ventures.
The 2006 Act sought to introduce flexibility to company formation. This allows shareholders and directors to operate with more freedom as the legal precedent and doctrine directly opposes the 1931 Act. For example, it is now possible to create companies that are led by a single director, making it simpler to operate and oversee. You can also form a company with only a single member. When it comes to holding meetings, the 2006 Act enables voting to take place through conference calls or other electronic methods. In short, the 2006 Act is a practical and convenient act through which to form an offshore company.
At Coddan, we have a team of experts who specialise in the formation of companies. We've helped countless clients to form their offshore businesses and offer a range of packages to suit all of your needs. Please feel free to contact one of our experts today to help you understand the 2006 Company Act and begin forming a company in the Isle of Man.

2006 Act Company Start-Up in Manx



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This company formation package is for customers, who require to register a limited company in Manx with registered office address, and a nominee director. The registration of a company usually takes 5 days.

The following documents will be dispatch by regular post upon the establishment of a company in Isle of Man:



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This company start-up package is for customers, who require to open a private company in Isle of Man with registered office address, nominee director and nominee shareholder. The incorporation of a company usually takes 5 days.

This Isle of Man company start-up offer includes everything in the first option, plus the following:



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This company set-up package is for customers, who require to establish a firm in Isle of Man with domiciled legal address, nominee director and nominee shareholder. The VAT registration number is also included into the price of this offer.

This company creation offer includes everything in the second option, plus:



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This is our most popular IOM company formation package which comes with the legal business address, nominee director, nominee shareholder & bank account.

This company incorporation offer includes everything in the second option, plus:

Fast & easyc ompany start-up service in Isle of Man

At Coddan, we provide an electronic filing service for registration of companies in many advantageous countries, such as the Republic of Cyprus, Guernsey and Alderney, as well as the Isle of Man. Our team of experienced professionals possess a thorough understanding of all the relevant legislation that might affect registration of your business on the island, including the 2006 Act company formation in the Isle of Man. You might also wish to develop a basic understanding yourself, and you should know that the 2006 Companies Act lays out obligations and responsibilities that companies registering in the country must meet.

The act states that you must select an accredited agent such as ourselves to register on your behalf - that agent must hold a Class 4 licence which has been issued by the Financial Supervision Commission under the Financial Services Act 2008.

You should also note that no individuals that have been disqualified from acting as directors are allowed to be involved in the formation or operation process of a company in the Isle of Man, or the management of the firm. The only exceptions may be granted by the court.

The act also strongly urges parties interested in registering a company in the Isle of Man to give it careful consideration, and to seek the help of professional advisors in the process of setting up an enterprise on the island.

Are you looking to open a new company in IOM?

IOM Company Registration

2006 Act company registration in Manx: companies that are incorporated in the Isle of Man stand to benefit from a number of advantages, including a 0% tax rate on investment and trading income. They are also privy to the same EU trading regulations as the UK, which can prove a plus point. Coddan specialise in guiding clients through every step of the registration process, making sure you adhere to regulations such as the 2006 act for company registration in Manx.

You can rely on us to ensure all your application forms, including the articles of association, are completed in accordance with the Isle of Man's stipulations for public or private companies planning to set up shop on the island.

Register a 2006 Act company in the Isle of Man

Company Registration in Manx

Registering a company in the Isle of Man under the regulations and rules that are stipulated by the 2006 Companies Act doesn't have to be difficult, but it is worth arming yourself with knowledge prior to undertaking this task. Our experts at Coddan have built packages that can help you achieve this quickly and easily.

To begin with, the government makes it clear that you will need a current working relationship with either a lawyer (advocate) or a corporate service provider (CSP) - at Coddan, we can be your first port of call for this necessity. To open a company in the Isle of Man, it is vital and legally required that you have a registered office somewhere on the island. This office must also be regulated by the FSA.

Depending on how you wish to go about registering with the Companies Registry of the Isle of Man, fees may apply; typically these fees will change according to how swiftly you wish to register and create the company.

Starting a company in the Isle of Man brings about a whole host of financial benefits that shouldn't be overlooked by those thinking about registering a company overseas. For example, a business that isn't a bank or property trader can enjoy 0% corporate income tax.

You can contact Coddan today to begin this process, guided by a team of specialist experts who have years of experience in the company formation service. We look forward to assisting you with the registration process and answering any questions you may have about offshore company registration.