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Off-Shore Company Registration in Nevis from £650, Register a Company Within 3 days!

Off-shore company registration in Nevis: there has never been a better time than now to register a new company. However, while many fields do lend themselves to simply setting up and getting work, sometimes the registration of a company in Nevis requires more care. If, for example, your chosen profession is one which will need a dedicated supply chain, or perhaps will involve offshore accounts and dealings, it can be helpful to have the assistance of people who are trained in this area.
At Coddan, we can help with the registration of your off-shore company through consultation with dedicated staff. The purchase of any of the available company formation packages will get the ball rolling within our company - the process of registering a company can be finished within three hours through use of our services!
Any customers will also have the option of using our dedicated off-shore company incorporation services. These services can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week - customers no longer need to adhere to business hours when they need help. Coddan normal services include tailored company formation in Nevis with nominee directors and nominee shareholders, business bank accounts; customers will also receive a registered business address which is based Nevis, among other things.

Nevis Company Registration Advantages


  • Nevis companies start-up 24/7
  • We register LLCs & LTD companies
  • Post-registration assistance
Nevis Company Registration Convenience


  • LTD or LLC formation takes 3 days
  • The registered addresses options
  • LTD & LLC maintenance support
Our Nevis Companies Registration Packages



Are you looking to form an offshore company within 3 days? If so, then all you need is an offshore company formation plus a legal address, & you do not need the nominees. This Nevis offshore package is for you!

With this Nevis company formation option, the following services are included:

    • The bounded copy of your company constitutional documents, and certificate of registration;
    • The professional printed shares certificate, & the minutes of the first of directors meeting;
    • You are able to add additional options to this offer.



If you do not want to list your name as a director of the Nevis offshore registered company, this option is ideal for you!

We included everything from the first formation offer as well as adding a nominee director into this incorporation option:

  • You will get the signed power of attorney and a nominee director for 1 year;
  • We also added the signed copy of the resignation letter from a nominee director;
  • Legal contracts, local domain name is also available;
  • You may also add optional services into this offer.



Offshore company formation in Nevis online with a nominee director and a nominee shareholder for one year.

This offshore company formation option comes with all the benefits mentioned in the previous option, plus:

  • The signed declaration of trust from a nominee shareholder;
  • The provision of a nominee shareholder for one year, and
  • The beneficiary owner confirmation certificate; the business bank account is also available.
  • You can also order certificate of good standing or an incumbency certificates.



Bearing in mind most of our foreign client's requirements, the last Nevis company registration option includes all services from the third option, as an additional benefit, we added an apostille stamp into this package.

This Nevis company formation option comes with:

  • Apostilled and notary verified set of all corporate documentations, including the power of attorney;
  • You can add the certificate of good standing into this offer;
  • The tax-exempt certificate can be added;
  • You are free to order additional options into this package.



Are you looking to form the simplest offshore LLC in Nevis with the registered agent and registered office address for one year? This offer is for you!

We want to minimise your expenses of buying an offshore company start-up, therefore with this package the following services will be provided:

    • An LLC operating agreement with the company formation certificate;
    • The local agent and registered office address for one year;
    • The meeting of your members meeting, plus membership's certificate!



Do not want to make the list of your members' public available upon an LLC formation in Nevis? Not a problem, we can provide the UK nominee member with this package.

You will get all services mentioned in the first option with the additional benefits of:

  • The undated, signed the resignation document form the UK nominee member;
  • The dully-signed power of attorney and the UK nominee member for one year;
  • You will also get the nominee service agreement from our side.



Offshore company formation in Nevis online with an offshore based nominee member for the duration of one year.

This offshore LLC company formation option comes with all benefits stated at the previous option, plus:

  • The dully-signed power of attorney and the offshore nominee member for one year;
  • The signed, but undated the resignation document form offshore nominee member;
  • You will also receive an agreement for nominee offshore service.



We have considered most of our foreign client's requirements, with this in mind, the last Nevis company registration option includes all services from the third option, as an additional benefit, we added an apostille stamp into this package.

This Nevis company formation option comes with:

  • The verification of a power of attorney, and the rest of corporate legal documents by a notary public & apostille stamp;
  • Services that are more relevant are available with this package.

We Provide a Registered Agent in Nevis - Choose Our Companies Formation & Post-Registration Services in Nevis

Register an off-shore company in Nevis: Coddan are the UK and overseas company formation agents, and experts in offshore business registration. We'll help with company formation in Nevis, getting you established as an international business company or a limited liability company. Coddan are experts in Nevisian company incorporation law, and it couldn't be easier - just complete a, off-shore company start-up application form, and we'll usually have you registered within a day. The registration of a company doesn't just mean forms for us - we're pleased to offer exclusively tailored company formation, with a business account available upon request for most price bands. Our Nevis packages start from £650.00, and we provide you with elegant share certificates, alongside your certificate of incorporation. Our strong customer service means agents are available every business day to consult through our live chat system. If you are registering a company in Nevis, contact us now.

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Incorporate in Nevis: Check Our Companies Registration Process

A step-by-step guide to registering a company in Nevis: the Caribbean island of Nevis, the smaller of the two islands that make up St Kitts and Nevis, is among the most attractive places in the world in which to form an offshore company. Among the many benefits of doing so are exemption from local taxes, no minimum paid-up capital requirement and no controls on foreign exchange, among others. Here we present a brief guide to forming a company in Nevis, based on Coddan's long expertise in this area.

The first task with company registration in Nevis is checking if your proposed company name is not already taken by another enterprise registered in the country. Here at Coddan, we search the register at the Financial Services Regulatory Commission in Nevis and advise if a name can be used, and if so, we will go ahead and reserve it for you.

The next stage in the registration of a company in Nevis is to draw up the company statutes, and it's typically done with the aid of a locally licenced accountancy or law firm, although it's not a legal requirement to use such services.

If everything is in order, we then move on to the registration of the new entity. It's done with the Registrar of Companies at the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, and there are a number of fees payable, including for the registration itself, an annual filing fee and possibly fees for any changes in directors and address. At Coddan we can deal with all of this for you, and when the incorporation process is complete, the Registrar of Companies will issue a certificate of incorporation.

A business license is also required to trade in Nevis, as is a tax identification number. This is done through the Ministry of Finance, and the tax number is subsequently issued by the Inland Revenue Department. Other things you need to do when setting up a company in Nevis is have a company ink stamp and register with the Social Security Office as an employer – this must be done within 14 days of incorporation.

To find out more about registering a company in Nevis and enjoying the many advantages of doing so, contact Coddan today and we will be pleased to advise you further. Our expert consultants are available to talk to you now.

Setting up offshore accounts for your business can be a great way of ensuring your business gains that extra financial security. In the current economic and political climate, there has not been a better time to use offshore account solutions such as in Nevis. Making your transition to offshore accounts can be sometimes difficult to navigate, and the registration process can be long, arduous and complicated. However, there are solutions at hand.

Choose Registration Package
Step 1: Choose your company formation package

There's a company registration package in Nevis for anybody.

Coddan have four basic company start-up packages available for UK customers, which are also available to overseas customers. These options can be found on top of this page. For a full comparison, check this table to discover the package perfect for you and your business's needs.

We offer you different type of business entities which you can register with us. You may place an order and register a limited liability company, international business company, a private family foundation and you can also establish a trust.

Choose Company Name and Proceed with Company Creation
Step 2: Choose a company name

Can you have the name you want?

You must make sure the business company name you want to use is not currently in use, or is too similar to those already registered. This is best to find out earlier on, which can be done by using Coddan's company name search tool. All legal work will be completed by the company; all you have to do is provide two names on the online application form and this will be checked following this.

Nevisian companies, limited partnerships and limited liability companies are all covered by this table, although if you would like to set up a foundation, Coddan can also help you with that too.

Registered Office Address
Step 3: Registered office address

Legal office address services.

To have an offshore account, you must ensure you have an office that is registered to a Nevis address, which will then be used as the official address for your company. As long as the office remains registered in Nevis, you are free to conduct your business wherever in the world you desire. Coddan is capable of providing an address for you, with this service including mail forwarding overseas. This registered office address service is charged annually.

Appoint Your Officers
Step 4: Your officer(s) name(s)

Who will be your company director and shareholder?

In order for your company to be successful in Nevis, you must ensure that there is at least one director, one shareholder and a secretary. There is no maximum for the number of directors, and they can be of any nationality, as corporate bodies or private individuals. Directors and secretaries of your company are also able to be shareholders of the company. The director and secretary of the company are also able to fulfil this function. If directors, the secretary and shareholders are overseas (i.e. outside Nevis in terms of residency, domicile, citizenship, place of incorporation or all or any of these concepts), they may be subject to any foreign investment rules that are applicable to them.

Pay for a New Business Incorporation
Step 5: Check out

Pay for a new business incorporation service.

Once all registration documents and application forms are completed, you must simply create a credit or debit card statement which uses our secure form (payments are only accepted via PayPal and WorldPay). Coddan Ltd will then swiftly send you an invoice which will also be accompanied with your full login details in order to complete the administration section of our website. If you do not wish to pay via debit or credit card, it is also possible to pay by other means, such as cheque, postal order, bank transfer and additionally Western Union and MoneyGram.

Types of Companies We Register in Nevis

IBC Company Limited by Shares

IBC Company Limited by Shares

Form a Nevis IBC company with Coddan with a variety of start-up packages catering to individual needs. Our offers include fast and easy an IBC company formation, registered office address in Nevis, registered agent, provision of nominee officers, corporate bank account and additional available services

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company

Our various packages offering limited liability company formation, including the basic Nevisian company set-up plus additional documentation provided, as well as the referral and start-up of a bank account for customers, who want to establish an LLC company in Nevis with only one member and a registered agent

Private Foundations

Private Foundations

We provide the fast and easy formation of an off-shore private foundations, with many benefits such as a prestigious office address in Nevis, the option of using our nominee protector & nominee council services, special foundation by-laws, and all the traditional trappings of foundation start-up with bound documents, business bank account is also available

Types of Different Companies We Register in Nevis

Joint Venture Company

Joint Venture Company Registration

Our various packages for setting-up an off-shore joint venture company tailor to clients who want to enter into a joint venture business, set-up a joint venture company with joint venture shareholders', or for companies who join together to create a new structure purely for the joint venture purpose, with many other benefits within each package

Holding Company in Nevis

Holding Company Registration

Our Nevisian holding company registration packages are for customers who require the forming of a holding company with a registered office address, nominee director, and a nominee secretary. The various start-up packages we provide a Nevisian holding companies formation with business bank accounts with the local banks

Subsidiary Company in Nevis

Nevis Subsidiary Company Registration

Subsidiary company registration in Nevis with bespoke business start-up packages with a variety of benefits such as: an address in Nevis & secretarial compliance, bank account as well as registration package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & verified by the apostilled stamp

Additional Corporate Services

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

At Coddan we offer a variety of company registration packages in Nevis, giving you a choice of different types of business entities. Apart of a new company formation in Nevis, we can help you to register your trademark there. Please contact one of our senior consultants for a further information

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

If you are seeking to register a business in the Nevis you have come to the correct registered agent, Coddan offers incorporation for LLC, IBC company and private foundations. Furthermore, we also offer nominee directorship, nominee shareholder and apostille services. We can offer you accounting and bookkeeping services

Nevis Trust Registrations

Nevis Trust Registrations

For UK-based and overseas clients seeking to establish a trust in Nevis, here at Coddan we offer various types of trusts establishment for worldwide customers, as well as provide nominee trustees, bookkeeping, accounting, trust banking accounts and apostille service