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Limited Liability Company in Nevis

LLC formation in Nevis with Coddan: there are many reasons you should consider company formation in Nevis, the first off-shore jurisdiction to put LLC statutes into practice. Your company would benefit from the lawsuit protection afforded by a corporation, as well as the asset protection a limited partnership brings. Furthermore, forming an LLC company in Nevis will entitle you to a level of privacy that is not attainable in the UK; there is no legal requirement to register details about operating manager (directors), LLC' members (shareholders) or anyone else involved.

In addition, a manager can have complete and total control over the company and its assets, even if they do not own it. There is also no limit to the number of members the company may have, and these can consist of individuals or business entities. Single member LLCs are also permitted. Additionally, income generated outside of Nevis is not subject to local tax laws, including income tax, corporate tax, stamp tax or any other. These are just some of the numerous advantages your Nevis-based LLC could benefit from.

We understand that the establishment of an LLC company in Nevis may be confusing, but the legal experts at Coddan are on hand to assist you. We can manage the entire procedure if need be, swiftly and efficiently, ensuring all of the necessary paperwork is completed and all of the deadlines are met on time. Whether you need insightful, expert information about starting-up a company in Nevis or any other offshore jurisdiction, or you would like us to guide you through the process, contact us now.

Our LLC Start-Up Packages in Nevis



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This offshore LLC formation in Nevis package is exclusively for customers, who are requiring to create an LLC in the tax haven with a prestige legal address in Nevis & licensed agent for one year.

The following items are included into this limited liability company formation offer:



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This off-shore LLC registration package is especially for customers, who are requiring to establish a company with the registered agent, registered address and with the UK based nominee member.

The following items are included into this limited liability company start-up offer:



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This LLC start up package is for customers, who are requiring to incorporate an LLC with the registered agent, domiciled address in Nevis and with an offshore nominee member.

The following items are included into this limited liability company incorporation offer:



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This is our most comprehensive package with includes all benefits from the third package, plus all company registration documents will be verified by a notary public & certified by the apostille stamp.

The following items are included into this limited liability company establishment offer:

Forming a Limited Liability Company in Nevis Online

LLC start-up in Nevis: there are several advantages to forming a limited liability company offshore on the Caribbean island of Nevis, as opposed to establishing your business in the UK. First and foremost, an LLCs aren't liable when it comes to paying local taxes, ensuring you reap as much profit as possible from the hard work you've put into your company. There's also no requirement to register the personal information of managers (directors), shareholders or members, meaning your role within the company is totally anonymous from the outside.

Finally, compliance requirements, such as annual audits and filing of records, are not necessary, but they are in the UK. Privacy is of the essence. At Coddan, we can form LLC companies in a matter of days, so entrust us with your limited liability company requirements today and experience the many benefits Nevis offers first-hand.

Limited Liability Company Set-Up in Nevis

LLC Company Formation in Nevis

Choosing to register your company overseas is an increasingly popular option for many business people, and these days, the process can be done quickly and easily, thanks to the expertise of companies such as Coddan.

Incorporating overseas is a good way to both take advantage of some significant financial benefits, and to cut out the red tape and bureaucracy associated with setting up a company in Europe, where the burden of regulation and focus on corporate compliance can make the whole process complicated and convoluted.

If you are thinking of an overseas incorporation, one of the best options is to register an LLC company in Nevis, a small Caribbean island that is part of the nation of St Kitts and Nevis.

Setting up your LLC in Nevis offers several advantages. For a start, the level of corporate compliance required is lower than almost any other jurisdiction in the world. A Nevis-based LLC is not required to keep detailed company records, to disclose the details of its managers (directors) and members (shareholders) to the public, or to submit to mandatory annual audits, which makes it easy to operate.

An LLC registered in Nevis also enjoys significant financial benefits. As part of an independent nation, Nevis has no links with any European country, so isn't subject to any European taxation. An LLC is also completely exempt both from local taxation and from foreign exchange controls.

If you are considering registering an LLC company in Nevis, get in touch with Coddan  today. Our expertise in corporate affairs has helped businesses of all sizes and our electronic filing system will ensure that your LLC registration is handled smoothly and efficiently, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.