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Incorporate in USA with Coddan. Full range of USA Company Registration services from the best London-based corporate service provider helping international entrepreneurs to launch their business in USA for the past 20 years.

Starting up a business in the USA may seem like a daunting process with each individual State having a separate Business Registry, companies’ incorporation fees, entity filing requirements, company incorporation, post-incorporation and annual compliance requirements. Coddan is here to take you through the hurdles of the process!

There’re very small number of organisations whose quality and promptness of delivery, customer support and post-incorporation service that would match Coddan. We take pride in our services and stand tall to meet your expectation and deliver fast and efficient Company incorporation services in United States of America. With over 22 years of experience, our team of processional consultants will guide you and help you to navigate through the process of company registration in USA, in a State of your choice.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and stress free company formation process in USA, assistance with drafting of LLC (limited liability company) Operating Agreement or a an appropriate By-laws for your newly registered USA Corporation, clear and straightforward company incorporation packages, and legitimate supporting products, by professionals, for terrific businesses with no exorbitant prices, hidden restrictions on USA company formation, hidden start-up charges on limited liability company, short term promotional deals, concealed cash back offers, gimmicks or hassles, you should look no further, Coddan is the best deal you can imagine.

All that you will ever need to have your LLC or a corporation registered in the most professional and efficient way is only a couple of clicks away!

Why Choose Coddan’s USA Business Registration Services?

With over 22 years of deep and rich experience, Coddan retains the superb USA companies registration consultants who are deeply and widely knowledgeable and are genuine experts in corporate structures of USA companies (whether an LLC, an LLP, LP or a Corporation) and also in tax law system in the US. Coddan's professionals can furnish clients with free and confidential information and guidance on enlisting your new business - a limited liability company (LLC), a business corporation – CORP or INC – (domestic registration or foreign qualification), limited liability partnerships (LLP) in United States of America (USA).

Our expert and well-disposed team of consultants and company incorporation and business start-up specialists will be thrilled to help with any of your LLC (limited liability company) or LLP (limited liability partnership) company formation filing inquiries and incorporation support or handling registration for a more comprehensive or complex corporate structure for business like a corporation (USA INC. or USA CORP.) establishment.

  • Secretary of State
    Approved Expert

  • Business Start Up
    in 24-48 hours

  • Assistance with the EIN
    Application to Internal Revenue Services

  • Incorporation Prices
    Include Government Filing Fees

  • Assistance with drafting of LLC
    Operating Agreement or Corporation’s By-laws

  • Free E-Mail Support &
    Telephone Advice

  • Our services are available for
    UK-based and Overseas Customers

  • Professional and Friendly
    Customer Service Team

  • Clear and Simple Pricing Policy
    Incorporation and Post Registration Support

Our Step-By-Step Guide to Registering a new business entity in USA

If you need an initial guidance on how to best approach your new USA business incorporation, our team of professional consultants is just a phone call away. Don’t stress. All you need to know about the requirements, formalities and procedures of registering your new Limited Liability Company or a Business Corporation in the United States can be discussed up with our advisors. Feel free to drop us an email to book your free consultation over the phone, zoom or in our Central London office, at Baker Street, or simply email us your questions we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Anything you need, from assistance in choosing the best legal form that’s right for your business, help with EIN (Employer Identification Number, equivalent to UK’s UTR – Unique Tax Reference Number) application to IRS (Inland Revenue Service), a guidance on point-incorporation and annual compliance obligations of your new business entity within the State of its registration, retrieval of copies of registration documents, filing change of name or amendments to the business registration documents, or a dissolution of your company at the end of it’s business journey, is available from Coddan’s specialists team.

Do you want to register or incorporate (file) your new USA entity and you are not sure which way to go or what steps to take? This guide will take you through the process on a step-by-step basis. Coddan step-by-step guide for business incorporation to setting-up an American limited liability company or a business corporation. At Coddan, we work with clients both from the UK and abroad and offer our comprehensive, online LLC or CORP formation services. For many years, we have been working directly with the Delaware Secretary of State, Division of Corporations (Business Registry for Delaware State registered entities), so we can file document electronically for start-up businesses or expanding multinationals, and can deal with all aspect of business registration, giving you opportunity to concentrate more on other important aspects of establishing new business. If you are looking for fast, efficient and smooth USA LLC/CORP formation process, look no further than, for you won’t be able to find a leading provider in the UK more experienced in USA Companies Registration processes than Coddan.

An American LLC start-up formation involves only five basic steps, and we can help you through every stage towards your business’s successful incorporation. Our team of experts file all business registration documents electronically, so the registration process is quick and painless, and your new USA business entity is registered and visible on the relevant Secretary of State Business Records search within only a matter of days. It should, however, be noted, that when some States (like State of Delaware) take only 24 hours to file your new business, others may take up to a few weeks, depending on the individual State processing time and incorporation procedures. So, if there’s a particular State where you want to incorporate your new USA company, why not give a call to our dedicated USA Companies Registration and Business Documents Filing Team on + 44 (0) 207.770.8159.

As with any business registration in USA, to start, you will first need to choose the State where you want to incorporate your new business entity. It’s important to remember that each State has their own rules on registration of various legal entities, their own set of incorporation fees, payable to the Business Registrar (Secretary of State, Division of Corporations) and post incorporation compliance procedures. To determine which State you need to be registered in, you will need to answer the questions whether or not you are planning to:

  • Open a physical place of business in the specific State – i.e. open an office, hire a warehouse, etc;
  • Hire employees in the specific State;
  • Enter into a contract in in the specific State;

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you will need to register in that particular State. If the answer is NO, then you can register in any State of your choosing. Should your circumstances change at the later stage, you can always incorporate a new company in the State you require or to register your existing USA company as a Foreign Qualification (similar to a Branch) in the State of your choosing. A Foreign Qualification (Branch) can be registered from the business entity incorporated in a different state, as well as from an overseas entity, incorporated in a foreign country. Please keep in mind that the Secretary of State filing fees for Foreign Qualifications are usually much higher than for the Domestic (State local registration), so we would encourage you to contact our Team to make sure you have the correct fees for your registration process.

check your intended business name for its availability and registrability to make sure that the name you have in mind for your new USA business is permitted. Next, choose from our range of package which services best suit your business needs. You can likewise choose whether you would like to benefit from using our registered office address provision service, which can permit you to utilize one of our premium addresses to project your business first impression. With legal addresses and registered expert services in Delaware, Florida, New York, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Arkansas, you can pick an area which best suits your organization's background.

The next thing to do is to give details of your LLC's members (partners), and this should take about five minutes. We'll then contact you to affirm approval of your details and your Secretary of State business registration will be completed. Most of the time, if there are no bottlenecks, the entire process is done with within four hours, and you'll get all necessary documents by means of post.

We furnish our clients with vast solutions range and can register all kinds of organisations, from LLCs to LLPs. We additionally give different services, for example, preparation and filing of annual accounts, annual franchise tax and nominee services, all of which can take a considerable measure of stress off you and give you an ideal opportunity to concentrate on your new organisation. In case, you're in need of a certified and legal service provider to bolster you on your business adventure and help you explore all your corporate responsibilities, look no further than Coddan Ltd.

Choose Package

Step 1: Choose your LLC registration package

The first step is to select an LLC registration package that suits your needs. As a customer based in the United Kingdom, we can offer you the choice of four different LLC registration packages, and can help you determine which of these four options is right for your requirements.

We also have four corporation registration options available. You can find all of the information about each of our LLC and corporation packages in our package comparison table.

Remember, this section is for customers wanting to form a limited liability company; if you're looking for packages for limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, or American non-profit companies, we can also offer registration packages for these types of company, too.

Choose LLP Name

Step 2: Check that your LLC name is available

After you've chosen your limited liability company registration package, the next step is to make sure that your desired name is available.

At Coddan, we make this easy for our clients with our LLC and corporate name search tool (located the top left hand corner of this page). You can use this search engine to determine whether or not your desired name is available to be registered, or if it is already in use by another company.

If your first choice name is already in use, you can then try another. If you do not wish to complete the application online, you will need to provide us with two options for the name of your LLC, and then you can let us do the rest for you.

Registered Address

Step 3: Register an LLC and your registered address

The first year's fee for the provision of the registered office address, the registered expert and the franchise tax authorisation person in the State of Delaware is included in this package (the next year renewal fee will be US$200.00).

The annual maintenance fees for the provision of the registered office address will be due for payment by the 15th of May, each year following the year of incorporation of your LLC registration.

Please take a note that the annual fees for the provision of the registered address and registered expert do not include the annual State Franchise Tax fee (US$250.00) and the filing fee process.

Should you require an assistance with the filing of your annual State franchise tax, our administration fee for the filing of the tax is US$180.00

Your Members

Step 4: Register an LLP and names your members

A limited liability company in Delaware must have at least one member. Same member can be appointed to the role of the operating manager, or an operating director.

You need at least one person to form this type of company. Your member can be a private individual or a corporate body (another company, partnership or a trust).

An LLC does not need to have a natural person to be appointed as a company member, manager or a director.

You can register a sole member' company, if you are familiar with the secretaries duties and responsibilities, because all of them belongs to a sole member.

It is a criminal offence to appoint a non-existent, not permitted for use or fake details for the company' officers appointments.

Check Out

Step 5: Check out

Once the previous four steps have been completed, you are ready to check out.

This involves making a secure payment to Coddan, either by credit or debit card online, or by one of the following payment options: cheque, postal order, banker's draft, or transfers by Western Union or MoneyGram.

You can also pay over the phone. Upon receipt of the payment, you will receive an email with your payment confirmation, an invoice, and your login details for our online portal, where you can see all the information about your LLC registration application.