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Arkansas Company Formation in 24 Hrs, Registering Company in Arkansas

Company formation in Arkansas: Any company that is being newly incorporated involves tremendous planning and has to go through various complicated process and phases that are responsible building a foundation. The entire process that involves its incorporation is called company formation and or a company registration.
In early days all the companies were formed only on paper, but these days the most of the company formation processes takes place electronically, via the Internet. While going through the paper process, the person who has incorporated the company has to submit various documents and registration fee to the Registrar of Companies. The documents include, but not limited to articles of formation, or articles of incorporation.
We have heard a lot about opportunities, some believe when you lose a chance, a better one will show up while others believe a missed chance will have timeless consequence. One thing both schools of thought agree on is the necessity of preparation; it is just not acceptable to miss up on good times because you did not prepare for it. That is why as far as the state of Arkansas is concerned, Coddan is ready to help you maximize the opportunities it offers by helping you with your company formation affairs.
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  • Post-formation support & advice
  • Pre-incorporation support
  • Incorporate a new business in 24 hours

Establish a New Business in Arkansas, Benefits of Registering Companies in the State of Arkansas

Arkansas is a prospering state that not only has viable economic opportunities but consistently ranks among the best states to run your business. The state boasts of a vibrant economic life that makes it worthy of the attention of smart investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen. Because you are one of such people, you are probably concerned about leveraging on the opportunities provided by this state- Coddan exists just to help you get through with that.

To many intending company owners, company registration is a process that seems like a dreadful and tenacious task that blesses some and antagonize others. With Coddan however, all your company formation matters will be swiftly and professionally handled and you can join the league of those who are able to explore the Arkansas gold mine without any obstacles in your way.

It may come as a surprise to you but seemingly small omissions and neglect have been largely responsible for the failure of some individuals and bodies to nail their company formation quest. To begin with, the filings for your application for company formation have to be absolutely meticulous. Ensure that there are no grammatical or chronological errors. Also, ensure that foreign languages are well translated and all requested documents are submitted. Incomplete filings are easily screened out.

We Can Help you to Start a New Business in Arkansas

Start a New Business in Arkansas

At Coddan. We have a team of seasoned professionals whose business it is to ensure that your company formation is done without any hitch. If you choose us for your company formation, you are in capable hands and can be rest assured that our years of experience in this matter and the dogged commitment of our workers will make the entire process successful. We will prep you to ascertain that you actually have all you need and what it takes to do your company formation.

Our fees are fair compared to the prevalent market price and we have a long list of satisfied clients who can readily guarantee that your money will be worth it. Truth be told, our goal is to have you grow and expand without limitations and this you can’t do without the legal backing and integrity provided by company formation.

Benefits of Using Coddan in Setting up a Business in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas already boasts of a booming economy, capable workforce and large incorporations including fortune 500 companies. There is a place for you in the ever growing and expanding market of Arkansas, and with Coddan, finding it is the easiest thing for you.

Company formation is a complex activity, and due to some stringent conditions in different states, it’s safer to use only professionals to set up a business in Arkansas. At Coddan, our professionals will ensure that the company registration process is completed according to the laws in Arkansas.

We will help you choose a name for the LLC from your preferred names because under Arkansas law, every LLC must have "Limited Liability Company," or "Limited Company," or an abbreviation such as "L.L.C.," "L.C.," "LLC," or "LC." "Limited" can be abbreviated as "Ltd.," while "Company" can be abbreviated as "Co."

The law also stipulates that companies who perform professional services use "Professional Limited Liability Company," or "Professional Limited Company," or abbreviations such as "P.L.L.C.," "P.L.C.," "PLLC," or "PLC." An LLC name can’t contain the name of an individual who isn’t a member except the name of a deceased member. An LLC's name has to be distinguishable from names of other business enterprises that are already on file in the office of the Arkansas Secretary of State. We check the names for availability by searching the business name database of the Arkansas Secretary of State. The available name can be reserved for about 120 days.

The next step we take is to file articles of organization for your proposed company. We ensure that the articles include the following: -

  • LLC's name and address
  • Name and address of the LLC's registered expert
  • A statement of whether the LLC will be managed by a manager

Coddan provides you with a registered expert as this is criteria in the state.

Every Arkansas LLC has to have an expert for the service of processes in the state. It can be an individual or a business entity that wants to accept the legal papers on the behalf of the LLC when it is sued. This expert must agree to accept the service of process on the behalf of that limited liability company before the designation. The laws also state that the registered expert has to be an individual resides full-time in Arkansas, or a business entity which is registered in Arkansas.

We are fully aware of procedural steps to register a limited liability company in the Arkansas region. We will also prepare an operating agreement on behalf of the prospective LLC.

Even though an LLC operating agreement isn't a requirement in Arkansas, we advise that it is used. When we create an operating agreement, we need not file it with the articles of organization.


Coddan will ensure that the LLC complies with tax and regulatory requirements in company formation. Some additional tax and regulatory requirements might apply to an LLC and they include: -

EIN - when an LLC has at least 2 or more than 1 member, it must get its IRS Employer Identification Number or EIN, even though it has no employees. When you choose to form a one-member LLC, you have to obtain an EIN for it if it will have workers or you elect for it to be taxed as a corporation rather than a sole proprietorship (overlooked entity).

Business licenses. Depending on the type of business and where this business is located, an LLC may have to obtain some other local and state licenses for business.

LLC Post-Registration Services in Arkansas

After our clients have successfully registered their limited liability companies (LLC) and the company is up and running, Coddan's LLC post-incorporation services do not stop here. We have a vast range of LLC post-registration services which can help to make the new enterprise run smoothly and efficiently. Perhaps you may wish to change the official registered address to another that is more prestigious. Coddan can handle that for you, and give you an official address in key locations around the state. We can also handle other post incorporation matter such as: -

Paying your state tax obligations. Arkansas law stipulates that all LLCs, including foreign LLCs must pay the minimum $150 tax at the office of the Arkansas Secretary of State every year. The annual franchise tax reports also have to be filed with the Secretary of State. Companies can file this annual franchise tax report on the website or download the report form for it from the Secretary of State's website. Also, the franchise tax report, with the $150 tax payment which is due every year by May 1 must be paid as there are penalties for any late reports.

Change of registered address. We will handle all the paperwork so the LLC is informed of every single change, and the fee for doing so is inconsequential. Another added benefit of using a different address is that it gives your business a high level of privacy. It means that there will not be inspections by the state authorities or creditors who show up to demand payments.

An LLC can also have the single alternative inspection location or SAIL address for the same purpose. This is particularly beneficial for individuals whose business is managed from home as they do not want their house address on public records and also would not want officials showing up there for regular inspections. If changed ahead of time, Coddan will ensure that your personal identity is kept away the public records at the secretary of state's office, by providing some nominee members for the LLC. Also, we offer LLC member service addresses.

Many Arkansas clients choose Coddan because of our expertise in managing their LLC bookkeeping as well as accounting, since this is an area that is time-consuming and costly, where external accountants are handling it. We can also prepare and file the LLC annual returns and file LLC annual accounts to all the relevant authorities, including the secretary of state of Arkansas, so you are in compliance with the extant corporation law and company law and will not be subjected to any fines or penalties.

You can also avail yourself with our business banking services. Clients can get accounts with different prestigious banks. If you also need to raise money for your company's operations, or even expansion, we can help. We can also carry out the feasibility study and make a proposal for a lender, and also present it to the lender if required. Our various LLC post-formation services encompass advice on both mergers and acquisitions, and offering payroll and other structures for employees so all their contributions and various deductions are appropriately managed.

Setting-Up a Corporation or an LLC in Arkansas

The concept of sustainability has become the "in thing" these days and for good reasons - it is our responsibility to ensure the continuity of the earth and that means thinking beyond the now. However, this is a collective responsibility and not something an individual can do by himself. That is the kind of mindset that drives people to register a limited liability partnership; the desire to build a business that will transcend time and overcome personal limitations. However, many of such dreams only wash down the drain as company formation looks like too much work that can be put off till later.

This is where Coddan comes in; we don't believe you should put your LLC registration till later.

The state of Arkansas has a lot to offer in terms of manpower availability, conducive and convenient environment for efficient running of business and an overall broad landscape that remains green for a wide range of endeavors. As such, it remains one of the best states in the United States of America to situate your business in.

With Coddan, you can register your LLC and take advantage of previously unexplored customer base. The thing about not incorporating or registering your LLC is that people, organizations, groups; in short, your target market cannot distinguish between you and your business and as a result, are wary and cautious of entrusting themselves to you. For your business to gain full access to its entire customer base, you have to register it or incorporate.

The registration of your LLC and corporation can easily be done if you hand it over to Coddan. We have experienced and professional workers that will help you prepare for the screening in such way as will yield a successful outcome. We are able to ask you likely questions and screen your documents in advance to detect any anomalies. We also supply addresses that you may need for your company registration. We anticipate everything that will come your way and adequately prepare you to meet them.

When you work with us, your eventual success is guaranteed. We have been doing this for years and know our way about it and this declaration is boldly supported by the throng of satisfied clients whose LLCs and incorporations we have helped to register.

Registering your LLC and incorporating your business is a needful step to take if you want to leave the bottom of the chain and play with the big guns. Truth be told, you also deserve the best and since there are no limitations for how far your LLC can grow except the ones you raise, why not take the opportunity provided by the expertise of Coddan and propel your business to the top.

Coddan charges affordable fees for its services. We have an open line on which you can reach us anytime of the day and you are free to email us as well. We are ready to hear your concerns.

Benefits of Setting-Up a Corporation or an LLC in Arkansas

Every business needs a good business climate to thrive. For this reason, where your register your LLC or corporation is a good factor to consider. In this regards, Arkansas remains an excellent choice for many people to register their LLCs or corporations. Arkansas is one of the states in the U.S. that will enable your business have full expression and optimize market possibilities not only because of its considerable corporation laws but also because of its economic prosperity. There are many perks to registering your business in Arkansas that will make it one of the best decisions you ever made for your LLC or corporation.

For a state, Arkansas offers a high degree of legal protection for your business that protects it in the short and long run. In many cases, businesses are grounded to a halt because of lawsuits filed against them and it usually doesn't matter if they win or lose. In the state of Arkansas, your legal presence is reinforced and you can play on this in several occasions.

The state of Arkansas also grants LLCs and corporations a lot of power as an entity through which they gain integrity. Business integrity is a major factor that guarantees an open market for LLCs and corporations and it can't be trifled with. The state of Arkansas helps you establish your corporate integrity through enhancements and laws that pronounce your corporate entity.

Arkansas also allows a tax advantage for corporations and LLCs as your business losses, profits and expenses flow from the company to members. This way, you can avoid double taxation as you don’t have to pay both corporate tax and individual tax.

Arkansas business structure comes with a great deal of flexibility which will be found useful several times as you run your day to day operations. There is a wide degree of support that the state of Arkansas gives your LLC or Corporation. It is exactly as if the state is rooting for your success and this is a good source of morale for you.

Arkansas operates a long list of manufacturing and service industries. This will provide strong location advantages for your business as it will find information, expression and association easily. No matter how competitive the market gets, it is still always safer to have your competitors and target market within reach.

The state of Arkansas also offers opportunities for out of state businesses that mainly want to incorporate in Arkansas. So, even if you are not based in Arkansas or don't intend to run your company there, you can still register your LLC or corporations there.


No matter how you look at it, Arkansas is one of the states in the U.S. that can help your business get the leverage it needs to exist, thrive and grow in the business market. With its protection policy, privacy protection, simplicity and flexibility as well as other additional benefits, it is without doubts, one of the best states to register your LLC or corporation.

Disadvantages of an LLC or a Corporation in Arkansas

When it comes to the proper company formation policies in Arkansas, you can find that the challenges awaiting you can be quite off-putting. The process of company registration of a corporation of an LLC means having to prepare lots of information about getting started. There are numerous disadvantages of setting up a company registration in Arkansas, and it can become about than just management when you want to get the job done correctly.

The easiest and most effective way to know if your plans for company registration can be followed through is simple; look at the following disadvantages. This will help you see if this kind of registration is something that you want to be put up with, or if it’s something that you might actively want to avoid.

After all, there are other ways to go through with company formation plans. You don't have to just stick to the basics. However, before considering any other options, you should understand the major cons of company formation in Arkansas first and foremost.

Limited lifespan. One of the major problems with any LLC setup in Arkansas is that they have a limited life span. LLCs are dissolved when a member dies or goes under (i.e. goes bankrupt). This means that planning for these kinds of unforeseen events can be quite tough and usually puts a bit of a strain on the potential lifespan of the LLC.

Publication problems. Another common issue with starting up a business in Arkansas, though, is that the problem of publicity can be an issue. Business owners who have plans to make their company go public, or intend on issuing employee shares, may find this is quite a restrictive way to work.

If this is your plan later on down the line then an LLC is not the right choice for you, at least in Arkansas. This makes it harder to go through with this form of business management and thus can be quite off-putting for business owner.

Extremely complex. Lastly, company formation is no walk in the park. The added complexity that comes from running a business like this can be extremely hard. If you go solo there is far less management and bureaucracy to deal with along the way. LLCs may federally be classified as corporations or a sole-proprietorship for tax reasons, but it does just add yet another layer of complexity that you have to try and skirt around.

Arkansas state law is, without a doubt, a trying and challenging issue. If you are struggling towards the proper company formation that you planned, then you can find that using an LLC might be a bad idea. Instead, other good options exist on the market that you can use to your advantage, helping you to get through what is a challenging and rather time consuming part of formation.

How to Register an LLC in the State of Arkansas

For anyone looking to form a business in Arkansas, you might find that company registration plans and policies can be a little bit restrictive. Regardless of the challenge that awaits, you can find that knowing how to go about company formation policy can be a very useful start. One particularly popular form of business in the state of Arkansas is a limited liability company, or an LLC. LLCs are particularly popular for various reasons, but they are also quite easy to set up when compared to other models of business.


Want to learn how to register an LLC in the state of Arkansas? Then keep reading on.

Choosing a name. The first part of the process that you need to go through with in company registration is picking a name for the company. All LLC companies must have LLC in the names – you can change the world "Limited" to Ltd. If you wish. You can also make "Company" as Co.

If you are a company offering a professional service then it must be a PLC – Professional Limited Liability Company, or PLC. Also, keep in mind that an LLC can never have the name of someone who is not a member, unless named in memory of a deceased member of the company.

You can reserve a name for 120 days if you wish. This helps you make sure you never need to miss out on the name that you wanted!

Filing articles. Next, you have to file what is known as the articles of organization with the Secretary of State for Arkansas. This must include information such as your LLCs name, the address of the company, the LLC registered experts name and address, and a statement determining whether the LLC has a manager or not.

You can file forms online, in person or by mail – you'll be informed what to do when you begin the process.

Registered expert. Now, you need to appoint a registered expert to take the LLC further. Every Arkansas LLC, following company formation law, needs a registered expert. This is the person who accepts legal papers on behalf of the LLC following a legal dispute. This has to be someone who is a business entity with the SoS, or someone who is a full-time Arkansas resident.

Operating agreements. After the expert is agreed, you need to get an operational agreement in place.

Other issues. You also have a few outstanding issues that need to be looked into for safe company formation, including: -

  • Making sure you comply with all Arkansas tax and regulatory agreements
  • Managing your Employer Identification Number if you have more than one member
  • Getting a business license if needed
  • Paying state tax obligations
  • Handling all paperwork for foreign LLCs in Arkansas

It can be a long and arduous process to manage company formation in Arkansas. If you feel like it's becoming too much of a headache, it might be useful to consider other options.