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Company Registration in Oregon in 24 Hrs, Forming Company in Oregon

Forming an LLC or Register a Corporation in Oregon with Coddan: setting up a business, company formation or company registration in Oregon is no cakewalk. After the initial hurdles, running the business too isn't an easy task.
If a person decides to be the "one all" and "do all" of the business, then there are a host of things that will need attention. The businessman will be required to maintain all the documents demanded by the state. He will also be responsible for tax forms and tracking annual report dates with the state. Additionally he will be required to be available at the business location during normal hours. All this could prove to be very cumbersome and could result in losses in the long run, if some small detail is missed or overlooked.
Company Formation Advantages


  • Free face-to face meetings
  • Free LLC start-up email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
Company Formation Convenience


  • Post-formation support & advice
  • Pre-incorporation support
  • Incorporate a new business in 24 hours

Advantages of the Oregon Company Incorporation, Benefits of Registering Your Business in Oregon

It is always advisable to seek and hire the services of a reliable company like Coddan to handle all your needs related to company formation, company registration and all the post registration requisites too. Hiring a service to look after the business needs will mean that the businessman will have more free time. This will allow the businessperson to focus better on the growth and increasing the profitability of the business.

Coddan has a high level of experience in the fields and has successfully guided many companies through the mind-boggling processes of formation and the compliance requisites thereafter. The company offers attractive formation packages for the convenience of its clients. But Coddan is not rigid, if you are not satisfied with the packages being offered, then the executives will work with you to provide you with a tailored package, that suits your needs perfectly.

We Can Help you to Establish a New Business in Oregon

Start a New Business in Oregon

Coddan have been authorized as formation experts by the Companies House and Oregon Secretary if State. Our main office ia based in London. Executives at Coddan offer face to face consultations, or we can be contacted over the phone or queries can be emailed to us. The company provides efficient services for company formation, company registration, opening of business accounts with various banks, EIN registration, company business and legal service address, nominee director and nominee shareholder options and all such services required for company formation, company registration and post incorporation services for the smooth and efficient compliance of the business. Contact us and acquire the most effective solutions with regards to all kinds of business start ups and their requirements.

Company Formation Services in the State of Oregon

The corporations in Oregon are formed by filing articles of incorporation with Oregon Secretary of State. The entire filing process takes 2 business days. We are the one to provide you with the facility to incorporate your company hassle free.

Oregon mandates all corporations to have bylaws, and properly maintain minutes of all meetings taking place. Depending on the nature of your business, and/or recommendations, by legal and tax advisors, you might need additional filings done with the IRS or state authorities.

We can provide you with standard bylaws and minutes of initial meetings of directors and shareholders, as well as other important documents such as stock ledger and bills of sale of shares to initial shareholders along with the facility of company formation.

About our professionals: we work with a team of most qualified professionals to offer you the best services for Company registration while maintaining the most competitive prices. The professionals are experts in incorporation, formation and related services and will be able to give you assistance whenever required. We assure you to avail efficient and complete services from our side.

Additional filings: depending on the nature of your business some additional filings could be necessary to complete the proper set up of your corporation: -



  • EIN (tax ID)
  • S-corporation election
  • Sales tax registration
  • Payroll registration & business licensing


And these additional filings are provided by us for a reasonable charge. We provide you with many other ancillary services according to your need. The only input you require to give us. We will prepare and file your incorporation application quickly and professionally with Oregon Secretary of State, as well as other state and federal authorities, all you need to do is provide us with the required documents and information with respect to company registration.

No hidden cost: our basic package includes everything you need to form your corporation. Many companies sell their services by providing you with attractive packages but later they attach additional fees which is initially undisclosed. By not revealing the true structure of fees at the end what you pay is much higher than what you expected to pay them. We are very transparent and disclose you only with the final charges which you have to pay. There are no hidden or additional charges applicable after the final amount decided between us.

Why should we be your choice? By choosing us for company formation, all you get is the best professional service, Step by step guidance, any time assistance by our experienced team and complete satisfaction. We deliver you what we promise.

Register a Company in the State of Oregon is Easy

A limited liability company (LLC) is the United States specific private company formation. It is a complex business structure that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation.

There are several advantages of starting an LLC, but the few that stand out are: -


  • There is absolutely no need to file a tax return
  • Company registration owners report their share of profit and loss on their individual tax returns- which means you can avoid double taxation
  • No residency proof is required
  • It provides a legal protection
  • It has various growth targets that it fulfills
  • Uniformity information is maintained


However there are many steps you need to take for company formation in Oregon. There are various organizations that help in forming an LLC out of which the leading one is the Coddan. The steps that are taken by Coddan are easy and flexible and are as follows: -

The interested parties must register with the Secretary of State by filing forms and paying the necessary fees and meeting all naming and formation requirements. The essential requirements for forming an LLC are: -


1. Choosing a proper name for LLC.
2. File articles of organization must be there.
3. Company registration required by the experts involved in it.
4. Preparing an operating agreement done by their experts.
5. Publication of requirements.
6. Complying with other taxes and regulatory requirements.
7. Finding annual reports by Coddan for company registration.

We are an authorized expert, allowing to form a company having only spent a few minutes filing out the online application form. After receiving a completed order form, the procedure of registering in an LLC is completed within 24-48 hours which means that business can be started right away. Coddan even offers face-to face customer service in London, with in house consultations, over the phone advice or e-mail correspondence. We also have live chat session which does not even require a great deal of pocket pinch.

Benefits and Advantages of a Corporation or an LLC in Oregon

The LLC (limited liability company) and the corporation are the two possible structures that evolve when a sole proprietorship gains a legal entity of its own, separate from its founders.

Having a corporation or an LLC in Oregon is very beneficial as the laws of the state are very conducive to the growth of both kinds of business formations. Along with increased flexibility the incorporation acts as a shield from personal liability and allows for an increased credibility with customers. The Oregon economy is a growing one and has been ranked first in productive growth by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Incorporation in Oregon allows you to protect your personal assets, get tax advantages and grow your business. By choosing between an LLC and a corporation you have the freedom to decide on a tax structure that works best for you. The choice of the business incorporation acts as a very strong base for the company's ongoing success and growth. The flexibility awarded by this move allows the members to tailor their income stream and risks of loss. This facilitates everything from complex, high dollar- volume transactions to succession planning in family businesses.

Oregon company formation laws are very simplified and makes the company registration process very simple. The benefits of forming the corporations and the LLCs coupled with the easy procedures sees a number of companies every year registering for an LLC or corporation identity. In Oregon it is possible for the corporation to raise additional funds through the sale of stock or it can deduct the cost of benefits it provides to officers and employees. In corporations, the shareholders have a limited liability for the corporation's debts or judgments against the corporations.

Coddan, is a London based authorized expert aiding its clients in company formation and company registration. Our company understands the anxiety one faces while registering a new company. Once the client has registered with us, we can complete the registration procedure within three hours. Apart from expert services in company formation and company registration, we also provide, opening of business accounts with famous banks, VAT registration, Alternative SAIL inspection address, company business and legal service address, a director service address, a nominee director and shareholder option.

Disadvantages of a Corporation or an LLC in Oregon

To do business in Oregon, all limited liability company (LLC) organized outside of the state must register with the Oregon Secretary of State. Foreign LLCs must appoint a registered expert for service of process. The expert may be an Oregon resident, or a business entity authorized to do business in Oregon. Let us have a brief look about the disadvantages of LLC and corporation.

Disadvantages of an LLC: -


  • Unlike corporations which can live forever, LLC is dissolved on the death of any member or his/her bankruptcy
  • An LLC is treated as a partnership and cannot take advantage of incentive stock options, or engage itself in tax free reorganizations
  • On converting an existing business to LLC tax is imposed on the appreciated asset
  • Business owners with plans to take their company public, or issuing employee shares in the future, may be best served by choosing a corporate business structure
  • Running a sole-proprietorship or partnership will have less paperwork and complexity
  • A LLC may federally be classified as a sole-proprietorship, partnership, or corporation for tax purposes. It is at their discretion to select the classification or a default may apply
  • LLC often lacks uniformity in company statutes


Disadvantages of a corporation: -


  • A lot of time and money is invested in the process of incorporating a corporation
  • Corporations are monitored by federal, state and some local agencies, and as a result may have more paperwork to comply with regulations
  • Dividend paid to shareholders are not deductible form business income, thus this income can be taxed twice
  • Incorporation may result in higher taxes for the corporation
  • There often arise conflicts or disagreements among the stockholders which may immobilize decision making
  • At times minority stockholders are prevented from being able to recover the value of their investment in the corporation due to the restrictions on the sale of stock and/or buy-back agreements included in the bylaws
  • Stock ownership may be divided among many persons by the process of gifting and inheritance. Such stockholders may not be active in the business and can be a hurdle for the active participants in the business who support the needs and decision that are favorable for the corporation
  • If appreciated assets are owned by the corporation and the corporation is dissolved then the significant income tax on the appreciation amount will be created


Both LLC and corporations have their own set of disadvantages. In many cases there can be some savings in employment tax, but they may be outweighed by the loss of flexibility that an LLC has.

How to Establish a Company in Oregon

Every state has its own requirements important for the formation of a limited liability company (LLC). The stipulated requirements need to be studied carefully before the company formation and company registration.

We have outlined below the necessary steps to be taken before the company formation and company registration: -

Decide on an appropriate name: the name decided upon has to end with 'Limited Liability Company', 'LLC' or 'L.L.C.'. It has to be a unique name and distinct from the names of other businesses operating in Oregon. The words 'cooperative' or 'association' cannot be used in the name. Neither can the name include misleading words which confuse the name of your LLC with a federal or state agency.

File articles of organization: the process for the formation of the LLC actually starts when the Articles of Organization are filed with the Secretary of State. The articles must include: the name and address of the LLC, the duration and the term of existence, names and addresses of the registered expert and the organizers, whether the LLC will provide professional service and whether it will be managed by the members or managers. The articles can be filed online or by postal mail.

Nominate a registered expert: for company formation and company registration, it is mandatory to appoint a registered expert. This registered expert is entailed to send and receive all official papers on behalf of the LLC, including the annual state fillings. The registered expert has to be an individual or corporation who has a physical address in Oregon. The corporation appointed has to be authorized to transact business in Oregon.

Prepare an operating agreement: though not mandatory to have one in Oregon, preparing an operating agreement is highly advisable. This document outlines the ownership and operating procedures of the LLC. It facilitates the formation of working relationships with co-owners, suitable to the business.

Adhere to the tax and regulatory requirements: After the filing of the necessary documents, there are a few tax and regulatory requirements that have to be obtained


  • Obtain a Federal Tax ID number or an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Open an LLC bank account after the above two have been obtained
  • Obtain other local and state business licenses according to the type and address of the business
  • Register with the Department of Revenue, if you are going to have employees or need to withhold taxes


Contact us today, to ease and help you in all procedures related to company formation and company registration.

LLC & Corporation Post-Registration Service in Oregon

Don't think that your job is all done after the company formation and company registration. Consistent steps need to be taken to keep your business in compliance. These steps are also necessary to preserve the limited liability a corporation and an LLC provides its owners.

As a business owner it becomes very difficult to keep yourself updated with all the ongoing requirements to see to it that your business is in compliance. Seeking the assistance of a service which can guide you for all the post registration requirements, proves to be a boon.

Services like Coddan understand the travails of running a corporation or an LLC. After the company formation and company registration, an LLC requires to apply for an Federal Tax Identification Number or an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Oregon also stipulates the application for a number of business licenses and permits according to the type and address of operation of the business. The LLCs in Oregon are required to file an annual report after the completion of one year of operation. The owner is liable to pay state taxes and needs to have the details of all of these, so that they are paid on time and do not attract any fines.

Though the formation of corporations is quite similar to the formation of an LLC, but the post registration requirements are more. Naturally a businessman will want to concentrate on the growth and success of the business. So, if he does not wants to lose sight of the focus, it is advisable to appoint a service company like Coddan to take care of all the post registration requirements.

Like the LLC, the taxes, licenses and the permits required for the compliance of the business are almost the same. The Oregon corporations need to maintain updated records at their principal office. Coddan confirms from the client that all such documents like: article, records of minutes, bylaws, resolutions and a the latest annual report are readily available at the principal office. Apart from these documents, an alphabetical list of shareholders, a list of names and addresses of current directors and office holders and all written communication with the shareholders, done in the past three years.

For all the prerequisites required for company formation or company registration, or all stipulations with regards to the requirements for post-registration services in Oregon contact us.