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Company Formation in Washington in 24 Hrs, Company Registration in Washington

Register a new company in Washington: Coddan is one the leading e-filing agencies facilitating its valued customers with the ease of applying for an LLC inside the state of Washington. At Coddan, we believe only in the best. We are determined to provide you state of the art services with which you can save your time and energy which you'd spend in listing a company otherwise.
Coddan has a team full of professional with years of experience in relevant fields. We determined to assist with the treacherous path which needs to be followed to make a business successful. At Coddan, we take care of everything for you – from setting up a business to post-registration services to make sure you don't go through any hectic work. Contact us through our website to make an appointment with one of our professionals.
Company Formation Advantages


  • Free face-to face meetings
  • Free LLC start-up email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
Company Formation Convenience


  • Post-formation support & advice
  • Pre-incorporation support
  • Incorporate a new business in 24 hours

Advantages of the Washington Company Formation, Benefits of Incorporating Your Business in Washington

You need to register your business with a unique name in the company’s registration office. The registration is a techy procedure which demands experience and professionalism. At Coddan, we provide detailed services to help with the upkeep of your business in the state. From registration to post-registration services, we will guide at every step.

Now you don't need to wait to go to the office in the office timings and get permission to start a business. You can do it online by choosing from one of our packages and providing us with necessary information. We will perform all the legal and technical work on your behalf.

We Can Help you to Establish a New Business in Washington

Establish a New Business in Washington

Coddan is a leading name in the service industry which takes care of all the services for you. We have a team of professionals which include state attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and bookkeepers. Coddan provides all these services at extremely affordable rates. You don't need to hire individuals for every purpose as it will get very costly and might go out of your budget at times. You can choose from the four packages we offer at our website to enjoy the services of your choice.

Coddan: Company Formation Services in the State of Washington

Of the many benefits which you can enjoy by registering your business with Coddan, some are: -

Easy to follow steps: the procedure has been broken down into easy to follow steps. The registration forms open up one after the other. This allows you to provide your information in a rhythmic order. This process takes no more than 5 minutes to complete your registration process.

Company's name: the first step needs you to choose a name for your business from the name checker tool. Type in the desired name in the tool and it will show if you can choose the name or not, depending upon if someone hasn't already taken the name.

Packages available: different packages are made available at your exposure on the website. Each comes at a different price from the other and includes services different from one another. You can select the package which suits best to your requirements.

Registered office address: in the next phase, you're asked if you want to have an Coddan office address. If you choose to have one, then you will be given a corporate office address which you can mention on your business website.

Types of companies we register: there are three different types of companies which we are offering to register at the moment. Their details are: -

Joint venture company: it is the type of company in which individuals or separate businesses from a mutual compact to expand their resources. The purpose of the partnership is to merge resources and make mutual profits. At least one shareholder is called general shareholder and those contributing less to the cause are called limited shareholders.

Holding company: a holding company is created to hold and buy the shares of other companies. You can develop one and bring it into use whenever you need it. A holding company can stay dormant for years even if it is not under use. In future, if there develops a situation where you need to hold other of your businesses, then you can bring it to life and hold the shares of other enterprises.

Subsidiary company: a subsidiary company is the one whose shares are held by the holding company. The shares of a subsidiary company are subject to securities which can be withheld by a holding firm.

Coddan provides you services to create a company which you need and desire. You can share your business ideas with us as well and our team of professionals will guide you which company would suit best to your business.

Register an LLC in Washington

Registration an LLC in the state of Washington is an easy process. It takes no more than five minutes to fill out the online form from our website. However, if you want to go to the company's office in person and submit the registration form then you need to carry out following steps: -


  • Select a unique name for your enterprise
  • File for certificate of formation with the secretary of the state
  • Execute an operating system
  • Apply for business license
  • Register with the tax and other legal authorities
  • Register with a bank for business account and a credit account


If you decide to go out and perform all these steps all by yourself, then will end up exhausted. The time which these processes take and the complex legalities associated with a lot of file work would present you too many troubles.

If you decide to register an LLC with the services of Coddan, then you can save yourself from all the hectic work as our team of professionals will carry out all the work for you.

All you need to do is go to Coddan website and follow the step: -

Check the availability of the name: decide a name for your business and check whether it is available for takings through name checker tool. The tool has records of all the registered firms in the state. It immediately gives an error if such a name already exists.

Choose a package of service: from the list of the packages mentioned on our website, choose one which suits best to our needs. If you don’t need all of our services then choose the package which has only a few of the services included in it.

Decide if you want to have an Coddan address: choose on the website if you want to have an Coddan address. You will be charged for the service and will be provided with a commercial postal address inside the state.

Confirm your registration: at the end of the process, you will be sent a notification in which you will be asked to confirm your registration. When you agree to the terms and conditions, your details are forwarded to the company’s office and within 3-4 hours of listing, your enterprise gets registered.

You will need no more than 5 min to fill out the online registration form. Had it not been for Coddan, you would need to make appointments and travel all the way to the company's office in person for the listing of your firm.

Coddan is a partner of the company's e-filling partner. You can fill out the forms of the listing companies online through our portal. This allows you to reach the registration desk of the companies from the comfort of your home.

Why Register an LLC in Washington?

Washington State is present in the pacific northwest of America. It is a cultural and business hub which provides a lot of opportunities to new enterprises and businesses from all around the world. Your investment will surely earn you profits if you decide to make them here. If you considering to register a limited company anytime soon then you should do it in Washington because of the state offered subsidies and other resources available at your exposure.

Of the many reasons to persuade you to register your enterprise in the state of Washington, some are: -

The tax advantage: the state doesn't levy any tax on the investments a company makes on the business trips, entertainment, pension plans, and retirement plans of its employees. If you're a single person enterprise, then you can deposit most of your revenues in terms of these expenditures. This will help you save a lot of your money from going into the hands of the tax authorities. If you don't take necessary steps, then you will be levied as much as 40% of your profits both by state and federal tax authorities.

Separate legal entity: an LLC is treated as an individual entity, separate from its shareholders, in the legal matters. A company undergoes contracts, transactions, and legal matters on its own and no charges are made of the individuals forming its framework. Moreover, the tax is levied on the LLC only and no separate tax is implemented on the individuals. You can save a lot of money and develop revenues which can be used for the expansion of your enterprise.

Ease of business handling: you don't need to be a resident of the state of the Washington to register a business, nor need to stay here to manage it. You can live in any part of the world and set up a business here. The authorities have furthered the ease of handling for business owners as someone else can look after the progress of the firm on their behalf.

Anonymity over possession of company: the state authorities keep it anonymous in the business documents over the ownership of the enterprise if you want. You can authorize a front man with the powers to take reigns of the business who will make a decision on your behalf. However, you have the authority to remove him and take control of your business at any time.

You can expand your business to the extents you want to. The state allows you to indulge in a trade with others companies inside the state as well outside. You can expand the reach of your business even beyond the national borders. There are no restrictions put by the state government on your business.

Contact us through our website for more information.

Benefits of Using Coddan to Set Up an LLC in Washington

Washington is one of those states in the country which has most promising prospects for the boom of your business. The modern technology, educated labor, and infrastructural developments coupled with state offered subsidies for business startups make it a heaven for new companies to get registered in. compared to other nearby states, Washington has high tax benefits and low minimums which help businesses save a lot of revenues which they can utilize in other activities to further their business.

In Washington, newly registered LLCs and corporations are subject to both federal and state income tax. This means that you will be required to pay to both state and federal tax authorities. These can pile up to around 40% of your total profits. But when compared to other perks offered by the state, it is not a big deal. Setting up your business in the state is a win-win deal for you.

To operate a business inside the state, you're required to get a business license which is specific for your business activity. Once you have a business license, you're good to indulge yourself in doing business and transactions both inside the country and outside. The opportunities presented by the state are many and Coddan is fully determined to help you in getting benefits from those offers.

Registering your LLC with the help of Coddan comes with many benefits. Some of them are: -

Fast and easy: the registration process is fast and easy. Coddan knows the technicalities associated with the process. This is why we have trimmed down the process to steps which need you to follow easy steps for setting up of your firm.

Easy to follow steps: registering an LLC requires you to perform a lot of tough paperwork and carryout a number of legal steps. But, with our easy to follow steps you can go to our website and fill out online forms which are discussed in easy language. You can easily understand and fill out the form. Once you’re done with the process, your information will be forwarded for the listing of your company.

Company listing in record time: Coddan holds the privilege to boast about the fastest LLC registration time. When you fill out the online form, with 24 hours after that, your firm will be listed in the Company's Office.

We cater for all legal requirements: setting up a business in Washington requires some legal framework to be followed which could be confusing at times. We have a team of experienced professionals who are in the business from decades. We take care of all the legal requirements.

Post registration services: it is not only the company registration process in which we help you out. Our team is up and ready to assist you with the post-registration services as well. Setting up a bank account for your business, submitting returns to Company’s Office, evaluating tax regulations, and doing changes in the framework of the company are some of the many post-registration services which we will help you with.

Contact us through our website to talk to one of our professionals or to set a live meeting with them for detailed guidance.

Benefits of an LLC in Washington

Washington is termed as one of the best places in the world to get started with your business. Often termed as the America's backyard for business, the state hosts’ scores of companies from all over the world. You can list your firm with minimum possible regulations and start doing business in record time.

There are a number of benefits which you can enjoy if you choose to register an LLC in Washington.

Reduced personal liability: setting up a business in Washington reduces personal liability from the start. The company you've established has a separate legal status which makes it undergo activities on its own. If you're doing business deals, making transactions, or suing someone some issues, then you are not doing it as an individual but you're entering the case as an enterprise. This gives you much more security as an individual as you don’t have to be answerable as an individual to anyone.

Tax advantages: although you will have to pay up to 40% of your profits as a tax in Washington, there are other ways which help you save a lot of revenues through tax advantages. First of all, there are extremely low audit rates in the Washington due to market saturation, compared to other states. This saves you a lot of money.

Secondly, you can invest your money in pension plans, tour expenses, medical expenses, business trips, and for entertainment your employees even when you’re a single man firm. No tax is levied on this investment, helping you save much of your money.

Anonymity: you can register a firm in the state with someone else as the front-man. If you don't want to reveal yourself as the owner of an LLC then there are provisions in the law which allow you to register with someone's name. Coddan can provide you with experts on whose name you can register you firm. You can easily shift the authority at any time and take control of the reigns of your firm.

Raising capital: the opportunities presented by the state allow you to raise a lot of much-needed capital. With proper counseling, you can indulge in smart business activities and make a lot of money within no time at all. Raise your capital and further, invest it in expanding your enterprise across borders.

Separate legal entity status: your company has a separate legal entity from you. Even if it is a one-man firm, your LLC has distinct legal representation to the law compared to yours. This saves you from tax impositions on you personally. The tax is charged not on individuals but on the profits made by the firm. After the tax is deducted, the rest of the money all yours to enjoy as no personal tax will be levied on you.

Additional benefits: there are some added benefits which you can enjoy if you choose to list your corporation in Washington: -

  • The entrepreneurial society makes it easy to start a business
  • Educated labor helps you grow your enterprise
  • Easy of setting up bank accounts
  • Ease of expanding your enterprise across borders

Disadvantages of an LLC in Washington

Listing up your firm in the state of Washington is a profitable process. The state has a lot of offer to newly listed businesses. When properly catered for the business can emerge out to be highly productive and prosperous here.

However, there are certain disadvantages associated with registering an LLC in Washington. The disadvantages are actually little formalities which should be taken care of while running your business here in Washington. The formalities help you maintain a smooth running of your enterprise and if not given due attention then these could lead to complications and end up as being liabilities.

Some of the formalities which can affect the performance of your business are discussed under: -

Choosing the framework of your business: choosing the right framework of your corporation is the foremost liability which should be taken care of. There are a number of ways which you can adopt to run your business. An LLC is usually run by one or two shareholders which are either friends or family members. However, you need to assign people to management positions for the fulfilment of the criteria.

If you don't have the right information about the running of an LLC then it could end up being a liability and can assist the authorities in taking actions against you in accordance with the law. Moreover, if you don't choose the right framework for your business then might be keeping yourself from making a tremendous amount of revenues which you'’d have made otherwise.

Limited life of the enterprise: the biggest disadvantage which you face while registering an LLC in Washington is the limited life of the enterprise. The business ceases to exist on the death of the shareholder or in the case of bankruptcy. While in other states, the limited corporations don’t cease to exist instead they transferred over in case of the death of the shareholders or fight for their case in a case otherwise.

This puts a huge blot on the system of the LLC running in Washington and provisions should be made into the law to make sure businesses keep thriving in the state.

Licensing and renewal: annual renewal of the license needs to be carried out at the end of each fiscal year to make sure your corporation remains active. In many other states, no annual renewal are required or done without any extra charges. However, you need to pay a sizeable amount of money each year to the Company's Office to get your license renewed.

There are no real disadvantages but small formalities which need to be taken care of. If you are active with the upkeep of your business and doing progress with the expansion of your corporation then these formalities don't make any huge blow to you. Moreover, you can hire experts and services agencies, such as Coddan, which will help you with the ways you can smartly deal with these problems.

Approach us at our website to know further in detail about the registering an LLC in Washington.

How to Register an LLC in the State of Washington?

Washington has transformed into a turnkey hotspot for the emerging businesses. All you need to do is register your enterprise in the state and get rich. The place welcomes businessmen from around the globe, and offers so many opportunities which are not found in many other places.

Registering an LLC in Washington requires you to provide the authorities with the following information, filled and submitted on a registration form along with the fee.

Company's name: you need to provide the authorities with the name of your business. The name you choose should be a unique one as no other already registered firm, in the business, should be using the name. If you provide the authorities with a name which is already registered then it could lead to legal actions against your enterprise in terms of breach of name’s copyrights.

Company's address: company's address should be provided to the authorities. The address you provide should be proper postal address with a physical presence. Since you're registering as a corporation and not a limited partnership, so you cannot provide the authorities with your home address even if it is a family business.

Submit the form with the fee: after providing the requisite information on the registration forms along with required documents, you will need to submit them to the company's office to complete the listing process. You will need to appear physically at the company's office to get the process done. However, you can acquire the services of Coddan to submit all the information online.

Setting up a bank account: after the listing of the enterprise is done, the next process is to get a business bank account for the transactions of your business. Along with the transaction account, you will need to setup a credit card account to deposit and withdraw money from the account.

Bookkeeping for tax purposes: bookkeeping and accountancy are done to keep a record of the transactions of the business. This helps you with the tax details of your enterprise. You can easily calculate the tax which would be levied on your corporation if you have updated bookkeeping information about your business.

Yearly license renewal: each year, you will need to renew your license in the company's office. For the purpose, you will need to submit the renewal fee along with other details which will get your license renewed. It is important to renew your license in time to make sure your firm stay active and you can carry out business with your potential customers and clients.

Instead of choosing to manually perform all the above-discussed activities yourself, you can make sue of the online services offered by Coddan. With our state of the art methods, you can get your business registered from the comfort of your bedroom. Your company will be listed in the company's office within 24 hours allowing you to start your business immediately.

Contact us through our website for more details.

LLC Post Registration Services in Washington

There are certain services which need to be catered of when an LLC is up and running in Washington. These services help you with the proper upkeep of your business making sure that everything is in order. If you're a single person enterprise then you cannot take care of all the services yourself. We recommend you to get the services of individual experts or service providing companies to assist you with the post-registration services.

Some of the post-registration services are briefly discussed as under: -

Setting up a bank account: once you have applied for the listing of your firm, the next phase comes in which you will need to get a business account from a bank in the state. This is a technical process and demands shrewdness which is why it is better to hire an expert for the purpose. Along with the business account for transactions, you will need a credit card account to deposit your money in.

Bookkeeping and accountancy services: maintaining records of your business is an important process which should be done thoroughly. Since you are very much captivated by the business expansion and dealings with your clients, you don’t keep the record of your business. This could cause troubles with tax returns and other technicalities.

Filing tax returns: if you don't hire an agency to provide you post-registration services then you will be paying a lot of money to the authorities in terms of tax. But with their counsel, you can save a lot of money which you'd have paid otherwise in terms of tax returns.

Moreover, a professional will keep you updated about the tax payments schedules for your enterprise, even if you're busy somewhere else.

Submitting company returns: submitting company's returns in the company's office are important to provide the authorities with updated information. This is, however, a technical process which includes a lot of paperwork and should be assigned to accountants and bookkeepers.

Annual renewal of the license: in Washington, you need to renew the license of your business every year. Hiring an expert will help with the process as he will do all the legal works required to provide your firm with renewed license every year.

Changes in the framework of the business: if there are any changes made in the number of shareholders or the management staff, then a summary should be submitted to the respective authorities about the change in the framework of the enterprise. This should be done professionally.