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Register a Company in Florida Online, Company Formation in Florida from £365!

Establish a corporation or register an LLC in the State of Florida: Coddan offers a comprehensive range of options to assist you in forming an entity in Florida for either domestic or offshore purposes. Our limited liability company formation in Florida typically take between one and two working days to effect, and start from just £365. We also provide formation services for corporations and limited partnerships in addition to a wide range of related and post-registration services designed to facilitate the efficient running of your business.
The plethora of international laws and business structures makes choosing a jurisdiction and company structure an extremely complex decision. If you are unsure of the best course of action for your business, Coddan can advise you on the best location and type of offshore entity, and can tailor a solution to your needs. If you wish to retain Coddan in a professional capacity, you can apply for an initial consultation.
Incorporate in Florida

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  • Register an LLC in Florida in 24 Hrs
  • Same day company formation
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Company Formation in Florida

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  • Provision of nominee service
  • Registered agent service
  • Apostille legalization service

Establish a Company in Florida With the Registered Expert

A limited liability company is a legal entity form offered in the United States, and some offshore jurisdictions, which limits the liability of its owners and members. This form of business entity is roughly equivalent to a limited company in the United Kingdom, though it operates under civil law and differs in many respects. In terms of structure, it is generally described as being a cross between a limited company and a partnership.

A limited liability company does not issue shares to raise funds. Instead, its members are its investors and are issued interest certificates which reflect the amount of their investment in the company. The members run and own the company, the amount of income that they will earn, and the extent of their powers, are contingent upon the percentage of their ownership.

A limited liability company is similar to the other main type of business entity in the United States of America, the corporation, in that they both enjoy limited liability, but is often a more attractive option, especially for smaller businesses with a small number of owners, as it is a more flexible form of ownership. Unlike a corporation, a limited liability company with one member is treated as a sole proprietorship for federal tax purposes, which is not always advantageous; a limited liability company with multiple members is typically treated as a partnership for federal tax purposes, thereby avoiding double taxation.

The Main Advantages of a Limited Liability Company

Advantages of a Limited Liability Company

There is no possibility of the loss of power to a board of directors. The record keeping requirements and administrative burden is less than for other types of entity available. The members enjoy limited liability. Profits are not taxed directly by the federal government; rather they can be distributed to members who are then taxed at the personal income rate. This is not the case for state taxation in Florida, where a limited liability company is treated as a corporation for state taxation. It is possible to elect the way that the limited liability company will be taxed at the federal level: as a sole proprietor, a partnership, an S-corporation, or as a corporation; this provides flexibility for tax planning. Membership interest can be assigned, and the economic benefits of those interests can be separated and assigned.

Coddan: Company Formation Service in the State of Florida

Company Formation Service in Florida

While it is clichéd that good things do not come easy, there is a general under discussion on how people hardly readily pay the price to connect them to a higher level. It is no small thing to have a dream and the fact that you have even started giving expression to your dreams show that you deserve all the success that can be achieved.

Unfortunately, many courageous people still limit themselves because of their inability to traverse regulations. You have chosen well situating your business in Florida. Being the 4th largest economy in the United States; it offers a lot of expansion opportunities for your business, but these will not be fully optimized if your company is not registered; and this is where Coddan matters to you.

No matter what, the basis of every business relationship and interaction is trust, and trust is only accrued to companies that are registered. You will be projecting your company to a big level indeed by registering it. However, registering your company is not as easy as it sounds; like many other official processes, it has to be perfect, and what perfect is remains largely unclear to a lot of company owners.

Because of this, many have conceded to playing it small but with Coddan, your company formation will be done as easily as possible. You see, it's our cup of tea to know what obtains at the Division of Corporations office and to prepare you for what is coming.

If you want to make the most of Florida’s market, then let Coddan handle your company registration affairs. We are experts in all manner of company formation. Either you want to register your company as an individual or as a group of people; we know how to help you get it done without problems. We know the specific requirements and the common mistakes that disqualify filings.

Some people need to obtain official permit before they can claim to cover some services they want to offer, some submit documents with some foreign language that wasn't translated. Others just don't even know how to present themselves as worthy of the capacity in which they choose to operate. We perform screenings that ensure all these shortcomings are eliminated before you apply for company formation.

Many businesses are operating with only a small percentage of their target market because they can’t convince majority of their target market that they are credible. Registering your company will automatically take care of this problem for you.

At Coddan, we know you have more important things to do than trying to get the perfect filing for your company formation. Especially when you don't even understand what "perfect" is. We have years of experience in company registrations and we have lots of success stories. Our results indeed declare us fit to handle your company formation matters. With Coddan, you have the opportunity to set your company down the profitable and fulfilling path by giving it the recognition, position and credibility it deserves.

Register an LLC or a Corporation in Florida

Register an LLC in Florida

Company registration is the initial step in realizing an idea into a startup. You can either register as a sole proprietor or a partnership depending upon the nature of your business. In the first step, gather a team of professionals which would include your legal advisor, an accountant, and a tax auditor to help you guide whether you should register your firm as an LLC or a corporation. Carefully correspond with your team and decide the nature of your start up because it will greatly affect the future of your company.

When you're done deciding the nature of your firm, the second step comes with selecting the name of your firm. The name should be a unique one which doesn't concur with the name of an already patented idea or a registered firm. Then, register a postal address with the company's name with a proper PO Box number which will go down into the records of the authorities.

Afterwards, you draw the framework of your company. This framework is the backbone of your firm as all your business completes on the lines drawn by it. Register with EIN (Employer Identification Number) to legalize the framework you have designed for the successful business transactions. All the corporations have to obtain an EIN number while it is mandatory for an LLC which is run by an individual.

In the next step, you need to get a business license with the county you want to start business in. This will help you with the application for a bank account for your business. Once you have completed all the registrations, then you're good to do business.

Why Register an LLC or Corporation in Florida

Forming an LLC in Florida

The State of Florida holds many promises in itself. Apart from its beautiful beaches, palm tree resorts, and party lifestyle, it offers a lot of opportunities to both small businesses as well. The ease of startup, no state taxation, large area and population covered by the state, and flexibility of state nationality of the entrepreneurs make it a favorable state to start your corporation in.

Details of these factors are discussed below:

Ease of Startup

The ease of startup is the most basic reason why State of Florida is the most favorable place to kick off your business career. The business friendly policies of the state, easy availability of land and labor, and vast resources which state itself presents you are what make it easy for you to register an LLC.

No State Taxation

No state tax is levied by the government of Florida on its business. Startups are required to pay only what the central government imposes on them.

State Offered Resources

Due to vast size and associated population, Florida offers great opportunities to do business which should urge you to register your firm in Florida.

Flexibility of State Nationality

The State of Florida doesn't put any conditionality on the state nationality of the entrepreneurs. People from other states can also shift their resources and start their business in Florida with the same perks and flexibilities offered to the Florida nationals.

Benefits of a Corporation and an LLC in Florida

Benefits of a Corporation in Florida

Registering a corporation in Florida is a profitable affair. It comes with perks which will further the ease of doing business by providing right asset protection. Here are some of the benefits associated with registering your business in Florida:

Pass Through Taxation

Filing a company in Florida eases the taxation processes. An LLC with a single proprietor can file profit and loss of the firm on the individual tax returns. But, if you're running a company with multiple shareholders then you can file an informational partnership tax return which suggests that you can pay the tax individually and not as a corporation saving you from paying double taxes.


Singing up as an LLC in Florida has much more flexibility than registering as a partnership. If you're a partnership then you are bound to share a 50-50 percentage on the gains made by the company. But in case you have registered as an LLC, you can design the terms of distribution yourself.

Lesser Formalities

Like big corporations, registering yourself as an LLC doesn't push you into any kind of formalities. You don't need to organize annual clients meetings, business dinners, nor need you to undertake any business resolutions. This makes the handling of the business easy for you.

No Loss of Power

There is no loss of power to a board of directors, when you register as an LLC in Florida, like it happens in big corporations. The centralization of power, however, can be done down to a board which will look after the affairs of business.

Disadvantages of an LLC or a Corporation in Florida

Disadvantages of a Corporation in Florida

Just like the benefits it offers, an LLC when registered with Florida comes with some drawbacks as well. It is better to get familiar with these disadvantages as well as it will be helpful, for you, in making decisions about the future of your business. Some of them include:

Fees to be Paid

You need to pay an initial and then ongoing fees when you register as an LLC in Florida. Whereas in case you signup as a sole proprietor or a general partnership, this amount is relatively much less.

Distribution of Tax

In case you're registering as an LLC, then individuals will be charged with the taxes separately. But, if you're registering as an S-Corporation, then the tax will be levied on the profits after all the payments are made.

Limited Flexibility in Ownership Transfer

The initial agreement submitted by an entrepreneur must include the terms mentioning whether the ownership of an LLC can be transferred or not, and if yes then under what conditions and circumstances. This transfer limitation is a huge drawback in registering your business in Florida.

Lack of Uniformity in Status

With a change in state, there appears to be a variation in the status of the LLC as well. Businesses which run in more than one state don’t receive similar treatment everywhere under the registration in Florida. This, also, is a huge negative aspect of the process.

How to Register an LLC in the State of Florida?

Create an LLC in Florida

Most people consider Florida as a tourist location with bright summer sun shines, palm trees, and exotic party resorts. But if you view the other side of the picture, Florida State offers much more than that. It is one of the most suitable places to do business at. Since the state doesn't levy any income tax from itself so you're required to pay the tax imposed by federal authorities only.

Registering a business in the State of Florida completes in a chronological order which starts with the registration of the name and ends with the attaining of bank account for the fulfillment of your transactions. Details of the steps are given below:

Initial Processing

The initial processing starts when the decision if you want to register as an LLC or a partnership. If you have decided to register as an LLC then next you'll have to choose a different name for your firm. Register your name and postal address with the state and county.

Final Processing

In the later stages, apply for specific ID Number for your business, with EIN Authorities, to legalize its framework. This will help you in sorting out taxation process. Afterwards, apply for bank account which will be used to take care of the transactions for your business.

Once you've completed these proceedings, you’re good to start engaging in business with your potential clients. You have to perform these steps even if you are already running a home business or engaged in an online business portal.

An LLC Formation and Yearly Maintenance Requirements in Florida

A registered LLC needs proper maintenance and care once it is in the state of working. A yearly maintenance drill should be done to make sure your company performs up to the desired levels.

Annual Fee Requirements of an LLC

Unlike big corporations which have their wings spread across continents, LLCs don't need to hold large meetings and have same amount of paper works as them. An annual amount of fee, thus, needs to be reserved by an LLC for making it an attractive prospect to the owner and the clients.

Operating Agreement

Apart from annual fee payments for general meetings, an operating agreement need to be signed which would draft the outline of the company's working procedure. There will be a set of guidelines which will determine how the company will perform under certain circumstances.

General Record Keeping

After paying the annual fees and drafting agreements, you'll need to make a general record of the documents associated with all the proceedings. This will ease the level of working for your firm allowing you to approach the documents whenever needed for future purposes.

The main characteristics of a limited liability company in Florida are as follows:

  • It must be organised by a minimum of two people
  • The organisers may be either an individual or corporate
  • The organisers need not be a member
  • At minimum, one member must be appointed
  • Members may be either individuals or corporate
  • A member can be of any nationality
  • There is no maximum number of members
  • It can either be managed by its members or by a manager who is not a member
  • The members direct the management of the limited liability company unless a manager is named
  • A local registered office address is required
  • A local registered expert is required, unless one of the members is a resident of the state
  • It is required to pay an annual state franchise tax
  • It is taxed as a corporation at the state level
  • It is permitted to have subsidiaries without restriction
  • An annual report must be filed with the secretary of state

Benefits of Using Coddan in Setting up a Business in Florida

Setting up a Business in Florida

With Coddan, forming a Florida limited company is fast, easy, affordable, and reliable. Coddan has decades of services in this business. Our teams consist of professionals who have been active in providing best services to our valued clients over the course of years. Here are some of the benefits discussed which you will enjoy using Coddan for setting up business in Florida.

Smart and Efficient

Unlike other firms in the business, we have devised an inclusive approach towards all the works needed to carry out the registration of a corporation in the state. Our method is smart and efficient as it requires less time and gives results in relatively shorter time. Our startup package is inclusive of all the forms which means you’ll not be bothered time and again.

Quickest Services at the Most Affordable Charges

Our set of services is the quickest and most affordable in whole of the area. We believe in client satisfaction and prioritize their comfort than any other thing. Our set of services includes:

  • Name clearance – the clearance of your desired name from the registration bureau.
  • EIN application form – to get a unique identification number, we help you with EIN form.
  • Annual Reports – Coddan provides you with annual report formation services regarding your business to help you evaluate it better than ever before.
  • Our dedicated team also helps you with tax services and protection of personal assets matters.


Correspondence with Law

Our professional teams make sure your business is in running quickly and that too in correspondence with the federal and state laws. We also guide our valued customers on how to proceed with future formalities.

LLC Post-Registration Services in Florida

LLC Post-Registration Services in Florida

The setting up of a business is a tough ask at times but its maintenance and the services associated with it afterwards also demand time and effort. Once your company is up and running, there are other services such as payroll of your workers and filing tax returns which demand your attention. Moreover, there are at times services like changing your corporation's name, transfer of shares etc. which should be given due attention as well.

Setting-up Payroll

Your workers are your biggest asset. Their pays should be paid on time. For this, you need assistance if you're a sole runner of your enterprise. This is an important post-registration service which should be met attentively to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Filing Tax Return

Payment of tax is a must do thing which should be done as soon as you can. It helps your firm elevate its goodwill which will further the number of business prospects for it. The importance of this service should be kept in mind and tax should be filed at the earliest possible time.

Change of Corporation's Name

Once you have registered your company’s name with the registration bureau, you'll need special assistance if you want to change it in near future.

Developing Classes of Shares

Developing different classes of shares help you introduce your business shares at different market values into the open market. This is important process if you want to make profits out of your business. This service demands special skills and experience and you should hire experts to undertake the charge of it.