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With us the limited liability partnership establishment online takes only one hour

Limited liability partnership establishment across the United Kingdom: we offer fast, quick and cheap registrations of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in Wales and Scotland, literately; we can help our consumers, to form limited liability partnerships across the Great Britain. We do not offer bargain price options, we do not provide deals, which cannot satisfy our client's needs. If you have your own address in the county of limited liability partnership incorporation, then, all you need is to open and complete one of our LLP registration options. If you did not find suitable offers for your business set-up requirements, please contact us by e-mail or over the phone.

Our limited liability partnership formation options starts from a very simple opportunity – with a new online LLP registration, you will get a certificate of formation, with our further incorporation packages, you will get additional set of partnership documents, such a partnership agreement, minutes of meetings and required registers. In the case if you do not have an address in the United Kingdom, which can be used for your limited liability partnership start-up, we can assist you, you will be able to choose any of our addresses in London, Surrey, Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow. British customers can add the free LLP bank account to any of our LLP establishment offers.

All you need to create a limited liability partnership in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow or in Belfast is just few minutes away!

LLP creation for the local consumers




Have your own address in the UK? This limited liability partnership formation comes with free LLP banking account. Keep LLP start up elementary, no paper forms to complete, no inconvenience or tricks. You can appoint up-to five members with this offer.

Upon receiving the confirmation of an LLP registration, we will send the following via email:

  • The LLP registration certificate.
  • The free banking account with Lloyds, RBS, or Barclays (available as choice);
  • Further options are applicable.
  • If you need the customised LLP formation package, please contact us!



If you require bank account and essential LLP formation with extra documents supplied by post and e-mail, the second limited liability partnership formation option is for you. You need to use your own address for the incorporation.

The second LLP formation offer combine the same options described in the first registration bid, plus:

  • The laminated LLP registration certificate;
  • Our own special version of LLP partnership agreement;
  • The certificates of LLP membership, and meeting of the first board of LLP members.
  • Further options are obtainable.



If you are looking for the time-honoured extras of legal limited liability partnership formation with remarkable obligated documents, this registration offer is for you!

This offer comes with all limited liability advantages mentioned in the first two packages, and free of charge postal shipment of:

  • Two laminated LLP registration certificates;
  • Two copies of your partnership agreements;
  • The LLP rubber stamp, two stylish certificates or LLP membership;
  • The first printed meeting of the board of your LLP partners;
  • Two combine sets of the LLP's registers, the LLP beneficiary owner certificates.



Do not wish to use your current address for the formation of an LLP? Then, this offer might suite your limited liability partnership formation needs. Your LLP will be ready in 3 business hours!

Complete choices described in the first two LLP start-up offers, with the accompaniment of:

  • The arrangement of London address for one year;
  • The official post sending to your address;
  • The post LLP formation assistance & the LLP registered address certificate of confirmation;
  • Extra options such as SAIL & members service address, etc., are available with this offer.

LLP startup for the worldwide entrepreneurs




For our overseas clients we offer the basic limited liability partnership formation deal, which comes with the valid address in London for one calendar year, and the post LLP formation support.

We added the following advantages into this LLP registration offer:

  • The private LLP agreement and the legal LLP registration certificate;
  • The legal required registers, two LLP certificates of memberships, & meeting of the LLP board of partners;
  • The London based office address, & certificate of the office address, legal posts sending overseas.



Our second limited liability partnership ыуе-гз offer comes with one offshore based nominee partner for one calendar year. This can be useful, if you do not have the second person to start an LLP.

With this LLP start up package we combined all features from our first deal with the following benefits:

  • The appointment of offshore nominee partner;
  • The verified power of attorney for your behalf;
  • The signed, but not dated resign letters from your nominee partner;
  • The contract for the appointment of the nominee service for one year.



Our third limited liability partnership formation offer comes with two offshore based corporate nominee partners for one calendar year. This can be useful, if you want to do business outside of the UK.

With this LLP establishment package we combined all features from our second deal with the following benefits:

  • The appointment of two offshore-based nominee partners;
  • The verified power of attorney for your behalf;
  • The signed, but not dated resign letters from your nominee partners;
  • The contract for the appointment of the nominee service for one year.



The fourth limited liability partnership formation package covers all features from our third package, and includes apostilled set of all LLP documents and their verification by a public notary.

With thus current LLP registration opportunity we will provide you the following extras:

  • Your LLP papers along with the power-of-attorney will be certify by the UK public notary and be verified by an apostille.
  • We also included the attorney-in-law and your LLP common rubber stamps into this offer.
  • If you are not satisfied with our packages and need the alternate LLP formation preference, please contact us!

The benefits of a limited liability partnership registration

Will you run your business as a sole trader? Do you have a business partner or partners keen on entering into a limited liability partnership formation? Are you planning to setting-up a limited company or form a limited liability partnership? The most suitable option will depend on your objectives and the most tax efficient way of achieving these. Make sure you do your homework, as there is a lot of information out there. For example, registering a company requires more administration, but if you will decide to go with UK limited liability partnership formation, your personal assets will be also protected.

Set-up and form a limited liability partnerships in the United Kingdom i.e. England, Wales, or incorporation of LLP in Scotland and LLP establishment in Northern Ireland: an LLP is the special type of business entity that can have numerous of business and tax advantages to its members as it offers less responsibility to them regarding debts. Unlike other types of the UK companies available for registration, the limited liability partnership is the independent corporate entity, is responsible for any debts, rather than its members.

As its name implies, the partners of the limited liability partnership incorporated in the UK, have personal limited liability, an LLP can still act and function as a normal limited company: trading, re-selling, holding shares and interests in other companies, signing contracts and so on, but the reduced liability to the members means that the personal assets of the limited liability partnership' members will not be at risk should the LLP incur any debts.


Limited liability partnership creation for UK and non-UK clients

LLP Formations

Incorporate a limited liability partnership: there are no minimum capital requirements or guaranteed unit obligations from members of an LLP. Members will negotiate the amount of capital they wish to contribute to the partnership amongst themselves, deciding what is economically best for them and their limited liability partnership. Although in some instances, it may arise that a third party, such as a property owner, may require personal guarantees from the members of a limited liability partnership.

Registering a limited liability partnership with Coddan is simple and quick process

Register an LLP

A key attraction to a limited liability partnership's formation is the reduced taxation. A member of a limited liability partnership can conduct business from the name of a limited liability partnership incorporated in the UK, with the corporate tax reduced rate, which is dependent on the individual rather than the partnership as a whole. However, an LLP tax applies as though the members of the LLP had conducted the business, rather than the limited liability partnership itself.

There are no further tax privileges for an LLP partnership formation or its members' beyond those stated, there are severe tax penalties for particular business entities that decide to join investment limited liability partnership's registration, such as the property(ies) investment LLP's. These tax penalties disable the benefits of an LLP regarding the real estate investments. Please call us to discuss this point.

At Coddan, we can incorporate your limited liability partnership (LLP) and file all the necessary documentations. In addition to the registration of a limited liability partnership, we can provide nominee LLP members to enable you to fulfil the necessary legal requirements, as well as a registered office address should you need one. If you desire a previously established LLP that already has trading history, it is advisable to remember that we stock several ready-made limited liability partnerships< and shelved limited liability partnerships that can be purchased immediately.

We can establish your limited liability partnership quickly and effectively; your limited liability partnership could be up and running within a day for as little as £32.00. With us, it is not difficult to register your business name in UK; you can register a business name, or reserve a business name with Coddan online.

We can offer expert advice on all aspects of LLP business formation, with in depth knowledge of the British legal system. Our professional service enables us to help our clients incorporate limited liability partnership's in England, setting up a limited liability partnership in Scotland, and form a limited liability partnership in Northern Ireland; we can also register a limited liability partnership in Isle of Man, Marshall Islands, State of Delaware, Belize, and in many other offshore countries.

We can offer one-on-one business consultations about steps and requirements for UK limited liability partnership registration, which are particularly useful for people who have an idea for starting up their own limited liability partnership and want professional UK limited liability partnership formation advice. Please do not hesitate to phone one of our expert limited liability partnership incorporation advisors who will answer all general queries regarding the formation of your limited liability partnership in the Great Britain.