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Special Limited Offer


Limited Special Offer
company formation, agent service, address and all government fees paid till December 2014, assistance with opening a bank account and debit cirrus/maestro card - all inclusive service for just 1000 pounds (including delivery of documents).

Average saving - £300.00

Package 2: all benefits mentioned above, plus full nominee services (director/shareholder) - all inclusive package with no annual fees to pay until December 2014 - just 1,250 pounds.

Average saving at least - £300.00.


1. Notarized copy of first four pages of passport or all passport pages which showthe following details:

- number and country of issuance;
- issue and expiry date;
signature of the person;
2. Reference from a bank for each beneficial owner
3. Notarized copy of a utility bill or similar document as a proof of address

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