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Offshore Company Formation Expert

Coddan as your offshore company limited by guarantee formation expert: regardless of whether your business is large or small there will be an offshore jurisdiction, and offshore non-profit company structure that is suitable for your needs. Coddan can advise you on where and what you should be incorporating, assist you in registering an offshore company and then help to maintain the new off-shore non-for-profit business.

There are a wide variety of reasons why people might want to incorporate offshore. Most famously, it is a way to legally reduce your liability for tax. By registering your business in another country you fall under their laws and pay their rates of taxation. Another reason for wanting to incorporate your business offshore is to preserve anonymity.

Unlike with UK businesses where directors are expected to place their name on the public record, offshore jurisdictions have no such requirements. In the past this attracted criminal enterprises to register offshore. New regulations have helped to curb this kind of activity.

It is often simpler to register a company limited by guarantee in an offshore location than it is in the UK. There are also generally fewer reporting requirements for an organisation that is established offshore than for a local business. This allows people to spend their time building their business rather than doing paperwork.

By moving assets offshore you can protect them from future liabilities. This can be useful for companies who may wish to protect assets from litigation as well as for individuals who wish to protect their savings. Coddan can register an offshore company limited by guarantee for you in many different locations around the world including and in Hong Kong. Different offshore locations offer different advantages for different types of business. Some actively target a particular business sector and will offer incentives to attract these businesses to their country.

The standard package for incorporating a company limited by guarantee offshore will give you a registered office address and a registered expert for a period of 12 months. In order to keep the registered office address and the company limited by guarantee registration expert you will need to pay an annual fee.

We can also provide accounting and bookkeeping services to help you to ensure that you meet the legal requirements of the country in which your company limited by guarantee is created.