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Registering a company limited by guarantee via the best non-profit companies formation agent!

Guaranteed company registration with the formation agent

Formation Agent

Registering a guaranteed company with the formation agent: starting a business is an exciting time for anyone, but complying with the rules and regulations surrounding the formation of limited companies can be a minefield. However, instead of the hassle and time required to register your company limited by guarantee with Companies House, one of our experienced companies limited by guarantee formation agents can lift the burden from your shoulders.

At Coddan Formations Agency, our company limited by guarantee startup agents are highly knowledgeable and experienced in registering new guaranteed companies. Because we are official partners of Company House, we can have your new limited by guarantee company up and running in just a few hours. We will take care of all the required paperwork and submissions - leaving you free to concentrate on registration of your non profitable business. Because we have done this for thousands of companies in the UK, you can rely on us to ensure your new company limited by guarantee registration is completely compliant with the law.

Company limited by guarantee establishment agents use an online interface that is directly connected to Companies House, so they can have your new company officially incorporated on the same day as registration. Companies limited by guarantee incorporation agents simplify and speed up the process of registration by using existing off-the-shelf companies. They officially change the company name and replace the names of existing directors with those of your organisation. This process can take as little as three hours to complete, and it ensures that all legal requirements have been satisfied.

Using a formation agent to register your company limited by guarantee delivers many benefits, including the peace of mind in knowing that everything is legal and above board. As the entire process takes place online, there are no complicated forms to fill out. You simply pay for your chosen service with a major credit or debit card, and the agent delivers your registration document upon completion of the process. Business formation agents will also often provide a number of different services, including advanced name checking to avoid duplication and the provision of a ready-made company with a bank account, VAT registration and a domain name.

At Coddan Formations Agency, we set up hundreds of new non-profit businesses every year, so we can be trusted to get your new venture off to the best possible start. From the filing of the required paperwork to form a limited by guarantee company to the various accuracy and legal checks we carry out, our clients trust us to deliver registered companies limited by guarantee that comply with UK legislation.

Registration of a new non-for-profit business requires a detailed knowledge of company law and time you may not have. Let us take responsibility for registering your new company limited by guarantee, so you can concentrate on establishing it.