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Registering a company limited by guarantee - this process is very similar to establish a regular private company limited by shares, except that you have to take the extra steps of applying for tax-exempt status with the HMRC. Do you need a solicitor or an accountant to create a company limited by guarantee? You can do much of the work yourself to get the company incorporated and tax-exemption, but you should have some basic guidance and advice from professionals who understands the non profit matters. At Coddan we can advise you about the non-profit firm registration and post incorporation issues.

If you've any enquiry then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.

Establishment of a company limited by guarantee for UK customers



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Company limited by guarantee establishment within one to three hours online! You can apply for "Limited" name exemption with this incorporation package. No paper forms to sign and government fees are included.

The following measurements will be sending via e-mail upon the creation of a company limited by guarantee:



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Company limited by guarantee start-up in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland within one to three hours online! You can apply for "Limited" name exemption with this start-up package. No paper forms to sign and government fees are included.

This company limited by guarantee setting-up offer includes everything mentioned in the first incorporation option, plus:



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Company limited by guarantee start-up within one to three hours online! You can apply for "Limited" name exemption with this set-up package. No paper forms to sign and government incorporation fees are included.

This package includes all non-profit organisation start-up benefits cited in the previous options, plus:



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Company limited by guarantee creation with the domiciled office address in London within one to three hours online! No paper forms to sign and government fee are included.

This offer includes all company limited by guarantee creation advantages mentioned in the first & the second options, with the addition of:

Registration of a company limited by guarantee for non-UK customers



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Incorporation of a company limited by guarantee with the legal address in London online! No paper forms to sign, no personal visit required to establish a non-profit corporation in the UK.

The following benefits are included in to this package:

Pros & cons of a company limited by guarantee startup

If you are looking for a quality information and practical support and guidance in setting up your own limited by guarantee company in the UK, Coddan can guide you on every step of the way. We will help you to register your new private limited by guarantee company in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Belfast; and offer practical guidance on setting up and running your non-commercial business. We also offer services regarding the formation of not-for-profit entities across the EU.

It is our job to help you evaluate your immediate situation and help you to identify future opportunities for your company limited by guarantee. The better your limited by guarantee company is set up in the initial stages, the better the long-term future will be. Since Coddan registered, we have rapidly grown, and established a strong portfolio in the set up and registration of companies limited by guarantee across the United Kingdom and Ireland. This is a testimonial of the quality expertise we provide and the level of trust we have with our customers. We are committed to delivering a quality business incorporation and professional service dedicated to tax-exempt not-for-profit businesses, enabling them to optimise their business operation, and to become as cost efficient as possible.

Get in touch with us today for further advice, and let us help you take your non-profit business to the next level.


Benefits and advantages to open a non-profit organisation

Company Limited by Guarantee

Register a limited by guarantee company online, without the fuss of filing paper forms: in the modern and fast-paced world of business, our team of experts at Coddan has found that most clients appreciate it when services are carried out quickly and efficiently - this is why we are pleased to offer the registration of limited by guarantee companies without any paper forms to complete. Take a look at our website, and you will see that everything can be submitted to us online. By allowing Coddan to take over the entire process, you are able to concentrate on the activities that really matter in your business. Get in touch with our specialists to find out more about how we can get your limited by guarantee company up and running as quickly as possible. Talk to our expert consultants today: + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or +44 (0) 330.808.0089.

Establishment of a non-profit firm vs other types of entities

Incorporating a Company Limited by Guarantee

Coddan is a top guarantee company registration expert, and have extensive experience in helping local and worldwide customers to start a company limited by guarantee in the Great Britain.

Coddan offers assistance with the full company limited by guarantee registration process from start-up through to management. We can establish a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales, we care establish a guarantee company in Scotland; create a non-profit company in Northern Ireland. Starting up yourself as a company limited by guarantee is relevant to you if you are a not-for-profit business, such as a charity company dedicating surplus to charitable causes, or if you are an association or society.

By using us to create your guarantee company in England, Wales, Scotland or North of Ireland, we can guarantee you a personal service and a wealth of experience and expertise to offer you the best service possible.

We offer outstanding customer service and expert non-profit business start-up advice from the team of professionals who can guide UK and international customers on all areas of company limited by guarantee formations and associated services. By forming a UK based company limited by guarantee, we can help with the provision of registered address in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Limited by guarantee company vs other types of entities: at Coddan, one of the most common enquiries that is received by our experts relates to one simple question - 'what type of formation would be the most beneficial for my business or organisation?' If there is any kind of community, charitable or non-profit element to your organisation, it may be beneficial to form as a limited by guarantee company, and the team at Coddan will be able to identify whether or not it is right for you. If there is a more beneficial route for your company formation to take, we will take the time to explain the exact benefits.

As a company limited by guarantee, the most important element of this is that the 'members' (as opposed to the directors) will not be held personally liable in the event of the organisation running up any kinds of debts. The very nature of this type of group is that there will usually be some kind of charitable or community-spirited interest, and this can be a useful arrangement to limit the overall financial damage that could occur if a project should fail. If a local authority is able to provide any kind of funding for this type of set-up, being established as a company limited by guarantee may be a mandatory requirement in order to qualify for financial backing.

When comparing this kind of arrangement to other types of company registration set-ups, the differences go far beyond the ability to protect individuals from any accrued debts. When forming a regular limited company, there may be a number of named shareholders, and this can lead to a requirement to pay some kind of dividend to them - this can have an adverse effect upon funding for a community project. By getting incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, there is no financial obligation to each 'member,' and initial documents are drafted at the outset to confirm exactly how any surplus money should be reinvested instead of distributed.

If you are also considering setting up as a regular charity, you should bear in mind that this will not bring you the same level of protection as being a company limited by guarantee. If the experts at Coddan believe that a charity company would also benefit from this type of formation, we will be able to provide further advice about this. To find out more, the team can be contacted on + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or +44 (0) 330.808.0089 & via email.

Does a company limited by guarantee need to use "LTD" in its name?

Form a Company Limited by Guarantee

A common feature among most limited companies in Britain is the use of the word "LTD" at the end of the official company name. This marks the business out as a limited liability company, where the personal, financial interests of the shareholders or directors remain separate to the finances of the company. While most businesses are companies limited by shares, it is also possible to limit a company by guarantee. This involves directors or members acting as guarantors and agreeing to back the firm financially – often by a nominal amount such as £1.

Use of an "LTD": under normal circumstances, if a new limited enterprise is registered through Coddan's services, it will need to have the word "Limited" or "LTD" included in the company name, as required by the Companies Act 2006. Welsh companies can choose to use the equivalent word "Cyfyngedig" or the abbreviation "CYF" instead. However, some companies qualify for an exemption.
When can businesses avoid the use of LTD? Section 30 of the Companies Act 1985, and subsequently Section 60 of the Companies Act 2006, lists a number of instances where a business can avoid using the word "Limited" or the abbreviation "LTD" in its name, so long as certain criteria are met:

1. To begin with the company must be limited by guarantee, rather than being a firm limited by shares, a private unlimited company or a public limited company
2. The firm must also be concerned with promoting either science, art, education, charity, commerce, religion or a profession
3. Profits and income must be used to promote the company's objectives
4. Members must not receive dividends from the company
5. In the event of the enterprise being wound-up, remaining assets must be transferred to another organisation that either has similar objects or is concerned with the promotion of a charity.

As well as not having to include the word "Limited" in the company name, such firms are also exempt from requirements relating to the publication of the company name as well as the need to send the Registrar lists of members. There is also an exemption in place for companies that were limited by shares, on or before November 25, 1982, that were not required to include limited in their name due to holding a licence under section 19 of the Companies Act 1948. These companies would also need to comply with all of the above stipulations.

Company Formation Without The Word Limited

Company Registration without the word "Limited"

If you want to set-up a company limited by guarantee to be exempt from use of "Limited" in your company' name, we will produce a tailor made memorandum and articles of association for you which complies with the above requirements, for an additional fee of £50.00. If you want to create a company limited by guarantee in England, Wales, Scotland or North Ireland, please contact us for the further advice and consultation.

Get more information on how to register a company limited by guarantee: it is simple to find out more about start-up of companies limited by guarantee in the UK online - simply contact us to discuss the various incorporation options available. While we are not able to offer free legal advice, a member of our team will be more than happy to provide information relating to our website and services.