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Forming Company Limited by Guarantee with Registered Address in Belfast

Non-profit company registration in North of Ireland with a registered office address

Provision of a Registered Address in Northern Ireland

Non-profit company formation in North of Ireland with a registered office address: registration of a non-profit company in Northern Ireland is a little different from setting up a standard company limited by shares. You must decide on a non-profit entity name, of course but you must also describe what type of non-profit enterprise you are registering and outline the purposes for which it is being set up. You must also detail the internal firm rules and provide an official legal address. You need also provide a list of directors and include much detail of how the non-profit company will operate.

Clearly, there is much to think about but with Coddan's experience in non-profit company start-up, you can be certain of starting off on a sure footing.

The memorandum of association: the memorandum of association for your non-profit organisation must be drawn up specifically for that company and must include the objects of the company, and confirm the type of non-profit company that is being incorporated. The type of company could be one limited by share or by guarantee. The memorandum of association must also include a clause which confirms that no income or dividends will be paid to members, and that any profits generated by the company must be ploughed back into the company, where they will be used for promoting the objects as stated in the memorandum of association. Clearly, these objects must not include any reference to running a profit making company.

The articles of association: when you register a non-profit company in Northern Ireland you must also include the articles of association. This will include a description of the internal rules of the company. These specific requirements are, of course, in addition to the normal procedures that must be followed in registering a company limited by guarantee.

We can also help with these requirements, such as the provision of a registered office address. There are many activities that must be accomplished during the crucial stage of incorporation and getting it right is vital. That is why using an experienced partner like Coddan makes such sense.

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Choosing us as your company limited by guarantee incorporation partner in North of Ireland: Coddan has helped with the incorporation of more than 200,000 businesses, so our experience is vast.

If you have specific requirements, we are likely to have addressed them before and we are therefore in a great position to offer you the best advice. Our services continue long after North of Ireland non-profit association start-up and our clients regard us as a trusted business partner.

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