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Objects Require to Set-Up a Company Limited by Guarantee in Norlin Airlann

To set-up a non-profit entity in Norlin Airlann you need to provide us your business objects

Register a Company Limited by Guarantee in North of Ireland

To set-up a non-profit entity in Norlin Airlann you need to provide us your business objects: Coddan has a range of expertise to help you register a non-profit company in North of Ireland. Our lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. If you are able to provide us with your business objects, we can help you develop the structure to start the non-profit association. For example if you decide that a company limited by guarantee is the best structure for your not for profit, we can help you with all the details of the registration process.

In October 2009, the law for setting-up a limited company by guarantee was changed. This means that registration for non-profit corporations in Northern Ireland falls under Companies House. We can take care of setting-up your entity through Companies House. Forming your company limited by guarantee in North of Ireland is a legal obligation and failure to complete could result in loss of confidence in your non-profit organisation.

It is the responsibility of directors to make the capital structure, management, and activities of their companies available to the entire company and the general public in the annual return. If your company has limited liability the annual return is required to provide information on their accounts. With us to help you, you can be confident of meeting this legal requirement successfully.

We can help with trading names registration, trademark registration in the UK and in EU, and all matters concerning the starting up of the non-profit company, and we can deliver these within the legal framework of Northern Ireland. We have experience of handling small deals as well as major corporate transactions.

You can chose from a range of non profit companies incorporation packages for each business structure with no hidden fees. You can chose to register as a non-profit business in North of Ireland, with a complete set of documents for the reasonable price of £39.49 if you are a UK resident.

We can guide you through the legal aspects of registering a not for profit business in Norlin Airlann. Our team can confidently advise you on corporate law, and help you cut through the legal jargon. We are here to help you through the legal system and to help you decide which legal base would best suit your not for profit organisation.

Whatever your situation you can feel assured that we can assist you all matters regarding the law in regards to your not for profit organisation in Tuaisceart Éireann.

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