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Starting Non-Profit Corporation in Northern Ireland

We can take care of your non-profit company start-up in Northern Ireland

Establish a Company Limited by Guarantee in North of Ireland

We can take care of a non-profit company start up in Northern Ireland: when you have decided to start your non-profit company in Northern Ireland, it can be a very exciting and rewarding time. You may be involved in an educational institution, charitable trust or club and the prospect of contributing to your community in a positive way is an enjoyable one. It might be understandable to get carried away by all of this excitement but it is precisely at this time that you need to take some care and ensure that your North of Ireland non-profit entity is registered correctly. Failure to do so could expose you to significant liabilities.

How to avoid financial liabilities: if a non-profit association is not limited then its committee members could be exposing themselves to severe financial liabilities. Should the organisation fail, such members could be held personally liable for any debts. Your organisation could grow to be a sizeable one, with premises and staff, so these debts could be potentially ruinous.

Thankfully, there is a non-profit business structure that can protect individuals from these liabilities. This is known as a company limited by guarantee and in this case the members' liability is limited to the amount they have guaranteed, usually just £1.

Taking care of other requirements: when you forming a company limited by guarantee in Northern Ireland, you must include paperwork such as articles of association and memorandum of association. These must be properly structured and Coddan's experience of the specific requirements in place, will ensure that the incorporation is complete and accurate and properly presented to Companies House.

We can also help you with a comprehensive offering of associated services, with everything from providing your domiciled office address in Northern Ireland to mail handling capabilities and reception provision.

Ongoing post-formation services: the paperwork involved in running a non-profit company in Northern Ireland does not stop after registration, sadly, and there are many ongoing requirements that must be met. Coddan can assist with all of these and can make sure your organisation adheres to all regulations and meets all legislation. When you open a non-profit corporation in Northern Ireland you no doubt did so because you wanted to get involved in your community and to make a difference.

You probably did not want to get tied up in a lot of company red tape. Partnering with Coddan frees you from such constraints and allows you to focus on the purpose of your company limited by guarantee.

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