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Create a Scottish Non-Profit Association With Us

Advantages to create a company limited by guarantee in Edinburgh with Coddan

Create a Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee

Benefits to create a company limited by guarantee in Edinburgh with Coddan: because Scottish company law is different to that in other parts of the United Kingdom; when forming a company limited by guarantee in Edinburgh, you need to ensure it's done properly so you won't encounter problems down the line. The non-profit company startup process can be time-consuming as paperwork is dealt with, and hiring high-priced solicitors to handle the matter, could mean lots of meetings and big bills.

At Coddan, we've simplified and streamlined the process of setting-up companies, including those limited by guarantee in Edinburgh. We do away with the need to spend substantial sums of money on solicitors and other services in order to establish a company. Our incorporation fees are highly competitive and there are no hidden or extra charges that might shock you later on.

We have a number of exceptional options for people wishing to create a company limited by guarantee in Edinburgh. These include the provision of a registered office address in the city. This is required by law, but if you don't have one you don't have to worry as we can supply it. It doesn't mean you have to transact your business from the office location provide by us. You can operate your company from anywhere in the UK or indeed the world.

The official address is chiefly used to register the company with Companies House in Edinburgh and official correspondence sent to it will be forwarded on to you by us.

Many people choose to register a company limited by guarantee in order to start-up a charitable concern in Edinburgh. While this type of company is ideal for charitable company registration, it requires another level of scrutiny by the authorities as approval must be sought from the Charity Commission. As part of our service, we can help you to obtain this authorisation.

In terms of company personnel, the requirement is different depending on what you wish to do with the company limited by guarantee. For example, if you're planning to use it for a charity, you'll need two people instead of at least one in other cases.

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We also help with preparing and filing annual returns and annual accounts, which is a legal requirement for all firms, including charities, and they must also make submissions to the Charity Commission. These beneficial services allow companies to more efficiently get on with the business of running their operations.

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