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Registering a Non-Profit Corporation in Scotland

Registering a company limited by guarantee in Alba

Start-Up a Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee

Registering a non-profit company in Scotland can have its benefits, such as VAT registration relief and other exemptions. There are over 23,000 non-profit organisations who have established themselves in the area, from those who have achieved charitable status, to those who are happy to maintain the status of a Scottish non-profit company.

Opening a company limited by guarantee in Alba: there are many intricacies to consider before starting-up your business as a company limited by guarantee in Scotland. Coddan is able to provide a professional service to assist you with the process of a company limited by guarantee creation. We have the expertise and the legal know how to take the complexities out of this time consuming, yet essential task.

We can swiftly help you to get started your Scottish company limited by guarantee, offering specialist advice on how to create a company limited by guarantee, and an effective post-registration services. By calling us, you may find that incorporation of your non-profit enterprise takes up less time than you initially thought.

In order to open a non-profit company in Scotland with Coddan, you will need to provide us with your business objects. Business objects express the nature of your activities as a business. Instead of thinking about how you are running your  company, you have to ask yourself why you are running your non-profit association. For example, what services are you going to provide? What will you be promoting? How big will you be? How much income do you expect? What will you do with any earnings in excess of your projections?

These non-profitable company objects are important as they express the nature of your Scottish company limited by guarantee, and will appear on your non-for-profit company's registration documentation. Coddan can help you with any questions you may have as well as helping you to identify your business objects. We are able to offer specialist advice and help you with questions regarding all aspects of setting up you non-profit company in Scotland from taxation to registration of a business names.

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By using our non-profit company registration services you can be assured that you are dealing with the experts. We are authorised and regulated by HMRC and Companies House, and with nearly 22 years experience of working with organisations such as yours, we are definitely the specialists you need.

Our advisers are available between 9:30 am and 6pm, meaning that if you want to discuss your business objects, or have any other questions relating to registering your Scottish non-profit company, you can get the answers you need.

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