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Registered Office Address for Non-Profit Entity

Scottish non-profit company formation with a registered office address in Edinburgh or Glasgow

Open a Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee

Scottish non-profit company formation with a registered office address in Edinburgh or Glasgow: there are many reasons why it is beneficial to register a non-profit company in Alba; mainly as it allows you to register a separate legal entity in order to raise money and promote the services of your organisation, while giving the individuals involved limited liability and protecting their personal finances.

Whether you are looking to set up a company limited by guarantee, where surplus goes specifically to charitable causes, or you want to form a not for profit company such as an association, society or club, there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Not only are your personal finances protected, you also add transparency and credibility to your organisation. You can also take advantage of having a company bank account, and in fact Coddan supply you with a business bank account for a non-profit business as the part of our services.

There are many legal requirements to non-profit company registration in Scotland, and here is where Coddan can help you. We are experts in this field, and will ensure your Scottish company limited by guarantee is established and maintained within all legal guidelines, and at minimum cost.

For a start, your non-profit company in Scotland must be registered with Companies House, which Coddan can do for you. You must also have at least one guarantor and one director. 

You will also require a memorandum of association, and articles of association, both of which we can provide for you. If you are registering a charity, the company must be registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, and their articles of association must be in accordance with the OSCR's requirements, again something that Coddan can assist with.

Finally, a not for profit company or a charity company in must have a registered office address that is registered with Companies House. The details of this will be held on public record. If necessary, we can provide your Scottish company limited by guarantee with a registered office address in Edinburgh or Glasgow, for minimal cost.

Not only does this give you the added prestige of having a legal business address in the Scottish capital (for far less than the cost of rent), this also gives you further private protection. By using a registered legal address supplied by Coddan, you can keep your business and private home address separate.

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