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Set-Up a Non-Profit Enterprise in Scotland

We can take care of your Scottish non-profit company set-up

Incorporate a Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee

We can take care of your Scottish non-profit company set-up: at Coddan, we're able to handle the formation of your non-profit company in Scotland and will do so with the minimum of disruption to you and at highly competitive fees. Our expertise in  law ensures that we're best placed to create a non-profit association for you there, drawing on our many years of experience in doing so with thousands of clients. It pays to choose a company startup firm that's versed in Scottish company law because it differs from company law in other parts of the United Kingdom.

In order to open your company limited by guarantee in Scotland, you will need to fill out our online application form. This handy and time-freeing process and it allows you to register your non-profit corporation with the least amount of trouble. From there, we will deal with Companies House to make sure your new enterprise is properly registered. If it's a charity you're setting up, we will seek the necessary approval from the Charity Commission.

To establish a non-profit in Scotland, you must provide an official office address. It doesn't have to be where you're exactly carrying out your business but it must be in Scotland itself. If you don't have an business address in Scotland, or would prefer not to use one that you have there, as it would appear on the official records at Company House, we can supply an official address in Edinburgh.

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When your non-profit company is incorporated, we will provide you with all the legal documentation to prove its establishment, including the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. If you would like to know more about registering a non-profit company, talk to our expert business advisors today. They'll be happy to offer you initial advice as well as guide your right through the entire process. Make sure you register your new non-profit the right way. Do it with Coddan.

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