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Private company limited by guarantee post-registration & maintenance services: once your private company limited by guarantee is established and you're on your way to being a fully operational enterprise, you're going to need a range of services to help you along the way. At Coddan, we have a number of post-formation services that assist our clients in several essential areas, and free up their time to concentrate on driving their business forward.

One area that takes up a lot of companies' time and resources, including personnel, is accounting. Proper and professional bookkeeping is a legal requirement under UK company law, and annual accounts must be filed annually and on time. Failure to do so might leave a firm open to significant fines and penalties, and there is also the risk of being struck off.

At Coddan, we're able to handle our clients' bookkeeping and accountancy affairs so that they're up to date at all times and available for inspection. Our service in this critical area enables our clients to put their energies into concentrating on their business without being bogged down in large amounts of bookkeeping.

Our services extend into handling payroll for our clients. We make sure employees are paid on time and that the required deductions, including taxes and contributions, are made. An organised and official payroll is critical to ensuring the smooth operation of companies, and keeping employees satisfied.

Other post-formation services we provide to private companies limited by guarantee include the equally important area of taxation, and we're also able to offer corporate tax planning services. As companies are the government's VAT collector, it's important that VAT registration is done properly, so that there are no difficulties down the road that could prove problematic. We can make sure that our clients are properly registered for VAT.

Many companies limited by guarantee have financial requirements from time to time, needing various amounts of capital to fund an array of planned developments, from expansion into new markets to site upgrades and the exploration of new products, as well as in many other areas. At Coddan, we can assist with compiling funding proposals and identifying the best and most likely sources of capital, in additional to helping with every step of the process.

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If you've just register a private company limited by guarantee and are seeking various services to assist in your operation, contact us today and we'll be happy to discuss your particular requirements. We can offer you a new guarantee company registration with the further private company limited by guarantee post-registration services as well.

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