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RTM Company Establishment With Registered Address

RTM Company Formation With a Registered Office Address

RTM company establishment with registered address: registering an RTM company gives the leaseholders within an apartment block or flats the right to manage their own building - meaning that the maintenance of the building itself, repairs and care, managing services and the management of any communal areas, is decided by the leaseholders rather than a landlord.

This can either be done by the residents themselves, who make up the RTM company's board of officers, or they can nominate and employ a manager through the RTM company - either an individual or an outside company - who can manage the building on their behalf.

There are many reasons to register an RTM company and by law the residents - as long as they meet specific requirements - have the right to obtain the power of managing their own home, rather than leaving it to someone else who many not be managing it affordable or to the required standards.

RTM company formation in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast with a registered office address could be complicated - but with the assistance of Coddan's expert legal advice it needn't be daunting. Our team of experts will guide you through the process.

A registered office address for your RTM company means that your management team - the board, the officers and the director and whoever is nominated to actually be in charge of managing the building - have a company address for legal information and paperwork to be gathered.

RTM company formation in London with a registered office address is a process that Coddan can manage and guide you through, from gathering the required information about the building and leaseholders through to the everyday management.

No matter where in the UK you are Coddan have trained legal ad visors available to talk you through registering an RTM company, in Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, London or Liverpool, a registered office address for a right to manage company is a logical solution to running the management of a building when a number of leaseholders make up the officers and an outside manager takes overall control of managing the building.

The benefits of this registered office address are that no vital paperwork is mislaid, all the relevant information is communicated to everyone concerned, and the management of the RTM company is smoother because everything remains together, and all communication comes through the same source rather than to various officers or residents who have to be responsible for sharing the information and managing the services.