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Private Company Limited by Shares - Option 4 (UKR)

Key Features

Quick company formations

This package is cheap and cost effective way to start a business, and includes the provision of the registered office address in London, plus the secretarial service for the duration of one year.

This package is particularly attractive to any aspiring entrepreneur starting up a company for the first time, who has clear understanding of the mandatory responsibilities that accompanies owning a business. This is our the most popular companies formation packages for such customers who run their business from home, and who are looking to have a prestigious office address in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Sussex, Edinburgh, Glasgow or in Belfast.


The following documents will be posted by Royal Mail first class to your door upon the formation of your company limited by shares: -

1. The laminated certificate of incorporation printed on a special class of the ivory paper;
2. The elegant printed certificate of the registered office address.

With this package we will also provide the following services: -

1. The provision of the registered office address in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Sussex, Edinburgh, Glasgow or in Belfast;
2. The government mail forwarding or scanning with forwarding to your e-mail;
3. Monitoring changes in share ownership of the company;
4. Ensuring that the company files statutory information promptly;
5. Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action;
6. Developing and overseeing the systems that ensure that the company complies with all applicable codes as well as its legal and statutory requirements.

This incorporation package does not include the provision and appointment of the nominee secretary, but we will take care about your company maintenance as it was described above. 

About the provision of registered office address & due diligence requirements

Due to the implementation of 2007 Money Laundering Regulations (EC Third Money Laundering Directive) on 15 December 2007 it is now necessary for all Trust and Company Services providers including company formation agents to register with the HM Revenue & Customs and to put anti-money laundering systems into place.

We are therefore required to ask for a scanned identification of company directors and beneficial owners of companies via e-mail first before we can undertake to provide a registered office address.

Within 14 days we will require you to post us a recent utility bill showing your real ("shadow") directors and beneficial owners of companies names and current addresses and also a passport or a driving licence.

These can be original documents or copies certified by a solicitor, notary public or commissioner for oaths.

If you are an overseas based client you should provide us a copy of your passport and utility bill with the notarised translation into English.

Where we have provided a registered office address at your request and subsequently have to file a change of the address because you have failed to provide due diligence no refund will be given.

Company registration procedure

We will incorporate your own company from scratch using one of our own registered address as your company legal registered office address, and appoint your own candidates to the roles of a company' director, secretary (not always needed, but it is still recommended), and a shareholder. Upon business entity' start-up, these details will be recorded as the original details of your company.

Your application will be submitted electronically; we are the approved E-filing partner of Companies House' and our online incorporation technology is the most advanced in our industry.

Our business consultants have broad and deep business experience with companies registration requirements, and incorporation procedures, we can offer a free initial consultation either by e-mail or via the phone; personal consultations at our main office location in London, which is situated in 120 Baker Street. We endeavor to respond to your e-mails within 24 hours.

If you require any basic or general information regarding our online order forms, company formation procedures, fees or legal requirements, you can address your inquiry over the phone: +44 (0) 207 935 5171 or 0330 808 0089.

If you would like a personal face-to-face consultation & dedicated help with your company obligations, do not hesitate to call us & ask for an appointment at our office in London.

When your company will be ready

The formation of a company usually takes as little as four to six hours from the time that your application & payment are received by Coddan.

We will file your application electronically with the Companies House, allowing the fastest possible registration.

This generally means that if you place an order before 13:00 (London time) on the normal working day; your company will be registered by the end of that day.

Companies registration can sometimes takes slightly longer. Although the majority of companies are registering within a maximum of 24 hours, there may be occasions where the process takes longer due to circumstances beyond our control.

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  • Free company formation email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
  • Free face-to face consultation at our office
  • Free referral to business bank account
  • Post-formation support & advice
  • Companies House formation fee
  • No signatures or paperwork required
  • 3-4 hours online formation
  • Ready to start trading business
  • An e-mail copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • An e-mail copy of the tailor-made memorandum & articles of association
  • An e-mail copy of the meeting of the board of directors
  • An e-mail copy of the shares certificates
  • An e-mail copy of the company' registers
  • The laminated certificate of incorporation printed on a special class of the ivory paper
  • One set of the tailor-made memorandum and articles of association with a company's registers printed & top-notch bound
  • A hard bound copy of the of the first meeting of the board of directors
  • Two shares' certificates printed on the special layout security design paper
  • A certificate of the beneficial owner
  • The rubber stamp of your company
  • The registered office address for 12 month
  • The government mail forwarding
  • The certificate of the registered office address
  • The secretarial compliance service
This package is available in: England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Liverpool, Manchester

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Package for Scotland:

Package for Northern Ireland:

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