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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Accounting & administration A Guide to Starting & Developing a New Business

A Guide to Starting & Developing a New Business

A beginners' guide to starting a business in the UK: starting your own business can be an extremely challenging endeavour, especially in today's dog-eat-dog economic climate. To help you get started, our company formation experts here at Coddan have assembled the following guide. Designed to help you take that all important first step, our guide offers advice as well as access to useful information that will have you on your feet and up and running in no time. Should you need any further assistance, stop by our website at for more information on how to get your business started today.

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Start up your business from £24.99 (for UK based clients)

Required steps & information to start a new company formation


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Forming a company limited by shares online: this is the main package for solicitors and accountants who need a straightforward company registrations for their consumers, and who are going to provide further legally required documents.

With this offer, we will send the following documents to your email:



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Easy company formations online: this is the fast and cheap way to form a private corporation in the UK. With this offer, you will receive digital copies of all legally required documents and you will get the laminated certificate of your organisation.

This offer includes everything stated within the first option, & combines:



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Cheap private company formations online: this is the fast and easy way to open a limited company in the UK. With this offer, you will receive hardbound copies of all legally required documents.

It is inclusive of all the advantages within the first two options, as well as free delivery of the following:



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This company limited by shares start up package designed to give your organisation a registered address in London, Liverpool, Manchester, or in Scotland, or in Belfast.

It includes all benefits mentioned of option one with the extra advantages of:

Top tips for starting your own business in London, Edinburgh and/or Belfast

Bravery: setting up your own business requires no small amount of courage. With as many as one out of every three UK business failing within the first year, going it alone is never easy. It can put strain on your personal life and, even worse, have a damaging, long-lasting effect on your financial health. With that in mind, it pays to listen to your common sense; research any investments thoroughly and make sure you have all the facts before you commit all your worldly resources to your new venture.

Capital: embarking on a new business venture without the necessary amount of cash is tantamount to tackling Mount Everest in a pair of shorts and sandals with both arms tied behind your back; in short, hard, if not downright impossible. When securing capital, look into taking out a loan or grant, many of which are available to start-ups and small businesses. UK Government, regional and local grants are available for certain industries. It is worth noting, however, that the process can be arduous, in some cases taking a lengthy amount of time to complete.

Dedication: look at what skills and experience you can draw on and take the time to consider how they can benefit your business. Knowing what is required in the day-to-day running of a business is half the battle - a business may look like simplicity itself to run from an outsider's perspective, but the reality is often very different. If the business you plan to start-up falls outside your usual sphere of expertise, ensure you take pains to research it thoroughly. It may even be worth considering work experience in the sector as way of gauging its suitability.

Serendipity: it goes without saying, but a little bit of luck can go a long way. Luck isn't something you can control, but you can make your own by ensuring you are prepared to make the most out of every opportunity that crosses your path.

Single member company formation & self-employed registration services by Coddan

Guidance to Start a Business in the UK

If you're looking to set up a single member company in the UK, this is an exciting time for you as you embark on your new business venture. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of setting up your sole member private company, and you can be forgiven for feeling a bit over whelmed. Here at Coddan, we are experts at limited company formation, and can ensure you complete all the necessary steps efficiently, quickly and affordable. Whether it's help with the necessary documentation, providing a registered office address, or setting up a limited company bank account, we can provide everything you need to start your UK business. With a variety of packages to suit your needs, see how we can help you with starting a business in the UK today. If you need an assistance with a starting business in UK, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Business start-up in UK for foreign customers

Starting Your Own Business

Every year thousands of people, fired with the entrepreneurial spirit, decide to take the plunge and start their own small business. They come from all backgrounds and ages. Their businesses are based on every conceivable idea from gardening and IT to child minding, consultancy and arts and crafts. The buzz of being your own boss has few equals.

While many of these businesses succeed, sadly some fail within a short time of starting, usually due to a lack of proper preparation and planning. If only they had been able to get some quality help and new business advice.

Why should you bother with the looking of useful information that might help you to start-up your business. Leave it to the professionals. So, if you thinking about starting your own business, or already started one, but looking to get some professional advise, why do not you ask Coddan for a help?

Coddan will be glad to provide you initial free ideas about how to form your business. All that you need to do is just to send us your e-mail enquiry to: info@coddan.co.uk and you will receive an answer from our business consultants within 24 hours absolutely free and confidential.

Our firm has been establishing to provide the practical guidance and qualified assistance in starting and running a limited liability business within United Kingdom and offshore jurisdictions (BVI, Cyprus, Belize, Isle of Man IOM, Gibraltar, Mauritius, Guernsey, Jersey, Nevis, Panama,Hong Kong, etc.). Our web site summarises the procedures and costs associated with setting up a private limited company or register a public limited company in the United Kingdom, and international company formation in offshore countries.

We advise you on the most appropriate business legal entities formation & LLC incorporation to suit your individual or business circumstances, so that you do not need to spend your cost-effective time to research how-to register a company or guess with the different business registration options.

We have years of companies' formation experience behind us as companies registration expert, and we have established well respected name and reputation in starting a business.

Allow us to help you to establish a company and get it running; or to select the best type of businesses for incorporation, and register your general trading company, branch, place of business, joint-venture, subsidiary or a holding company in the UK or offshore country.

We may assist to register a right to manage, flats management company, intellectual property management, ship management, or charitable companies, clubs, or trusts.

Before to register a company online, you should conduct a company name search - our new company name search tool will help you check that the company name or trade mark you are thinking of using for your business is not already registered or similar to one already existing. Our company name checker directly searches the Companies House' database and checks the index of all UK live companies and those dissolved within the last 12 months. Your LTD’ appropriate a Formal Business Address is must to be filled in and a duly-registered on the Registrar of Companies records and with the HMRC report as well․

If you will require further information about your business needs, pre-start stage and continues you can book an appointment with our business consultants in our office. It will be a bespoke service entirely for your benefits. You can discuss anything that concerns you and ask for advice on any aspect of starting and running a new business.

At any stage of your business activity, you can ask to speak with our specialists about specific questions which disturb your mind as a head of the business, such as bookkeeping, taxation or marketing for help to start your own business. All business advice meetings are on an appointment basis.

These meetings are usually taken between an hour and an hour and a half, but we can spend additional time, if it required for your business needs. We confirm your meetings, both by telephone and in writing and we suggest how you can prepare for the meetings so you can obtain the maximum benefit from them.

We also will require receiving from you the list of questions that you intend to discuss with our specialist, so we could be fully prepared for your meeting.

Coddan advise executives, full boards, board committees, non-executive directors, in-house counsel and institutional investors. Our advice covers a wide variety of matters including:

At Coddan, business specialists and consultants also can assist with the following queries and matters: -

  • Banking and finance transactions
  • Acquisitions and disposals of businesses including management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • Intellectual property - we advise on exploitation and/or realisation of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyright and industrial know how in conjunction with the firm's intellectual property group; we also advise on confidentiality issues, restrictive covenants and computer software and hardware licensing;
  • Commercial agreements including agency, distribution and management agreements
  • Shareholders agreements - we have the expertise and knowledge of many industries to recognise what our clients require;
  • Internet start-ups, web-site design and development
  • Financial services regulations
  • Company incorporation for both local and foreign interests - we offer a fast, efficient and tailored fixed fee service for company incorporations
  • Apostille legislation
If you would like a personal face-to-face consultation and dedicated help with your business start-up, call us on +44 (0) 207.935.5171, or 0330.808.0089 to discuss your requirements and make an appointment with one of our consultants. A consultant will contact you at a pre-arranged appointment time to discuss your individual circumstances, as well as your suggestions in relation to your incorporation needs.

Initial contact and dialogue may be by e-mail. At some point in the dialog, it may be decided that telephone or office consultation will be beneficial. To apply for a consultation, please complete an online questionnaire below, we will then arrange a private consultation with one of our consultants. An initial consultation with a private consultant costs between £45.00 and £125.00, please note that our senior advisors charge £150.00 per hour.

If an applicant subsequently joins the tailor-made premier service, the cost of the consultation is included in the price of the package. If you prefer not to complete our online questionnaire, you can submit your enquiry by e-mail to consultations@coddan.co.uk.

Upon receiving the information, you will be contacted by one of the business consultant to discuss your situation.