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Change a Company Name Online from £40.00, Amend the Name of a Company and Switsh Company Name on the Same Day!

Change a company name online: if your company is thinking about rebranding or if you need to reflect a change within your company, you might consider a name change. This is a big decision with plenty of implications, so it must be carefully considered. As a limited company, the process of making a name change can be a little complicated. You need to be registered through Companies House under the correct trading name, so you need to file a request and update all of your business details. This can be done online for your convenience. There is a form to complete which details the name change and requests an amendment. You will need to ensure that your new business name is unique and that you have the right to use it. UK company formation agent and legal specialists such as the experts here at Coddan can assist you in making your name change request online.

Change of Company Name

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Amend a Company Name

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  Change the Name of a Limited Company
Change the Name of a Limited Company

We charged £40.00 for the company name change in 5-10 days, in the case if you want to apply for a same day company name change, our fee is £80.00. For additional £25.00 we provide full legal support for the name change of your company, preparing the draft minutes from members' meetings, the consent to short notice for the extraordinary general meeting (EGM), the notice of the EGM, the minutes of the EGM, and the proxy voting form. You can apply for the full set of supporting documents or for the same day service by filing our application form

Price: £40.00

Change a Company Name, Changing Business Name for a Company

Amend the name of a company and/or swap a company name - situations may arise whereby a company wishes to swap its name – as in the case of a merger, for example – or amend the name slightly. Coddan’s team of expert advisors can assist you in the process.

The amendment or swap is done through Companies House, the UK's official registrar of companies, and normally a special resolution must be passed by directors and shareholders so that they're in agreement with the changes.

However, the company's directors can make the decision on their own but only if they have the ability to do so according to the articles of association. The new name must first be cross-checked with the Companies House register to determine if it can be used – by making sure it’s not already in use and doesn't contain any banned words. From there, an application for the change or swap is made directly to Companies House.

If you're planning to amend or swap your company name, get in touch with Coddan first and make sure you do it right. Our business consultants are available to talk to you now.

How to Change a Company Name

Change a Company Name

Once you register a new enterprise with Companies House and it's placed on the register, it doesn't mean you're stuck with the name for the life of the firm. For various reasons, company owners and directors may want to change their company name, and the good news is that you can do so at any time.

There are two ways to go about changing a company name: one is with the passing of a special resolution by members, which includes shareholders, and the other is by a vote among directors that doesn't require member agreement. The latter, however, is only an option in circumstances where the company's articles of association gives such power to the directors.

A special resolution can be held at such regular events as an annual or even extraordinary meeting – but can also be in the form of a written resolution – and it must achieve 75% agreement before being passed. It must then be provided to Companies House within 15 days, along with the relevant paperwork.

Before going ahead with any of this, Coddan recommends you check that your proposed new company name is available and that it doesn't breach any rules, for instance, by containing prohibited words. We can also assist with this.

Discover more about changing your company's name by getting in touch with Coddan today and speaking to the experts.

Change, Swap or Alter a Company Name With Ys

Swap a Company Name

As a sole trader or unregistered business, you are free to change your company name whenever you choose. If you start to offer a new service, expand your business or merge with another service, it could be time to rebrand. However, the situation is less simple for limited companies. All of your registered information as a limited entity is tied to your business name, and it is this name which you register during company formation.

If you wish to make a name change, you will need to make an application for this and have your original name removed from the register, moving all of your company information to the new name's records.

This might sound like a complicated process, but Coddan has many years of experience in making these changes and we understand the system well.

If you want to change your name as quickly and simply as possible, seek expert advice and contact us today. We can change, swap or alter your limited company's name, ensuring that the new name is correctly registered and all details have been changed over, so that you can trade using your changed name right away.

What to Do if You Need to Change the Name of Your Company Fast

Amend Company Name Online

Are you happy with your company’s name? It’s an important question. Often, business owners find that the name they launched with turns out to be unreflective of their company’s brand as the business develops, or even that it creates a completely different impression with customers than the one they’d hoped for.

Although choosing the right name is a crucial part of building a company’s image, it can be hard to get the perfect title first time. For instance, did you know that Google was originally called Backrub? Or that Nike was once known as Blue Ribbon Sports? If a name change can work for such iconic companies, it could work for you.

If you do decide to change your company’s name, but you are worried about how long the process could take, that’s where Coddan Ltd can help.

As one of the UK’s leading company registration providers, we can quickly and efficiently register your name change with Companies House, ensuring that you can get on with relaunching your freshly named business. Get in touch with Coddan Ltd today and let us help you change your company name the quick and easy way.