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Change a Registered Company Address

Change a registered company address: all limited companies are required to have their details filed through Companies House, and this record must include a valid address for the business. In the case of companies with multiple locations, this is likely to be a head office or headquarters. For home based companies, an alternative address might be used for security and privacy reasons. When a move occurs or when your details change, you will need to update your details on the official register. In order to change your registered company address, you need to file a request with Companies House. The address you choose should be a legitimate premises to which you have access, and is likely to be where your own records are held. To learn more about address changes or for help with your request, contact the company formation specialists here at Coddan.

  Change of a Registered Address
Change of a Registered Address

We are charging £25.00 for the company registered address change if you have the web-filing code, and want to use one of our addresses in London (£50.00) Edinburgh (£75.00) or Belfast (£75.00) as your new company' registered office address. For additional £25.00 we provide full legal support for the address change of your company, preparing the draft minutes from members' meetings, the consent to short notice for the extraordinary general meeting (EGM), the minutes of the EGM, and the proxy voting form.

Price: £25.00

Change the registered office address of a limited company

Companies change location all the time, and when they do, they have a duty to inform the relevant authorities so they can update the office address at which the company is officially registered.

Companies House rules stipulate that the new office address must, however, be in the same legal jurisdiction of the country that the limited company was initially incorporated in. That means if your private company was registered in Scotland, the new address must be there, and it's the same for England and Wales, as well as Northern Ireland.

Once the change has been reported to Companies House, using its official documentation and within 14 days of a move to the new premises, they will then inform other authorities, such as HM Revenue & Customs for your tax affairs, so there's no need to do so separately. If your contact details also change, these too must be reported.

If you want to change the legal address of your company, contact Coddan and get the professional advice you need to do it the right way. Our friendly business consultants are available to answer all your questions.

Changing details of a company's legal address

Change a Registered Address

Every company listed by Companies House has to declare a registered address. This address is the place where the company records are kept, and where those records can be made available for public scrutiny. It is also the address that Companies House and HMRC will use to send to legal notices and other important communications.

As a company owner or director, you are responsible for keeping Companies House informed, and you are required to notify them within 14 days of any changes to the company's registered address. But if you are in the middle of relocating to new premises, it can be easy to overlook this important paperwork. You may not be sure which form to use and how to deal with it correctly.

To take the stress and complication out of changing your registered company address, why not speak to the professionals? Coddan's expertise and experience in the field of corporate services means that we can handle all of your Companies House notifications. Your LTD’ appropriate a Formal Business Address is must to be filled in and a duly-registered on the Registrar of Companies records and with the HMRC report as well․

Our speedy electronic filing system ensures that all of your company's official transactions are carried out quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.