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What To Do If You Need To Change The Name of Your LLP Fast

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#3. What To Do If You Need To Change The Name of Your LLP Fast
Amend an LLP Name Online

You've considered all the implications of the new name for your limited liability partnership, you've checked for clashes with existing partnership or company names, you've made sure it won't conflict with any registered trademarks, and you're ready to go ahead. Your thoughts are already full of brilliant new advertising and promotion concepts. You just want to get the change registered and get on with it.

It's not difficult to change the name of your UK LLP. All you need to do to change an LLP name is set up an extraordinary general meeting with your members, give them the requisite notice, organise a time and place to meet, draw up and distribute an agenda, write up and distribute the minutes and file them, amend your original partnership agreement, send off the correct forms on paper to Companies House, notify HMRC, change the notices at your place of business and registered business address or designated SAIL address, change all your stationery and your website, change all your email stationery...

It's not difficult, but it can be time consuming, and includes a slow, painstaking legal process, so it's easy to lose sight of when you’re also managing the day-to-day business of your partnership and willingly distracted by more inspiring tasks like overseeing the redesign of you logo. Fortunately, there's someone who can help. Coddan can handle all the paperwork associated with changing the name of your LLP, leaving you to concentrate your energies on making your own unique contributions to the success of your joint enterprise.

We'll submit your LLP name by the approved legal process, which still requires documents to be submitted in hard copy on Companies House's own notice of change of name of a LLP form. The next time you have to think about it will be when we present you with a certificate to confirm the partnership's legally registered change of LLP name. If you choose, we will also be happy to notify HMRC about your LLP name change - a small but vital task which could be easily and disastrously overlooked.

But what if you need to change the name straight away? Perhaps you intend to relaunch at an event that's only just been announced, you want to rebrand to coincide with a key new product, or you want to avoid complications by timing the change to coincide with the end of your accounting or the tax year. Perhaps you even did the unthinkable and registered a partnership name that sounds too much like an existing partnership or company's name, or clashes with a registered trademark.

Changing the name of your LLP can involve a slow-moving legal process, but it doesn't have to be that way. We can help you to speed up the altering of an LLP name process without straying from the required legal procedures. Our expedited LLP name change service can help you get the whole thing completed within days.

Not only can we provide full legal support for the limited liability partnership name change at Companies House, we will also help you to handle the legal process with your limited liability partnership members. We can draft legally sound notice of EGM, consent to short notice for EGM and the proxy voting forms for you and even create the minutes of the required EGM, emailing them all to you so all you need to do is print them off, get them appropriately signed and file them in your company register. At the same time we can prepare the statutory notice of change of name of an LLP form necessary to change the name with Companies House, which you also just print off, sign and return to us.

Once we've received the paper copy of your LLP name alternation application, we can register the LLP name amendment with Companies House within 24 hours. Naturally we'll also supply your certificate confirming the legal change of your LLP's name, and automatically notify the HMRC of the change as part of the service.

Don't worry if your partnership is not registered in the UK. We're experienced company formation professionals and have all the expertise in international company law necessary to handle your LLP name change under any legal system. There's no need to worry if you need to change your LLP name fast - just contact Coddan today if you are looking for changing an LLP name.