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Change or Alter an LLP Name With Us

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#2. Change or Alter an LLP Name With Us

Change or alter an LLP name with us

Change an LLP Name Online

There may come a time when you need to change the name of a limited liability partnership (LLP). There are several controls in place in the UK which are concerned with the naming of an LLP, and these include restrictions on the use of certain words and expressions, especially those which indicate or describe an LLP's legal structure, names that are the same as, or similar to an existing name on the Companies House index. There are also restrictions on the way in which particular characters, symbols or signs, and punctuation is used in a partnership name.

If, before LLP incorporation, your LLP name included the use of restricted words or symbols, or even if it was very similar to the name of an already registered company, it will be necessary to alter the LLP name.

With regards to the process of changing an LLP name, our service offers two levels. The first is straightforward, and may appeal to experienced businesspersons, who may already be au fait with the registration and LLP name changing processes of Companies House; or to those who may run a small-sized business where the decision-making process is quicker.

First option: we submit the changes to your LLP name, provide a certificate of the name change, and as an additional option, we also inform HMRC of the LLP name change. For the large LLP with many members, which may require a lot of organisation and agreement around name changes, we offer a second option service.

Second option: we provide full legal support for the name change of your LLP, preparing the draft minutes from members' meetings, the consent to short notice for the extraordinary general meeting (EGM), the notice of the EGM, the minutes of the EGM, and the proxy voting form. We send these documents to you by email, and you should print them out, sign, and keep them at either the registered office address, or at the single alternative inspection location (SAIL) address.

Following these processes, we will then submit the LLP name change, provide you with a certificate and notify HMRC.

Companies House charges a standard fee that should result in registration of the name change within 5 days. These charges are included in our prices. Name changes for LLPs can only be submitted to Companies House using statutory forms on paper.