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Change an LLP Registered Address from £25.00

How and why a limited liability partnership should consider altering their registered office address: if you are operating under an LLP, you may be considering, or even have decided to take this course of action. You may want to provide a separate address, away from your actual place of business, for your correspondence, or for filing at Companies House. Especially for smaller LLPs, two key advantages are that you ensure privacy in terms of official inspections, and, if the situation ever arises, you avoid having creditors banging on your own door. You may also be running several LLPs, but do not wish their connection to be generally known. After the change of an LLP registered address, you can use the new address on all of your LLP documents and stationery, website and emails. Coddan provides new company formation, provision of a new registered office address across the UK, and we can also change your current registered address online.

  Change of a Registered Address of an LLP

We are charging £25.00 for the LLP registered address change if you have the web-filing code, and want to use one of our addresses in London (£50.00) Edinburgh (£75.00) or Belfast (£75.00) as your new LLP registered office address. For additional £25.00 we provide full legal support for the address change of your LLP, preparing the draft minutes from members' meetings, the consent to short notice for the extraordinary general meeting (EGM), the minutes of the EGM, and the proxy voting form.

Price: £25.00

Change the legal office address of a limited liability partnership

There are a few areas to comply with when you do decide to change. Firstly, it must be an actual physical location; one where, for example, government officers can knock on the door for an inspection. A post office box is not an acceptable alternative. This is also the place where your LLP documents must be kept, and be available, for any inspection. All the work involved in providing this separate address or addresses can be time-consuming when you will have other tasks on which to focus your energy and actions. Luckily, there is a simple solution...

Using Coddan to change – and provide – your limited liability partnership address: with long experience as  registration experts, the expert team at Coddan can both undertake this process for you and provide the new physical address if this is required. They will help you quickly complete the necessary documentation, assisting you in your application for the provision of a registered office address. Coddan can make sure you never miss out on any incoming mail, including important documents, by forwarding them to you. Should you choose a Coddan address, you have a choice of a range of prestigious UK locations. You might be registered in London, yet have a business address in Bradford. To make this change, their team can also help with the organisation of the required special resolution to call an extraordinary meeting of LLP members. If you have any questions about this process, or are ready to go ahead with the change, it certainly makes sound business sense to talk to the Coddan experts on + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Change your LLP's place of registration

Change an LLP Registered Address

Change an LLP registered address: there are many reasons why a limited liability partnership may wish to change their address, and Coddan has many years of experience in this area - this will ensure that your address change will go as smoothly as possible. Perhaps you do not want business inspections to take place at your regular address, or you need creditor visitors to be conducted off-site. These are both possible with an alternative registered address. For more information about changing the registered address for your partnership, get in touch with Coddan today and speak to one of our experts. In order to comply with the law, Coddan only provides physical addresses, as opposed to simply a PO Box. If you need to change a registered address of a firm, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Changing details of an LLP registered address

Change an LLP Registered Address

For various reasons, limited liability partnerships might want to change their registered office address so that officially there is another to which all correspondence is addressed and that is filed at Companies House. At Coddan, we can help you to change the registered office address of your limited liability partnership (LLP) and we can also provide you with an alternate registered office address if you so desire. Using our application form you can simply to change a registered office address for your partnershipuse your own address, or you can use a legal address from someone else. To change an LLP registered office address with us, it is necessary to apply for the provision of a registered address from us.

Particularly for smaller LLPs, it can be a good idea to have a separate address to their actual place of business. This ensures privacy in terms of official inspections and also in the event that creditors might turn up demanding payments. You don't have to worry about missing out on important documents from the authorities because we can handle that for you and forward it on.

If you are changing registered address and choose the option of a Coddan-provided one, we have several prestigious locations to choose from, depending on where your LLP is located. You can have an official registered address in London, legal address in Liverpool, business address in Manchester, registered address in Edinburgh or registered business address in Belfast.

In order to officially change business address, you will need to prepare a special resolution to call an extraordinary meeting of members. We can help you to do this - we will prepare all necessary resolutions, and change legal address of an LLP. We have vast experience in helping thousands of companies and LLPs with such matters and can assist with utmost professionalism. If there's anything you'd like to discus, our consultants are available to talk to you today about changing an registered office address.

Change the registered office address of a limited liability partnership: we offer excellent service and low fees, starting at just £50.00 to have a registered office address in London from Coddan. You can then use this address on all of your documents and materials, including stationery and business cards and also your website and in emails.

It is important to note that if you're considering changing your official registered address, it cannot be a post office box. The address must be at a physical location so that people can visit at any time, including government officers wanting to carry out inspections. The main limited liability partnership documents must be kept at this location for this purpose, as they must be made available to inspectors. An official registered address from Coddan will facilitate all of this.

Reasons to change a registered office address for an LLP: for people who are running several limited liability partnerships, they may not want it known that they are connected. For that reason, it's preferable not to have them all registered at the same location, such as one office premises or at home. It is therefore advisable to have a separate official registered address for each LLP, and you can do that quickly and easily though Coddan. We will also handle all incoming correspondence and forward it to you.

if it is the case that you're located overseas, we are also able to assist with registered addresses, and we can still deal with correspondence sent to them by the relevant authorities, such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs, and send it on to you. For sensible solutions to registered office addresses for your partnership, talk to Coddan.