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Change a Company SAIL Address from £25.00, Changing Corporate Single Alternative Inspection Location Online!

Changing a company's SAIL address: a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) is the location of company accounts, often used for companies who operate separately from their registered premises. For example, a home-based business may prefer to use a SAIL address to prevent a personal address from appearing on public records, or a large organisation may wish to avoid the public knowing their location. Whether for security or for privacy, SAIL addresses are popular with limited companies. Changing your SAIL address requires a specific document to be filed with Companies House, so you may prefer an experienced professional here at Coddan to take care of this. Your alternative address must meet strict conditions in order to be valid, and we can advise you on all aspects of SAIL management.

Change of a SAIL Service Address

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Amend SAIL Service Address

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  Change of Single Alternative Inspection Location
Change a Company SAIL Address

We are charging £25.00 for the company single alternative inspection location change if you have the web-filing code, and want to use one of our SAIL addresses in London (£150.00) as your new company single alternative inspection location address. For additional £25.00 we provide full legal support for the SAIL address change of your company, preparing the draft minutes from members' meetings, the consent to short notice for the extraordinary general meeting, the minutes, and the proxy voting form.

Price: £25.00

Change the SAIL Address of a Limited Company, Change of Legal SAIL Address for LTD

The acronym SAIL stands for Single Alternative Inspection Location. SAIL requires directors to notify Companies House if company records or registers are not kept at the office address. Why is this important?

In the world of e-commerce, increasingly more businesses operate from spare rooms and domestic homes. However, many budding entrepreneurs and directors aren't happy for their family home to be publicly known to customers and clients. In order to avoid this, a director can use an alternate address - for example, their lawyer or accountant's office.

Not only this, but your SAIL address has to be included in your annual returns. It's therefore often most logical for this address to be the same place as the service provider, and here at Coddan, we can offer all the facilities that a director or entrepreneur could require to keep their private and work life separate.

It also means that you receive a rounded and complete service - for example, would you know that if you moved into an office after a SAIL, you would require a form to notify Companies House of the change? Stay safe and legal while gaining the benefit of SAIL, by involving Coddan with your business today.

Changing the Details of a Company's SAIL Address

Changing SAIL Inspection Address

If you have a limited company or are trying to establish one, you will know that you need a registered address to meet formation conditions. Many people who work from home or who are just setting up will use a personal address and store important records there, but this can come with complications.

If you prefer to remove your personal details from the public record and instead use an alternative address, you will need to make a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) change request. The SAIL address is a place where auditors and officials can view your records, and it could be any premises to which you have and can provide access.

You may also need to update your SAIL address if you change your business location or move home. It is a legal obligation to keep your company details up to date, so you must make this change as soon as you can.

The SAIL change request can be handled by the legal and financial specialists at Coddan, giving you one less thing to worry about while you concentrate on the move. A SAIL request can also update incorrect details and ensure that everything on the register is accurate.

Benefits to Changing a Company SAIL Address With Us

Change SAIL Inspection Address

When a company is incorporated, Companies House assumes that the registered office address of the company is the place where company records are kept, and is also the place where those records can be made available for public inspection.

However, for a variety of reasons it may be necessary to register something called a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) address. This is often because a company might be run from home, and the business owner is reluctant to have their home address listed on a public directory.

The SAIL address is often the office of the company's accountant but can be any other address. Registering or changing a SAIL address, however, can be complicated. Different forms must be used, according to your precise circumstances, and this can be frustrating to deal with when you just want to get on with running your company.

That's why it's a good idea to let a professional company like Coddan Ltd handle your SAIL address changes. Our expertise in the field of corporate services and our electronic filing methods mean that your SAIL address notification will be handled smoothly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind and letting you concentrate on building your business.

The List of Registers You Need to Keep at a SAIL Address

Amend SAIL Inspection Address

Companies that choose their registered office address as a Single Alternate Inspection Location (SAIL) are legally required to keep a number of registers there should government officials visit and want to inspect them.

The type of documents to be kept at a SAIL location can vary depending on the company as well as where they’re located (in England and Wales compared to Scotland, where there are different laws, for example), but in general the following are required by law: -

  • The register of all members, including shareholders, guarantors and anyone else
  • A complete register of the company directors
  • A document containing the addresses at which the directors are currently resident
  • A register of the firm's secretaries
  • A register of the directors’ service agreements or contracts, whether ongoing or for a certain time period
  • A record of board meetings and general meetings and any resolutions that have been passed. Copies of decisions and resolutions must be available
  • A register of instruments that create charges, such as loans and mortgages, as well as general charges
  • A record containing details of the sale of company shares

Contact Coddan if you would like to know more about registers to be kept at SAIL addresses.