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Change an LLP SAIL Address from £25.00

Changing the details of your LLP single alternative inspection location (SAIL) address: if you decide to make change an LLP SAIL address, you will be able to provide an alternative location for the storage of your official documentation – the statutory records that either government or tax inspectors can require to inspect at any time. Your LLP SAIL address, can provide an alternative to your registered office. If you wish, you can keep your register of members and, if appropriate, debenture holders, at this location. If your LLP enters into a charge, the register, plus instrument of creation, should also be kept at your SAIL address. These LLP statutory documents are to be available for public inspection for at least two hours between 9 and 5 on working days. You will typically be given around ten days notice of any upcoming inspection.

Coddan offers a new company formation with a SAIL address, or, if you wish, you can amend a SAIL address for your LLP after your partnership registration.

  Change of Single Alternative Inspection Location

We are charging £25.00 for the LLP single alternative inspection location change if you have the web-filing code, and want to use one of our SAIL addresses in London (£150.00) as your new LLP single alternative inspection location address. For additional £25.00 we provide full legal support for the SAIL address change of your LLP, preparing the draft minutes from members' meetings, the consent to short notice for the extraordinary general meeting, the minutes, and the proxy voting form.

Price: £25.00

Change the SAIL address of a limited liability partnership

Reasons for your LLP choosing to have a SAIL – or changing it: if you only have a registered address, and it’s also your place of trading, then an inspection could disturb both your customers and staff. Your SAIL address does have to be in the same part of the UK as your registered location. Therefore, should your business move from Birmingham to Glasgow, your SAIL would need to move to Scotland.

The simplest way to register or change your SAIL (or registered office address): there is a one-word solution if you want to undertake either of these activities. Coddan. Their vastly-experienced team can quickly handle the legal process for you. This includes preparing the special resolution calling for an EGM of your members to agree, and then minute, this decision.

Wherever the new address is, a facility for document inspection must be included. The name of the LLP must also be publicly visible on external signage. As well as assisting with the process, Coddan can provide actual use of prestigious physical locations – such as Baker Street in London, or elsewhere in the UK. The necessary documentation can then be produced at these locations whenever demanded, and your LLP will be named on a wall plaque, to meet the previously-mentioned requirements.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this process, or wish action to be taken on your behalf, the simplest next step is to contact the Coddan team on + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089. You will then enjoy peace-of-mind from knowing that their professional expertise in the areas of LLP and SAIL can be quickly put to work on your behalf.

Change an LLP address for legal inspections

Changing SAIL Service Address of an LLP

Changing a SAIL address for an LLP: a single alternative inspection location (SAIL) offers an LLP a secure location from which statutory records may be inspected, as legally required within ten days of notice being served. Keeping the required documentation at the registered office of an LLP may present difficulties if an inspection takes place with employees and customers within the building. Having a SAIL address avoids such difficulties. Coddan Ltd are able to offer a convenient SAIL for an LLP in whichever part of the UK it is based, and provide facilities for inspection when requested. Coddan Ltd also maintain a statutory plaque at the entrance of the specified SAIL address, including their prestigious Baker Street, London offices. If you need an assistance with changing the LLP SAIL inspection address, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Changing details of an LLP single alternative inspection location

Changing an LLP Inspection Address

Upon an LLP formation, the LLP SAIL address stands for a single alternative inspection location. It provides an LLP with an alternative location for the storage of official documentation, which are legally defined as statutory records that can be required for inspection by the government or tax authority at any time. An LLP SAIL address must have the facilities to produce the documents within a short time period for inspection.

In the case, if an LLP does not keep registers at the registered office address, the records that should be kept at the SAIL address of an LLP include the register of members, and if it issues debentures, it should also keep a register of debenture holders. If it enters into a charge, a register of charges should also be kept at the SAIL together with the instrument that created the charge. These documents are kept at the SAIL in order to be available for public inspection.

Limited liability partnerships must make their statutory records available for inspection for at least two hours per day between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on working days only, and they will be given around 10 days notice of an inspection.

Why might an LLP need a SAIL address? Many limited companies and LLPs use their registered address without having a SAIL address. However, a SAIL is a useful facility to have in some circumstances. For example, if a limited liability partnership's registered office address is the same as its trading address, the disruption of an inspection could be inconvenient for employees and customers. Using a SAIL address means that the inspection does not interfere with the everyday workings of the limited liability partnership.

Why might a limited liability partnership need to change LLP SAIL address? A SAIL address must be in the same part of the United Kingdom as the LLP's registered office address. If the LLP moves to a different part of the UK, the SAIL address should also be moved to that part. So, if the LLP was originally based in Carlisle, in Cumbria, with its SAIL in London, but it then moved to Annan, in Scotland, the SAIL would also need to be moved to Scotland.

How can Coddan Ltd LLP registration expert help with changing a SAIL address for an LLP or changing a registered office address for a limited liability partnership? Coddan Ltd can assist with the legal arrangements required to change an LLP SAIL office address or a registered office address. We can prepare a special resolution that calls an extraordinary general meeting of the LLP members where the new address can be agreed through a special resolution, and where the arrangements and decisions are minuted.

LLPs can choose an address personally or professionally known to one or other of the directors or members as a new registered office or SAIL address. However, the facilities to make the documentation available for inspection must come with the new address. Additionally, the name of the LLP must be included in signage on the external walls of the building, where it is visible to the public.

Coddan offers not only the use of a prestigious address in, for example, Baker Street, London, (there are a range of addresses available to use in Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh amongst others) but also makes available the facilities in order to be able to produce the documentation when requested by the authorities. All LLPs which are either registered or have a SAIL at one of Coddan's addresses are named on a plaque at the entrance of the specific address, in order to comply with regulations.

Dormant LLP and SAIL Address

SAIL Address & Dormant LLP

Please take the following important note about the single alternative inspection address and a dormant LLP upon your consideration. If your limited liability partnership is dormant, and does do any sort or any kind of business activities in the United Kingdom, the status of such partnership can remain to be dormant. Dormant LLPs do not require having a SAIL address in the UK, only trading LLPs require having a single alternative inspection address in the country of their incorporation.