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Changing LLP Accounting Reference Date and Helping With Returns & Accounts

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#4. Changing LLP Accounting Reference Date and Helping With Returns & Accounts

Changing accounting reference date and helping with returns & accounts

Changing an LLP Accounting Reference Date

Changing accounting reference date and helping with filing of an LLP annual returns and submitting an annual accounts: when you established your limited liability partnership you were provided with an accounting reference date. However, it may not be suited to your annual reporting dates and may lead to higher accountancy workloads, and fees. The good news is that Coddan can assist in changing your limited liability partnership accounting reference date so that it falls in line with other annual duties, such as taxation and account filing, thereby streamlining your business and its obligations.

The end of the LLP financial year is the 12 months from when it was formed, and accounts must be prepared and submitted on time if the LLP is to avoid fines and even the possibility of business being struck off. We can work with Companies House so that your LLP's financial year is the same as that of HM Revenue & Customs, and this makes reporting easier. We can do this in any part of the UK, whether England and Wales, in Scotland or in Northern Ireland, and our fee is just £25.00. All you have to do is fill out our simple online form and we will do the rest.

When the process is complete and you have your new accounting reference date, we can also assist in preparing and filing the required accounts and returns. Our range of bookkeeping and other LLP post-formation services helps to keep a partnership fully compliant with partnership law wherever they are in the UK, as well as helping to ensure they run as smoothly as possible.

Changing  accounting reference date: if you would like to change the accounting reference date of your association so that all your reporting is done on the same date, and is not at different times of the year, possibly disrupting your business and its accounting, talk to us today and we will assist. Our expert  consultants have helped many thousands of LLPs with their business and administration matters, and are available to talk to you about your needs.