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We Offer Limited Company Formation with a Lloyds Bank Account from £24.99 within 24 Hours!

Forming a limited company with a Lloyds Bank account: when forming a limited company, you want to have peace of mind that all of your finances are being overseen by a trusted institution with many years' company formation experience. As experts in our field, Coddan only work with the best banks, and we have strong partnerships with all of the most recognisable names in banking, including Lloyds. We know that filling in all of the necessary paperwork and meeting strict deadlines when forming a limited company can seem overwhelming. However, by letting Coddan take care of the entire process for you, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything is in hand. Add setting up a bank account for your limited company to that, and it's one less thing for you to think about.

Company Start-Up Advantages


  • Company formation with bank account
  • Free professional advice via the phone
  • Free face-to face consultation at our office
Company Set-Up Convenience


  • Starting a new business in 3 hours
  • New business with bank account
  • Post-formation support & advice
  Limited Company Formation with a Lloyds Bank Account
Company Formation with Lloyds Bank Account

With the new company formation, we are able to engage with the Lloyds bank the process of opening a business bank account for our UK clients and customers. If you form a private company with us, and require to open a top-rank bank account, we are able to help to register a new company and assist with bank account introduction service. All you need to do is to complete our application form and we will help you to to form a company with Lloyds bank account.

Price: £24.99

Private Company Formation with Lloyds Business Account

Looking to establish a private company and get a bank account with a major British bank at the same time? Now you can save time, effort and money with our private company formation service that includes an introduction to Lloyds bank, so you can quickly get set up with a business account.

As one of the leading banks in the UK, Lloyds has a range of business accounts to suit every type of company, from those that are just starting out and have little or no turnover to small- and medium-sized operations and much larger enterprises.

No matter the size of the company, Lloyds offers attractive terms on its accounts, as well as free electronic payments, dedicated support and an array of digital and financial tools designed to let you get the most out of your business.

Our market-leading package includes registering your new enterprise with Companies House and providing you with all the statutory documentation for your files, including a certificate of incorporation and others.

Discover more about private company formation with a Lloyds business account by contacting Coddan today.

The Benefits of Forming a Company with a Lloyds Bank Account

Company Registration with Lloyds Banking Account

With the continued economic recovery, banks are once again getting competitive and seeking business interest. In this short article, we explore the unique benefits of forming a company using a Lloyds bank account. Features: -

  • As a new business, Lloyds provide new accounts with 18 months of free, day-to-day business banking
  • Lloyds offer clear pricing structures, and processes e-payments free of charge
  • A dedicated UK account management team
  • Regular updates and ideas for optimising your operations

Toolbox and knowledgebox: business ToolBox offers businesses a large variety of details and software deals, ranging across accounting with Sage or FreeAgent, to expense management, web tools, and secure e-mail. Lloyds make these available for 30 days with no charge. And if you decide it's right for you, you'll qualify for a discounted rate.

Business KnowledgeBox is an extensive, free, and easily accessed selection of guides and reports on a host of subjects - ranging from customer service, to financial management strategy. Written by leaders in each field, you know it's information you can trust.

Helping you grow: Lloyds can provide new businesses with extensive financial support, and approve 8 out of 10 lending applications received. Considering the above, Coddan feel that you should consider Lloyds your first port of call for setting up a new business.

Legal Requirements to Open an Account with Lloyds Bank

Company Start-Up with Lloyds Bank Account

All companies registered with Companies House are required to have a business bank account, in order to ensure that business and personal finances are kept separate, and if you are setting up a new company, it’s a good idea to look around and find the most suitable bank for your business.

Lloyds Bank is a popular choice for many businesses but it is important to remember that when you set up an account with Lloyds, you will have to provide them with certain information. This includes the name and address of the company, its registration number, and the company’s anticipated turnover.

Setting up a business bank account can be an involved procedure and you will want to minimise the amount of time you have to spend in getting the right information together, so it’s a good idea to speak to a professional corporate service provider who can help guide you.

Coddan Ltd have offered useful business advice to companies of all sizes and we can help to make sure that the process of setting up your business account with Lloyds Bank runs smoothly and efficiently.

Your Business Activity Must be Separate From Your Private and Family Needs

Register Company with Lloyds Bank Account

Are you aware of the legal ramifications of not maintaining the balance between your work life and your private life? This short article will explore some of the reasons why maintaining this separation is so important.

Tax: you may be eligible to pay business rates in lieu of council tax if using your home for business purposes - an example of this would be if you're a small hotel operator. There can even be Capital Gains implications if you have a designated work area and decide to sell.

Building and planning: if you convert part of your home for the sole purpose of your business, you can incur building and planning inspections and business rates. Additionally, if your home is no longer primarily a residence, you will require planning permission to proceed.

Health and safety: it might sound ridiculous, but health and safety is a key reason for separating private and business needs. If at home, unique hazards such as stress and loneliness can come more into play. For a detailed and confidential discussion about the importance of separating business activity from that of your private and family life, contact Coddan today.