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We Offer Limited Company Formation with a Barclays Bank Account from £24.99 within 24 Hours!

Limited company formation with Barclays bank account: when establishing a limited company with Coddan, you'll be looking for a business bank account with a well-respected, reliable and home-grown bank. Barclays is a name that certainly ticks all of those boxes. Barclays is one of the biggest banks in the country, and boasts a range of benefits for limited companies just starting out, with cash back, 12 months free banking and a personal service all guaranteed. They've helped 40,000 others in a similar position to you, and know what it takes to help a fledgling business get off the ground. At Coddan, we can help you with a new company formation, and prepare all the necessary documents. For more about forming a limited company with a Barclays bank account, contact us today.

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  • Company formation with bank account
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  • Starting a new business in 3 hours
  • New business with bank account
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  Limited Company Registration with a Barclays Bank Account
Company Formation with Barclays Bank Account

With the new company formation, we are able to engage with the Barclays Bank the process of opening a business bank account for our UK clients and customers. If you form a private company with us, and require to open a reputable bank account, we are able to help to register a new company and assist with bank account introduction service. All you need to do is to complete our application form and we will help you to to form a company with Barclays bank account.

Price: £24.99

Private Company Registration with Barclays Banking Account

Private company formation with a Barclays business account - when starting a new limited company, you have some obligations to meet regarding registration. Private company formation can be a complicated process, and it is best handled by an expert who understands what needs to be done. The financial and legal specialists here at Coddan have a fantastic reputation for providing company formation services.

We will also help you choose a banking institution to support your company as it grows. Barclays' range of business accounts include those with company formation packages, which allow you to become a limited company and meet those conditions regarding separating finances.

You will also be offered a dedicated account manager to look after you, and for the first year you will not pay fees on your bank account.

Choosing a well-known and respected bank such as Barclays gives you support when you need it and access to a huge range of services. Make it easier to access finance in the early days and take advantage of the account perks offered to you if you want to see your business grow and succeed.

Benefits of Forming a Company with a Barclays Bank Account

Company Registration with Barclays Banking Account

If you are setting up a new company, you need a trusted and reliable banking establishment who can look after your finances and offer you a series of great benefits too. Choosing the right bank for your business relationship will affect many of your decisions in the future, so it helps to get it right first time.

Coddan can advise you on various financial institutions and the different benefits they offer. No matter where you bank, you are sure to be offered a host of switch packages, allowing you to move over any former business interests to fund your new venture.

Barclays is one of the major institutions who can support you and your business. They offer a tiered range of accounts for companies of all sizes, and they can help you get started as a new company.

The accounts offer plenty of benefits, including 24/7 support, flexible loans and access to all kinds of educational resources and business platforms. New customers will pay no fees for the first month, allowing you to try out the account and its perks with no obligation. If you are just starting out and need a reliable, well established bank to take care of you, Barclays could well be the place to start.

Legal Requirements to Open an Account with Barclays Bank

Company Formation with Barclays Banking Account

If you intend to open a Barclays bank account, it's important to know what will be legally required of you before doing so. The first and most obvious piece of advice to arm yourself with before undertaking this process is acquiring correct and valid forms of personal identification which the bank will require legally.

Furthermore you will require two different forms, as one will be used as proof of identification and the other will be used to validate your current UK address.

If you're the owner of a valid UK passport or driving licence this is perhaps the best and easiest way of proving you are who you say are, as both forms of ID include photographs. However, other methods of proving your identity may work, such as a student ID card. To prove your current UK address should bring along a bank statement which must be less than three months old - legally speaking UK store card statements will not be a viable option.

Though a council tax or mortgage statement will, both of these must be less than 12 months old and the mortgage statement cannot be printed from the internet.

Business accounts require many of the same things, though you will have to inform Barclays of your existing banking details. You will also need to tell the bank the name of your company, the start date of said business and any anticipated financial details, such as turnover or funding requirements. In addition to this, you can apply online. If you're in any doubt as to the legal requirements when it comes to opening a Barclays account, ask the friendly and experienced team at Coddan today.

Why Your Business Activity Must be Separate from Your Private and Family Needs

Company Incorporation with Barclays Banking Account

Keeping personal and business finances separate is vital, but it is not always easy - especially in those early days as you form your company. Many new business owners find that money gets tight when they start up, and that is when the temptation to merge finances or activities can crop up.

However, it is so important that personal affairs and business matters are kept separate, to keep you and the taxman on good terms and to make all of your registration, filing and accounting processes much more simple.

If you start to cross over your activity, whether through adding personal finances to business funds or taking your wages from profits, you will find it much harder to maintain a proper paper trail and to account for your business affairs.

Instead, try to ensure that your personal life stays separate from your business life. For example, never secure a business loan against a family property - instead look for alternative sources of funding that do not place your home at risk. If you need any information about managing company interests or separating personal and business finances, the experts at Coddan are here to help you - give us a call.