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Apostille Certification in London, Notary Certification Service, Foreign Embassy & Consulate Legalisation in UK

Except of standard company formation, we offer the range of additional services, such as: fast apostille legalisation, company documents certification by a notary public or solicitor, corporate and private documents authentication by an apostille stamp, and documents verification via an embassy or consulate certification.
The benefits of legalising your company documents with Coddan Ltd: as a company trading on the international market, you want to be able to do so without any complications in different countries. The best way to get prevent these complications is to get an apostille certificate. This is an official certificate that legalises your documentation, which ensures it will be recognised in member states (known as apostille countries) without further legalisation. Member countries of the Hague Conference can agreed to accept apostille certificates in place of any other form of legalisation or authentication. The intention of the certificate is to simplify cross border laws and eliminate the need for various Embassy legalisation that differs between countries.If you need to do the legalisation of documents via the Chamber of Commerce, foreign embassy or a consulate, Coddan Ltd can take care of the process for you and deal with the reams of red tape on your behalf, so you can focus on getting the business ready to trade.

Apostille Certification in London


  • Apostille certification 24/7
  • Apostille verification in 24 hrs
  • Apostille stamp service
Documents Certification Service


  • Public notary service
  • Solicitors certification service
  • Consulate legalisation in UK
Our Apostille Certification Packages



If you want your company documents to be verified by a notary public or by solicitor, Coddan can provide this service swiftly and at cost-effective rates.

For company documents, all that needed to ensure that they are in a good legal standing is to be certified by a solicitor or notarised by a notary public.

    • We can verify documents by a solicitor or a notary public;
    • We can certify documents all together;
    • We can also authenticate documents separate from each other.



If you want your corporate documents to be verified by an Apostille stamp or by an Apostille certification, Coddan can provide this service swiftly and at cost-effective Apostille legalisation rates.

With this option we can legalise your documents by an Apostille stamp, and our price covers:

  • The verification of your documents by a solicitor; the certification of documents by an Apostille within 10 days;
  • Our charge includes the costs of a solicitor, and further government charges.



If you want your corporate documents to be certified by an Apostille stamp or by Apostille verification, we can provide this service at the gainful Apostille authorisation rates.

With this option, we can certify of your documents by an Apostille impression, and our price covers:

  • The verification of your documents by a solicitor; the identification of documents by an Apostille within 2 days;
  • Our charge includes the costs of a solicitor, and further government legalisation prices.



If you want to use documents in a country, which is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, you will have to have them legalised by the embassy or the foreign consulate.

With this option, we can certify of your documents by the foreign embassy or the consulate, & our legalisation price covers:

  • The verification of your documents by a solicitor; the identification of documents by an Apostille;
  • Our charge includes the costs of a foreign embassy or the consulate legalization.

Apostille Legalisation Service, Fast Apostille Verification Service, Get an Apostille Stamp

The certificate itself is comprised of the following information: country of issue, who has signed the document, the capacity of the signatory, details of any seal on the document, place of issue, date of issue, issuing authority, certificate number, stamp of issuing authority and signature of representative of issuing authority.

Why legalise your company by an apostille with Coddan Ltd? At Coddan Ltd we specialise in working with clients to incorporate companies and register limited companies in the UK. We oversee all aspects of company formation and have helped many companies get up and running quickly and effectively, as we provide advice and support across each stage of setting up a company. It's important when you want to legalise your company that all the various documents you provide for the process are presented in the right way to ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible. With our considerable experience of working with limited companies, we can ensure that your legalisation process is as quick and painless as possible.

Many other companies work with third party companies to undertake the Apostille certificate process. We guarantee that your documents will be handled with the utmost care and security, and will be processed securely with the FCO. We take care of the documents verification, notarisation, solicitors, consular and embassy legislation and the Apostille stamp itself.

No matter how complex or difficult your issues and questions are, we are always happy to help and will carry you through the process of legalisation. Many other companies will charge sky-high prices, but with Coddan Ltd we will ensure your Apostille certificate is processed at a reasonable price. Why not get in touch with us now to find out how we can quickly get your documents legalised?

Apostille Legalisation with Coddan Ltd, Company Documents Certification by a Notary Public or Solicitor
Company Documents Authentication by Apostille Stamp, Company Documents Verification via Foreign Embassy or Consulate Certification ...

Apostille Legalisation Service

You don't want to worry about making sure your documents are legally suitable for business, so using Coddan Ltd to legalise your documents means that you'll be receiving only the very best advice and service available. We at Coddan hire the UK's top specialists in going through legal documents and ensuring that every detail is correct and that your documents are just right. We work closely with the UK's best legal bodies and notaries to give you a fully comprehensive service, with levels of experience and expertise unmatched when it comes to legalising documents.

With Coddan able to authenticate and certificate various documents, we work with a fast turnover, meaning that you can get back to focusing on the important parts of your business. If you need an assistance with corporate documents authentication in UK, you can also speak to our advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

UK & Ireland Apostille Service: Apostille Legalisation With Coddan Ltd

Apostille Service

Apostille legalisation with Coddan Ltd: for a company to get off the ground it needs a solid legal foundation. This is the difference between a dreamy plan in the head of a budding entrepreneur, and a fully realised entity, ready to compete with the best. Coddan Ltd specialise in quick and painless company formation, giving your fledgling firm the legal basis it needs to succeed, including a comprehensive Apostille legalisation service.

Apostille legalisation is the ratification of your company's documents in accordance with the Apostille Convention. This is a treaty amongst 105 nations that allows that a legal document produced in any nation covered by the convention to be legally recognised by all of the other 104.

The four types of documents covered by the convention are administrative documents, official certificates, court documents and notarial acts. Ensuring your company's documents are covered by the Apostille convention can prove a bit of a headache, and tends to involve rather a lot of paperwork. Coddan Ltd's Apostille legalisation service can help to eliminate this, completing the process quickly, easily and with the minimum of disruption to your business.

Their team of experts has over twenty years of experience in offering a range of corporate legal services to English, Spanish and German speaking businesses in the UK and Republic of Ireland. If your company plans to trade internationally, either now or in the future, Apostille legalisation is an absolute must.

Coddan Ltd's legal services are backed up by a well-informed and always helpful support team who are constantly on hand to offer assistance to clients. So if you need a consultation, a quote for a price or simply some advice, the Coddan team are here to help.

Since the firm’s own foundation in 1993, Coddan Ltd has built up a reputation for providing a reliable and efficient Apostille legalisation service. A strict policy of confidentiality and a close working relationship with all their clients has put them at the very forefront of the industry; so contact Coddan Ltd today to make your company fully Apostille compliant, and to make your business dreams a reality

Apostilles Legalisation - Embassy & Consular Services: What is the Apostille Certificate?

Apostilles Legalisation

Coddan Ltd - here to help you grow your business: helping you negotiate your way through the minefield that can be starting out in business is at the heart of what we do at Coddan Ltd. As part of our drive to help you enjoy the excitement and avoid the pitfalls, here we take a brief look at the Apostille Certificate, something that you may come across in the course of future business dealings outside the UK.

What is an Apostille Certificate? Put simply an Apostille certificate (from the French apostille, or note) is a small certificate that can be attached to a document, enabling it to be recognised legally outside the UK. Once a document has had an Apostille certificate attached to it confirming the authenticity of signatures and seals, it can be presented to any country that recognises the Apostille.

The authority receiving the document should then accept the seals or signatures as valid without requesting further evidence or proof, saving your business time, further paperwork and money.

What types of documents can an Apostille certificate be attached to?

  • Court documents
  • Administrative documents
  • Notarial acts
  • Official certificates that are placed on documents signed by persons in their private capacity, e.g. recording the registration of a document or the fact that it was in existence on a certain date
  • All educational, non-educational and commercial documents

Which countries accept Apostille certificates? Apostille certificates are recognised by many countries across the world including EU members, USA, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Scandinavia and many former Eastern Bloc states.

What does an Apostille Certificate contain? It follows a prescribed format and must include the following:

  • Country of issue
  • Identity of the signatory
  • The capacity in which the person signed the document
  • Details of any seal
  • Place of issue
  • Date of issue
  • Issuing authority
  • Apostille certificate number
  • Stamp of issuing authority
  • The signature of the representative of the issuing authority

To sum up, an Apostille certificate is designed to help you conduct your business efficiently, which is what we're about at Coddan Ltd.

Authentications and Apostilles: Why Choose the Hague Apostille Legalisation Service?

Authentications and Apostilles

The Apostille certificate originates from the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It is a certificate that legalises company documents in foreign countries that are members of the Hague Conference. It's important for companies that want to trade in foreign countries that are members of the Hague Conference, or who originate from such a country but want to trade in the UK, that they have their company documents legalised via an Apostille certificate. This enables such companies to easily trade abroad without the need for additional legislation or certification.

It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process with many pitfalls, and could potentially cost you more money to undertake if the certification is rejected on the first attempt. That's where Coddan Ltd can help.

Why choose the Hague Apostille legalisation service through Coddan? There are many reasons why you should choose our Apostille legalisation service.For a start, we have a great deal of expertise in processing applications for the certificate, so we will ensure that all the documents are presented in the most appropriate format to ensure that your application is approved the first time and also quickly, usually within 8-10 days.

Furthermore, the process may require a notary public to be involved, which we will take care of using a trusted and proven service. In addition, many Apostille certificate applications require translation into a foreign language, which our team of experts can assist with. Or if your documents are in a foreign language and require translation into English, this is something we can take care of.

Your business documents are extremely important, and so you don't want to lose any of them or have them damaged in the process of the application. We will treat your documents with the highest care and respect and personally deliver, wait for and collect documents from the third party locations to ensure they don't get lost or damaged in the process.


With the experience of dealing with thousands of companies, Coddan Ltd really is a great choice for the Apostille legalisation service. Why not get in touch with us now to see how we can help?

Authentications and Apostille Stamps: Verify Your Company Documents With Coddan

Authentications and Apostille Stamps

Verifying your company documents is an important step for new companies if they want to be legally compliant, join with a third party, or trade abroad. It can be a time consuming and expensive process, and it can be troublesome for new business owners when they have so many other things to handle.

With Coddan Ltd, we have experience in helping thousands of new companies verifying their documents, and can quickly and efficiently get your verifications done so you can proceed with growing your business!

It could be that you need to prove your certification of good standing, or the reliability of your company. You may be seeking new investors or trying to win a new contract, and it's important that you have certified verification of your company to present a great image that people can trust. Let Coddan take care of the process. Our highly experienced team will take care of each step of the journey and deal with the red tape.

We will ensure your paperwork is legal in the countries you wish to use it in through our Apostille certificate service, which we will process within 3 days at an affordable price. We will ensure your documentation is certified by a notary public by working with people we can trust and know can deliver.

We have a dedicated team of translation experts who will ensure your documentation is appropriately translated to or from many languages, to ensure that all your documentation is compliant.

We can deal with almost any document, including governmental documents, embassy verification and consulate authentication. Having assisted thousands of companies, we have all the experience necessary to deal with any problems that may come up. If you're unsure of what documents your company needs to have certified, we are available to advise you through the process.

We have a team of dedicated expert consultants to help you identify the appropriate documents for certification, what we can handle and which documents you need to have a notary public certify.

So why not get in touch now? We can help you over the phone or via email and we will give you an unbeatable service, and at a fair price.

Notary Public Service: Company Documents Certified by a Notary Public or Solicitor

Notary Public Service

Certifying your documents in the UK is an important step for those setting up a company. You need to ensure these documents are certified, valid and authentic if they are to be used overseas. With Coddan Ltd, you can quickly and swiftly verify your corporate documents at a cost-effective legislation rate. We will undertake this process using a UK-based notary public or solicitor, so it’s important that this process is done properly.

The types of documents that can be verified by a notary public can be those from government bodies, certificates of registration, certificates of good standing and various others. In addition, corporate documents that have been issued by us or signed by nominee members can also be verified by a notary public. These may include company arrangements, minutes of meetings, general power of attorney or certificates of incumbency.

With our expertise on handling all aspects of company formation, we will ensure that your document verification is done right. Document verification is extremely important to companies, and we will ensure that our service is carried out to the highest standard and take away the hassle from you so you can focus on operating your business.

It's also crucial for businesses to have verified documents when taking on a domestic or overseas third-party trading partner, and more often than not this is something that is needed urgently. The last thing you need in this situation is to be wasting time trying to find a notary public to undertake this certification when you need to get the partnership up and running.

Perhaps the most important certificate you need for entering an agreement with a third party is a certificate of good standing. This is issued by Companies House and provides confirmation that the relevant limited company has met all its legal requirements. Having this certified by a notary public is important for entering partnership with a third party because it provides solid proof that your company is bona fide and met all legal requirements.

With Coddan, we’ll handle the process quickly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that the process will be handled appropriately. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help.

Apostille Legalisation Service: Company Documents Authentication by Apostille Stamp

Apostille Legalisation Service

Legalising company documents so that they're valid overseas is done with an apostille stamp (“apostille” just means certification, in French). The documents are vetted and appraised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and here at Coddan we can handle the application for your company so that you get the results you want and there won't be potential problems down the line that could cause trouble.

There are many reasons why companies might need their important documents legalised, and it's always wise to have them done now and keep them on file should the need arise, so you won't be trying to get them legalised in a rush when you need them – you should be ready for all opportunities. You may, for instance, want to do business in another country, now or in the long term, and you'll need legalised documents to either set up there or do business with trading partners in those jurisdictions.

When the documents receive an apostille stamp, it means they're recognised by the UK authorities as genuine, and therefore assurances can be made to foreign companies or organisations that this is indeed the case. Countries that are signatories to Convention 12 of the Hague Convention agree to recognise documents that have been apostilled in other members' states.

The process of getting company documents apostilled, however, is not always straightforward, and unless you have lots of time to spare to work on it, it's best to employ the services of top company services agents such as Coddan. For instance, the Legalisation Office at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has to be able to verify that UK stamps and signatures are traceable and can be confirmed.

If that's not possible, the services of a solicitor or notary public may be required - they'll have to first certify that the various documents are true copies.

If you’d like to know more about legalising company documents with an apostille stamp, or to find out which documents you should have legalised, get in touch with us today and our expert business advisors will be pleased to advise.

Embassy Legalisation Service: Company Documents Verification via Embassy or Consulate Certification

Embassy Legalisation Service

It's always beneficial to have all your company documents verified, because in business you never know what's around the corner and what opportunities might present themselves. It pays to anticipate and always be ready. Having your documents verified ensures that they're authentic and can be used in other jurisdictions, and having them available at all times means your company is primed to take advantage of developments as they arise – instead of panicking and then having to wait for them to be verified, possibly harming your professional image in the eyes of your potential business partners.

Perhaps your company has long-term expansion plans overseas, and if the countries under consideration have different languages, it's worthwhile having your company documents verified in those tongues.

It could also be the case that another company, one located overseas, is interested in handling your products or services in their territory, and again they’d want to see verified documents to make sure you’re genuine. After all, no one wants to enter into business agreements with their eyes shut.

Here at Coddan, we're able to handle verification of company documents, swiftly and cost-effectively, including in a variety of languages. We can have all of your company registration documents verified, including certificates of registration, certificates of good standing and documents from government departments.

Certificates of good standing are especially valued by potential business partners: they’re issued by Companies House and show that you’re in compliance with all the pertinent rules and regulations, especially but not limited to filing of annual returns and accounts. This certificate also shows that a company has been constantly trading since it was formed and that there is no current action underway to have it struck off the register – an important consideration for other firms you may be doing business with.

You might also want any power of attorney documents verified, any agreements you've made and even minutes of meetings. We can handle all these, and much more. Our expert business consultants are available if you’d like to discuss verifying your company's documents with us. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Chamber of Commerce Legalisation Service: Company Document Verification via the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce Legalisation Service

It's important if you want to start a company that you ensure the documents are verified, and this can take a long time and distract you from the important business tasks. If you need to do this via the Chamber of Commerce, Coddan Ltd can take care of the process for you and deal with the reams of red tape on your behalf, so you can focus on getting the business ready to trade.

With our considerable experience in assisting companies with their document verification, we know how to ensure that your documents are accepted on the first application, which saves you both time and money. There's no problem we can't handle. Many companies also require an Apostille stamp to trade abroad, which is something else we can assist with. We have a wealth of experience to ensure again that this process is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

There may be individuals who originate from countries that are not part of the Hague Convention. In this case it may be essential to involve the relevant Embassy or Consulate to verify documents to get the Apostille stamp before proceeding to the Chamber of Commerce to legalise the corporate documents. This is something that Coddan Ltd is more than able to handle.

We are more than capable of working with foreign languages, which can be extremely difficult for clients to work with. This is not a problem for us as with our years of experience of founding thousands of companies, we are prepared to deal with any potential difficulties along the way.

We will ensure that your important documents are handled with the utmost care and security and ensure they won't be lost during the process. We will personally deliver, wait for and collect documents to guarantee they won't be lost.

What's more, we charge a fair rate for this service where others would charge through the roof. Why not get in touch with us now to see how we can help you? With Coddan Ltd, we will take care of all your company needs quickly, expertly and efficiently, and let you focus on running your business.

The Benefits of Legalising Your Company Documents with Coddan Ltd

Legalising Your Company Documents

For companies that wish to use documents in a different country, it's important to have them legalised with an Apostille stamp. The Apostille stamp is a result of the Hague Convention, and was intended to simplify the legalities of official documents being recognised across borders. This allows businesses that want to move or trade in a Hague country the ability to do so without having to undergo further certification or legislation.

There are many important documents that can be legalised under Apostille, including (but not limited to) certified copy documents, change of name, birth certificates, certificates of good standing for worldwide use, international affidavits, sworn statements and depositions.

As a company owner, you don't want to be tied down or have your valuable time taken away dealing with processes like legalisation when you have so many other important things to be getting on with. Why not let Coddan Ltd take care of the process for you?

We have experience helping thousands of companies getting set up and processing all kinds of official certification for them. With our Legalisation Service we will get your Apostille certification within 2 days at an extremely reasonable price.

Our highly experienced staff will put together the application for you and present it appropriately to ensure that the application is accepted the first time, saving you time and money. Our dedicated translation department will happily provide translation to and from many languages, supported by a notarial certificate of accuracy.

We will save you time and money by undertaking all stages of the process on your behalf. We will visit the state government offices with your documents and complete the applications. We will then wait until the process is completed and collect the certificate.

We will ensure your important documents are given the utmost care and handled with the utmost security to ensure that all the important information is not lost in the process. We will send your documents via DHL or Fedex and give you a tracking number so you can keep an eye on where your documents are. With Coddan Ltd, your legalisation certificate is in good hands and we'll get it right. Call us now to find out how we can help you.