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It's always beneficial to have all your company documents verified, because in business you never know what's around the corner and what opportunities might present themselves. It pays to anticipate and always be ready. Having your documents verified ensures that they're authentic and can be used in other jurisdictions, and having them available at all times means your private company is primed to take advantage of developments as they arise – instead of panicking and then having to wait for them to be verified, possibly harming your professional image in the eyes of your potential business partners.

Perhaps your limited company has long-term expansion plans overseas, and if the countries under consideration have different languages, it's worthwhile having your company documents verified in those tongues.

It could also be the case that another company, one located overseas, is interested in handling your products or services in their territory, and again they’d want to see verified documents to make sure you’re genuine. After all, no one wants to enter into business agreements with their eyes shut.

Here at Coddan, we're able to handle verification of company documents, swiftly and cost-effectively, including in a variety of languages. We can have all of your company registration documents verified, including certificates of registration, certificates of good standing and documents from government departments.

Certificates of good standing are especially valued by potential business partners: they’re issued by Companies House and show that you’re in compliance with all the pertinent rules and regulations, especially but not limited to filing of annual returns and accounts. This certificate also shows that a company has been constantly trading since it was formed and that there is no current action underway to have it struck off the register – an important consideration for other firms you may be doing business with.

You might also want any power of attorney documents verified, any agreements you've made and even minutes of meetings. We can handle all these, and much more. Our expert business consultants are available if you’d like to discuss verifying your company's documents with us. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.