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Why to Choose the Hague Apostille Legalisation Service?

Why to choose the Hague Apostille legalisation service?

Authentications and Apostilles

The Apostille certificate originates from the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It is a certificate that legalises private company documents in foreign countries that are members of the Hague Conference. It's important for companies that want to trade in foreign countries that are members of the Hague Conference, or who originate from such a country but want to trade in the UK, that they have their limited company documents legalised via an Apostille certificate. This enables such companies to easily trade abroad without the need for additional legislation or certification.

It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process with many pitfalls, and could potentially cost you more money to undertake if the certification is rejected on the first attempt. That's where Coddan can help.

Why choose the Hague Apostille legalisation service through Coddan? There are many reasons why you should choose our apostille legalisation service.For a start, we have a great deal of expertise in processing applications for the certificate, so we will ensure that all the documents are presented in the most appropriate format to ensure that your application is approved the first time and also quickly, usually within 8-10 days.

Furthermore, the process may require a notary public to be involved, which we will take care of using a trusted and proven service. In addition, many Apostille certificate applications require translation into a foreign language, which our team of experts can assist with. Or if your documents are in a foreign language and require translation into English, this is something we can take care of.

Your business documents are extremely important, and so you don't want to lose any of them or have them damaged in the process of the application. We will treat your documents with the highest care and respect and personally deliver, wait for and collect documents from the third party locations to ensure they don't get lost or damaged in the process.

With the experience of dealing with thousands of companies, Coddan really is a great choice for the apostille legalisation service. Why not get in touch with us now to see how we can help?